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  1. was into a rank not a level different xp for a rank or a level
  2. catch good fish leave come back catch good fish leave come back ....not going into it all there is enough doing it...... don't need more but has been going on and complained about
  3. it really needs to be fixed it is hurting the game competitions and tournaments are full of it and ones who don't want to take part in a game exploit to win in a game that is suppose to be fun makes a lot of people not even want to do them
  4. maybe come up with tackle box templates makes changing locations and comps more easy was also thinking would be nice to have a track system can put on screen when doing achievements
  5. could it have been windows 10 ...steam and the fisherman ? i keep up with the streamers all love the game not going to do something that dumb for a comp or tournament they do how ever play on like every platform
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