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  1. I am playing on xbox and I'm getting quite frustrated with the amount of bugs in the game, especially considering that not only has the xbox version got less to it than pc or ps4, but things are way more expensive. Then they wonder why not many people want to spend cash on it. Anyway here are the bugs I've encountered, some of which have cost me game money and/or fish. 


    Additional: I've contacted the support email given to report bugs and had a really bad experience. The person who replied first spent 4 emails and 3 days trying to tell me it was something I had done. Then when she finally realised it was an actual bug and not something I'd done she said as I hadn't taken a screen shot there was nothing they could do. Regardless of the fact I'd given a very detailed explanation of the issue in my FIRST email (probably too much detail) regardless of the fact that Xbox doesn't allow you to share images or clips outside of xbox (if theres a way, please let me know) and regardless that the issue was incredible simple and didn't need a screenshot, they couldn't help. What a massive waste of time and one of the worst attitudes I've recieved from game support.


    1, Kayak getting stuck. On Saint-Croix, I rented a kayak to fish from the floating platform. When I tried to board the boat to try a different peg, the kayaks nose was stuck to the platform and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it off. Waste of 4000. I also got stuck on a bouy but dropping the anchor sorted that.


    2, sinker jumping up and down when cast out. Sometimes when the sinker hits the water it will instantly sink, then jump from the lake/river bed to the surface several times. If you put the rod down when this is happening you get constant bite indication on the rod but nothing is there. The only way to fix this is to join another room, then return to your room and that doesn't always work.


    3, Broken challenge, Insomniac Challenge has a decimal point in the wrong place. Apparently for level III I need to catch 22046230.0lbs worth of fish (that's 2.2 million) When I saw this I thought that cant be right, so with my calculator, after catching a fish I added the weight to the total I had already caught and the numbers didn't match. But if I moved the decimal point three spaces to the right the numbers were correct. I caught 3 more fish and confirmed 100% that the decimal place needs moving 3 to the right. That number should read 22046.230lbs, much better.


    4, Sky fish, I went for my second session at Neherrin as my first session saw me snap my rod. Spent 40grand upgrading my gear only to get a big fish on, have it take me round the corner then up, up and away into the sky. The rod was bent in half and I dont mean in a curve, I mean bent at the middle like its snapped. The fish was behind me and in the sky. This has happened twice now.


    5, No indication from common bell, I've now watched this happen many times. As an example, I was cast out with my line at roughly 2 o'clock, if the rod tip is 12. The line has be picked up and moved so far left it was at 8 o'clock, rod tip bent double, no indication on my X HIGH SENSITIVITY bell.


    6, My Fish Leaderboard not showing my fish, I grind at Emerald all the time, yet according to the 'My Fish' leader board, I haven't caught ANY Walleye at all.


    7, No depth indication, when fishing for certain species, depth becomes a key factor. So it's incredibly frustrating when have to make anything upto and above of 5 casts, just to get a depth indication as it doesn't always show up.


    8, Figures on Fish Species misleading, not sure if this is a bug or just something to change. Each fish species comes with figures denoting upto weights, average weights and average lengths. These figures DO NOT match what's actually in the lake. The only way to tell what's REALLY in a lake is to check the leaderboards. For example, the Walleye in Saint-Croix, according to the Fish Species tab, grow upto 44lb, actual lake record 20lb. Atlantic salmon, Fish Species weight, upto 55lb, actual lake record 13lb. The list goes on, literally everyone is a lie. If the fish dont grow that big IN GAME, then dont say they do, simple.


    These are just the bugs I've come across regularly, there are more that happen infrequently but these are the main ones I've come across.


    Please let me know if you are having any of these problems and what platform you are on. Thanks

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  2. I was thinking of doing a beginners session on xbox whilst streaming where you can either join me on the game or on stream where I can take you through grinding at Emerald Lake, answer any questions or just have a general chat. I'm no expert on the game and have much to learn but what I do know will help new players wanting to level up.


    #note to Moderator# I read in the rules that we are not allowed to advertise other sites or pages. I wasn't sure if suggesting a stream without any links or tags would be viewed as advertising. If it is please accept my apologies and be assured, it won't happen again.

  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and posting for the first time. Started playing on the Xbox recently and I'm loving the game so far. Just started fishing the Tiber River and I'm looking for any tips for Carp, Barbel and Cats. I'll also add anything I learn so we can hopefully help each other out. Tight lines 👍😊

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