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  1. Ill give that a try thanks
  2. I tried all of these things. It was a really weird situa2tuon that has not happened since. Not worried about it anymore though.
  3. I think this could be a really interesting feature in the game. My thoughts are being able to walk up to a friend or random player and challenging them to a fish duel. Through a special menu that would come up each player agrees to a target species, acceptable tackle to use as well as the winning requirements such as biggest weight or biggest fish at the end of the time limit.
  4. To this day I have not found a really good ice fishing game. Where you guys have done so well on this game I feel you could add this and make it just as amazing as the rest of the game.
  5. First of all I'm saddened at the fact that you guys introduced bass boats with no passenger space let a lone rod holders. Here are my thoughts on whats features they should have: Kayak - 1 passenger 1 rod holder Johnny Boats - 1 passenger 1 or 2 rod holders Inflatables - 1 or 2 passengers 2 rod holders Bass boats - 2 passengers 3 rod holders I mean doesn't that make more sense to have as features? Otherwise its not worth saving that much to buy a bass boat that has the same features as all other boats.
  6. Got in the kayak and got stuck in it. Would only take a couple button commands and look around thats it. When i tried to skip a couple hours in hopes it would fix it it skipped the whole day and forced me to either go home or extend. I extended thinking it would rest me but no. Still stuck in the kayak and couldnt even get out. Spent $4350 and couldnt even fish it at all. Please help fix and refund the in game currency lost. It is hard enough to grind.
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