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  1. I am having problems getting angling machine 3 is it impossible to get this with the new bite system I get up to 5 fish and it resets so I think it has something to do with the tackle load indicator. If anyone has any tips or setups please let me know thank you.
  2. Made it to the finals!!! Man I love Fishing Planet
  3. Are we gonna have a st. Patrick's event this year if so when
  4. When is the st. Patrick's event for 2021 coming out
  5. How can I get to do my own Sponsored comps
  6. Is there gonna be a valentine's crappie tournament this year or not
  7. How do I get to host Sponsored competitions for fishing planet on ps4 done some live steaming but want to do tournaments
  8. How come you can't buy the lures and baits in the shop this year? Only can get it by buying the dlc pack
  9. Anyone know where I can find birch bark for the mission
  10. how come in Texas every time I go to the compost pile there is no bait why why no bait
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