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  1. Hiho, I see difference at many maps/places, now game is more boring. I fishing in the same places where I fished weeks/months ago. Not everyone has time to wait hours for a get fish! I spent hundreds of hours to find cool places with unique fishes, now nothing works as earlier. I understand that you want to change "mass places" with unique fishes, but places that are less known and players have spent hundreds of hours to finding them, leave alone! I think that is the reason to stop buying premium and other paid extras DLC and I urge others players to doing it! Game developers must to know what going wrong! I hope you solve the problem, Greetings~
  2. Hiho. I get 50lvl in The Fisherman, I was first time on England (carps hunting) 6 hours (in game) at mine best place (old Fishing Planet) only one fish get (1,5 hour in real time) Yesterday.. much longest! This is fucking joke or bug ? I bought this version for relax playing, if I want waiting 1,5h for fish I can going to real fishing....
  3. Goed idee NL mensen ! Ik beetje praaten NL en dat is prima voor mee te leren jouw taal ! Groeten van Polen. Subforum please for Netherland peoples ! Greetings, Woro89~
  4. Vitae89, w takim razie mam rozumieć że wszystko to, co udało się osiągnać w Fishing Planet będzie Nam zabrane ? Wypuszczą inną grę The Fisherman fishing planet ? O co w tym dokładnie chodzi ? Fishing planet nie będzie już się rozwijać ?
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