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  1. the owners or who ever is in charge of the game is going a bit over the top with grindy and greed. Why do i still fish in cali at lvl 50? im not the only one either. I see many high lvls fishing in cali.. I mean why would high lvls fish in a low lvl lake??? Just the thought of that tells u something is broken.. I went to weeping willow a few times and omg I was just gushing money out of my neck like blood. why the hell is feeder bait so expensive? Why do they have a rule in play saying u can only catch one fish per a set amount of time in one spot. (close to a game hour) Don't that kind of defeat the whole purpose of feeding one spot? Why the hell would i waste so much money to feed a spot n catch so few fish? not to mention why the can u catch bigger fish in 30-40 lvl maps vs the lvl 50 map?????? omg im not lvling up to catch smaller fish. you devs are so stupid.. why havnt u opened a ocean fishing location, so we can catch some large fish? oh wait I know the answer to this one.. greed and super grindy yeah?
  2. Sorry I have searched and searched and I have found nothing on it. everything i found had to do with open and closed feeders.. those 2 normal chum work with, the circle looking stuff. I was a little baffled when I set up some flat feeders and the chum didnt work for it? So what feed works for this feeder? So for example I mixed up a bag of Carp rival with some x flavour supreme thinking this was the chum you used and it didnt work. I dont understand? Sorry if this has been posted before.. if you can link me to that post i would much appreciate it!
  3. I just want to add I have experienced the same issue. I can not see markers in game on linux either. I can not see lil pads as well in game on linux. all this works on a different hard drive which has windows installed.
  4. That is excellent news. thank you for this bit of information. I will not ask you when I will just say thank you. I know I can keep the rods and at some point I will be able to use them. Oh you are correct with this. im almost certain if I was able to catch white sturgeon in cali with a 33lb leader I believe you. I never struggle so much catching a fish. Given that was nice xp for 45-50.
  5. Is there any way i can get my money back for the 5 heavy chaser 10'2'' rods I purchased? the 5th was to repair without rebuilding my setup. least I can swap the reels i purchased over to carp bottom rods /le sigh >.> I know.. I didnt even think to check which is funny because most of my setups start at the line.. I held out for a while too. the last bottom poles i purchased were the lvl 38 bottom snipers. which needed the 33lb leaders. So I had no idea the leaders stopped at 43lbs... I didnt even think to check the leaders.. I thought surely this is a lvl 50 rod... this should be the BEST setup I ever made seeing this rod is end game... NOPE they gimped it out apparently...... Why do you guys have a lvl 50 non-carp bottom rod with 59.5lb line weight when we can only purchase 43lb mono leaders? if anything u guys need to put in some sort of warning on the description of these gimped out rods...I mean shouldn't the non carp bottom rods have ended around 43lbs? I can understand if u guys want to go purely carp fishing at the end. I get that okay.. I just dont get this rod. its like creating a jet without a jet engine... a car without tires... a pj sandwich without the pj... I hope noobs like me can see this before they make the same mistake I did!
  6. Fishing planet, why do you guys have a bottom rod like the Heavy chaser 10'2'' with a 59.5lb line weight, even a reel with 57.7lb drag weight and braid line that is 57lb? WHERE IS THE 56LB LEADERS!? we only have 43lb mono leaders to play with? I feel so stupid for not checking the STUPID LEADERS!!!!@ to know I was purchasing garbage. Why have a rod that is wasted like this? If you wanted us to go all carp fishing at the end I can understand this but WHY? do you even have a Heavy Chaser 10'2''??? This is like playing a racing game.. ok.. You can purchase a Hot rod chases but you can not purchase the engine. Is this rod just to make us waste our money? I mean I just dont understand.. Why would u put a 59.5lb bottom rod with only 43lb mono leader? I highly question your dev team. Something is just really wrong with how you guys did this. Yeah I just turned 50.. I had like 600k saved up and i wasted it all on buying 5 of these rods thinking this would be my bottom fishing set up... Boy was i shocked when i found out the highest leader u can purchase for a bottom rod is only 43lbs. " the non carp bottom rods should have ended around 43lbs?" I love wasting money, especially when its a huge grind just to obtain it. IT TOOK ME DAYS TO SAVE UP THAT MUCH MONEY TO APPARENTLY THROW AWAY!! I know, im a dumb ass, I should have checked. My bad for trusting the devs in thinking, hey they have a lvl 50 bottom rod.. they should have leaders to go with it??? thanks fishing planet. I think I need to take a long break I guess. Maybe in a year or 2 u guys might let us buy leaders for the rods we can purchase now?
  7. not to bring back a dead post but I found using a Crankbait 8ft #4/0 Works really well on the pike. If u have a boat u can line it up just right where u can cast pretty far and go past a few lilly pads. I dont even do anything special and i seem to catch them fairly well. I just put it on the slowest speed and place something on my mouse button to auto reel in. works wonders for me.
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