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  1. I've noticed myself that Pc/Steam has a specific shop for those who have purchase premium. But i don't see the same shop on Xbox. My girlfriend plays on Steam and i on Xbox. the prices for everything are cheaper with premium so why is this not setup on xbox? just a thought and observation.
  2. So I've been playing for a while and was getting other random crashes not related to my current post here. I now am have crashes at some of the other fishing points (ermald lake, neherrin nc, rocky lake) with in seconds of loading in to the area from the map. I'm lvl 20 and wanted to try other areas, but those 3 seem to be giving me issue right after i load in. It wouldnt be a huge deal if i wasnt lossing the money i spent on traveling and lisences. what can i do?
  3. Thanks Rotacomando. that appears to be the area closest to the road in Lone Star.
  4. So, something like the MagFin Hook #2/0 octopus hook? (lvl 10 at $150) does the quiver tip make a big difference? when you deeper areas / holes, when looking at the tablet map, what should i look for on that to say its a deeper hole?
  5. So i was looking thru, and seen this thread about catfishing. Im level 15 and testing the waters with catfishing at Lone Star. my current setup is as follows Rod : CreekPro 9'10 Reel : WinCast 2500 Line Flouro .008 Tackle : 1x 1/2 oz Sinker, 1x mono Leader .005, 1x X-series Hook #4/0 Bait : Crickets , Small Cutbait, Grasshoppers. I'm fishing on the dam road side of the pier, is there soemthing i'm doing incorrectly, or am missing? Something i can upgrade to help with catching?
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