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  1. Hi guys Not sure if this has been asked before or even possible. But can we redo the monster fish missions? For example im at Lonestar and wondering if i can catch mad eye buffalo again? I read somewhere that its possible? Any thoughts?
  2. Hey anglers When is the next FP event? Not competitions but event like Halloween, Xmas, St Patrick's Day... I know 4th of July is coming up, anything in between? Is there a list that shows previous yearly events?
  3. Hi Wondering are there any ps4 FP players from South Africa? Add my 2 accounts on psn JusvanE87 Defok66
  4. I got the Aspen bark at Mudwater... As per Dachinsta's video
  5. Hey guys Unique Smallmouth Bass @ Neherrin River.... Caught early morning 7am, peak hour... Enjoy
  6. Hi So when is this update due for PS4? Also idea of the size?
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