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  1. They are off "my fish" as well. In the case of Lake trout, the game isn't even recognizing I've caught a Unique (I've caught several, with SS's on at least one). In the case of Striped Bass, it was the number 2 fish on the leaderboards and now it's just gone, not in my fish, not on the leaderboard.
  2. Today at least 2 of my top fish literally disappeared off of my fish and the FP leaderboards. Has this happened to anyone else? I have Screenshots of one of them, so I know I'm not crazy lol. Support ticket sent.
  3. Yes, I was asking whether or not groundbaits and feed had any difference on US waterways. The question was answered by Carpman sufficiently.
  4. I saw in the C'mon Carp competition that only spod and Carp rods were allowed. It's my understanding that in US waters, utilizing Chum/feed doesn't help, is this imperfect knowledge?
  5. theskeindhu


    So rigged, I'd like to personally complain that I got my butt kicked last night during Salmon clash. Kidding, I sucked balls and it's operator error.
  6. Word, appreciate the response.
  7. You can still fight multiple fish on PC, just have to stop hitting the space bar to reel in order to be able to pick up your other rod.
  8. Lol, lines as in groups. As in are you aware of our Oakley line of products. For reels there is the Ambusher line and the Griffon/Kraken line, at higher levels. If it's easier, is the Kraken 8000 a better reel for the Cat Boxer 7'10 or the Ambusher 9000?
  9. Yea, I'm sure that's the issue, so much activity on this forum, nobody can keep up.
  10. Bigger gear=bigger fish, faster. Math wise I'll take the xp deduction to haul in more fish quicker, because the net XP will be greater with more fish. Spend 10 min fighting a Sturgeon with light gear, or catch 3 with heavy gear.
  11. theskeindhu

    Clear Muskie

    X series 16' 6/0 crank just outside the strike zone, speed 3 stop then speed 1. Nailed quite a few with that and Rainbow 6/0 Spinner, speed 2 stop and go. Also the 8' lemon 6/0 crank using the same crank method.
  12. Am I correct in assuming the Kraken to Griffon spod line is better for horsing in bigger fish due to higher recovery rate? Especially assuming my current leader max is 43 pounds? Specifically talking about bottom rods Cat boxer 7' 10 and on.
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