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  1. Winter Pike Tour

    now the cash prizes are gone
  2. maintenance

    are you guys contemplating on doing maintenance on the servers soon? because this couple of days the games seems lagging but my network runs smooth on other games.
  3. Repair system question/suggestion.

    dusty can i ask if your gears that are sports edition or dlc types maybe that's why they are being ask to be repaired?
  4. use both baitcaster for simple reason..it cast almost perfect for some spot and you don't have to think about the distance especially in competitions ( eg cosmocast cast upto 35m perfect for chinook in alaska (30m) imo. and galaxy upto 40m-45m ( good for lmb in florida) even without you always casts perfectly
  5. Unique, finally!

    redband trout it took me forever..watching vids and all. but when i switched to lower gear ( first i was trying with thora ) caught it with jigwinner p.s. purple narrow
  6. Now this event is really...

    must be the free kayak then lol
  7. now i find you don't have to have a lot of baitcoins, really good gears, and really good luck to this Christmas event. all you need are really good ingame friends who are willing to help one another and share what they know. for starters..fireworks! wow..this event really appreciate the devs for giving us the spirit of gift giving ( clap clap clap ).. you can't catch this Christmas species alone! you need friends..and if your friends doesnt have the means to buy fireworks and you do..you must help them to get it ( 10 in total..5 for furry trout and 5 for salmon antler ) then in turn help you ..that really is a nice touch! and to get the kayak you must have a friend who is willing to stay a shore and light up those fireworks and help you catch a big salmon antler and drag across ( wow now i know why the only item you can gift a friend is the fireworks ) again i applaud you guys...the devs! a really good event and really enjoyed doing it though i spent a whole lot of hours completing mine and a lot of bantering and laughs..will do it again tomorrow for my other friends still have 7 fireworks left ( suppose to be 8 but so happy i got the kayak that i light it up lol. happy holidays!
  8. lures are being eaten

    i mean i posted it in the support page of this forum..should i email it again?
  9. lures are being eaten

    all my spinners are being eaten without getting equipped please reimburse my eaten lures especially the xseries one. thanks
  10. Now this event is really...

    don't 4get to leave those kayaks at home if u r entering a competition where kayaks aren't allowed..happened to me 3x..had to comeback home just to leave the kayak and travel back to d competition. i think it's a bug. wont let me join comps if i have the kayak then double bad luck when i sucked lol
  11. lures are being eaten

    p.s. posted it on support also for reimbursement
  12. Winter Pike Tour

    prob bec it listed real cash for prizes? is it?
  13. Now this event is really...

    i don't know..that's why you have to steer the fish for it to turn where there is open water..doesn't matter if it pulls u backwards or to the side little by little just be patient if you don't think you're not moving coz you are locked in an obstacle, steer tell your friend to light one fireworks..if it doesn't get boost of energy it's bad luck or you don't have a christmas fish on. p.s. i got mine by being stubborn, 3hrs+ ingame time b4 i decided to reel it in. i was locked in the ice until someone lights up a fireworks then the fish moved again and the story goes..the reward? not renting a kayak
  14. Now this event is really...

    play with the drag to keep the kayak moving but loose it when u got too close..point the tip in front of kayak to move forward ( if the fish is either left or right point the tip opposite then play with drag to turn ) if you're certain u got an antlered or even uni furry..ask ur buddy to light up 1 again sometimes they get boost of energy when fireworkd were lit ( of course if you feel u ain't moving ) p.s. it's easier in ps4 party chat..cant type when reeling in fish
  15. Now this event is really...

    50 i think just the 12baitcoins hat i don't know gl on getting the kayak :)... remember long pole weak as$ line and gear (eg jigwinner, basscaster)
  16. Now this event is really...

    oh i mean..if you get 1 of those specie it will give 5 fireworks each..the hat i think a LOT of those species sorry for wrong info. gl p.s. you need a buddy to light the fireworks for you and your lure must be in the water first b4 lighting it up
  17. A letter to Santa

    different contest i think ...
  18. Unlimited Licenses

    alaska 4 me..coz if you locked down one of the comp there the cash prize i think s the largest
  19. snagged 1st place got lucky https://youtu.be/2iefjt_-uFw
  20. The Happy New Year thread.

    happy new year!
  21. Can Purchased Kayaks Be Used Anywhere

    only at certain locations
  22. lures bouncing and flying

    here is a video of salmon clash competition ( not in anyways cost me to lose because it's my 1st time..but adding more for me to suck at it lol )
  23. lures bouncing and flying

    1:32, 12:55, 29:59