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  1. Lol, I can name many leaders, in real life that far surpass Carp leaders. Nobody outside of EU fishes for Carp, other than with dynamite or bows. You speak with no knowledge. As far as XP, you are wrong on many counts. If your actually played as much as you posted, you'd know that. Currently their are only 3 real XP and Currency meta's to max efficiency. The best is still probably Sturgeon in California, but it's closely followed by Carp in England because of the number of trophies and Uniques available. The other, which many champion as equal is Musky in Michigan, but it far pales in comparison to the other two due to weather, it's amazing on sunny days, but cannot compare in any other weather. All this is besides the point, the main point is, why have bottom rods and reels capable of 59 pound drag with a leader only capable of 43 pounds? Is it so we hopelessly fight Clear Musky for 20 real life minutes, while feeling some moral superiority due to "the challenge." Ridiculous. Those who want a challenge can grab a jigwinner and hunt bass in Florida, downgrading gear is always ones choice. Clicking the space bar for hours, with the most upgraded gear in the game is droll and frankly silly.
  2. 100% otherwise, why have rods capable of handling much higher weight? It's wasted without a stronger leader. Which is why Carp fishing becomes the best, consistent form of XP grabbing, post level 50. It's close in money too, because you have Trophies and Uniques, 4-6 a gaming day that can be hauled in fast with superior carp rigs. Sturgeon is still better, for cash because it costs next to nothing, but it's debatable if you find an efficient system on Weeping Willow. No reason to fish anywhere else other than California and England if max money and XP is the goal. It's a tiny tweak, but a much needed one to give bigger leaders to non carp rigs.
  3. Excellent info, confirming what my assumptions were. I've never actually maxed drag on a reel, is that possible with a perfect rig? Kraken 8000 has become my go to for heavy bottom as it has micro drag adjustments and can be set at 1 click off max for a well rounded rig.
  4. Theskeindhu, Steam. 24 and 25 September. Multiple bugs found which repeated themselves twice on two different gaming sessions. The first manifest with time stopping on the game clock. No bites, no time moving, stuck on the same time. Chat still working. Exited to menu and back to game, all rods got bites and time worked. Upon striking the reel wouldn't reel at all, on all 4 rods. Exited to menu and back, didn't fix the problem. Eventually it began to feel and then the second error I was unable to keep the fish, clicking "keep fish" was locked with no response. This happened on two separate occasions. Both times a hard reset seemed to fix the problem. Effects on gameplay, aside irritation and having to reset/quit to desktop included losing all Spod that was already out and having to remix and cast Spod wasting valuable in game resources.
  5. I tried everything, all keys, all combos I could think of, I finally quit the game and when I came back it was fixed.
  6. Tried that, thanks though. No mouse to click the X, the mouse icon isn't available on the chat.
  7. As titled, how to exit a chat with a friend on a Mac and back to regular chat
  8. Conventional wisdom says to go with the rod being the strongest, followed by the reel, followed by the line, followed by the leader, when applicable.
  9. What time do the Sturgeon start biting in the San Joaquin Extravaganza? Thanks
  10. They aren't in the fish records on my profile either. That's my point. Never mind, got them, ok, problem solved. Thanks.
  11. They are off "my fish" as well. In the case of Lake trout, the game isn't even recognizing I've caught a Unique (I've caught several, with SS's on at least one). In the case of Striped Bass, it was the number 2 fish on the leaderboards and now it's just gone, not in my fish, not on the leaderboard.
  12. Today at least 2 of my top fish literally disappeared off of my fish and the FP leaderboards. Has this happened to anyone else? I have Screenshots of one of them, so I know I'm not crazy lol. Support ticket sent.
  13. Yes, I was asking whether or not groundbaits and feed had any difference on US waterways. The question was answered by Carpman sufficiently.
  14. I saw in the C'mon Carp competition that only spod and Carp rods were allowed. It's my understanding that in US waters, utilizing Chum/feed doesn't help, is this imperfect knowledge?
  15. So rigged, I'd like to personally complain that I got my butt kicked last night during Salmon clash. Kidding, I sucked balls and it's operator error.
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