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  1. Michigan or Florida

    didnt see uni butterfly question..middle peg 12nn-1pm sunny easier with topwater lures..frog poppers (red) always delivers though but with crawfish cranks you can get them also
  2. kayak ps4

    after catching fish when anchored..the screen vibrates
  3. Michigan or Florida

    lol yeah that's it 4got d name
  4. Michigan or Florida

    ooh sorry..sandy cape? where the snooks are? i throw it in d middle 10-6m out..(heard you can catch it all around that dock)
  5. noticed d shaking after you caught 1..rectified it by pulling anchor and setting it again
  6. Michigan or Florida

    gafftopsail 150cm depth 3/0 shrimp..just chuck it out from dock 10-6meters in d pm.. for michigan gears at lvl 34 you can buy brutus rod the longest 1 i think..and match it up with the same level of reel (hornet swarm so you can use it to your low level fish using fenix) or wait 4 end game reel d thunderspin..that's my setup. for spinning rod, i'd wait for end game rod and reel so not to waste cash, but if you got galaxycast rod and cyclone combo or if you can afford that it will do (again 1 of my casting rod setup) hope it will help
  7. Michigan or Florida

    wait 4 lvl 34 net b4 michigan..well that's me..i'd stay in florida till i get sick with bass ( which i don't lol) and i went to michigan when ive got the lvl 34 net to keep those huge unis..hope this help
  8. white moose lake

    the color..i found that they bite with any, i just change it up when more than 3 casts and no bites..the distance brown trouts 30m (right side dock)will do, salmon 40m(mid), lake trout (left)50-45m
  9. It's the orange one

    so tried kayaks 4 the first time in ny..it's fun and really a good addition and update, made me laugh at 1 point..cant't paddle out if your anchord but a 1.5kg walleye can pull you out lol
  10. Topwater fun

    in my experience..tarpon is much like sturgeons (xept for the credits it gives)..you can catch them in certain hour and that's it, 1 or 2 in that hour (40m-35m middle or 130ft same as where most uni snook are caught)
  11. Regarding PS4 Update 1.05 and gameplay experience.

  12. angling machine III achievement

    if the fish nibbles and swims away it will restart
  13. Crankbait struggle

    i think they now show the real depth or the ground..when i use 1m crank in florida..middle peg i know the depth with floating is under 40cm 30m out, imagine it with 1m(100cm) crank, it will surely touch the ground but at the middle of reeling it it will float back up up to somewhere in the middle also. and if youd stopped reeling in it will float back faster than deeper cranks..the only gripes i have with it is not bouncing anymore( or the ground surface is sandy so it just dig?) and that the lure is parallel to the water not angled pointing down when reeling in. plus if you look at your line in the water it now really is weaving left and right and adjusting speeds will make the weaving more prounounce using this is better for me when i go use bobber fishing, now i have pretty much idea what to use for depth and adjust accordingly. just my observation.

    found out that barbless narrow spoon is 1 gold less in oregon than at home base.. too late hmmmmp