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  1. Maybe it time to do something about it?
  2. Hi I am having a issue with when u catch a fish it is in slow motion pick the fish up and I am on Xbox one x thanks
  3. Why and the hell is this comp at 1in the morning you know some people gotta go work in the morning .come on guys get ur heads out of each other asses
  4. I am about had it with this fucking game always losing connection to your guys servers and don't tell me it's my shit cause it's not cause I just brought brand new Xbox one x thanks piss off customer
  5. I don't know about the rest of you but I feel like I wasted my money on this fisherman game no support no updates nothing very disappointed in you fishing planet
  6. Since there isn't any support from the devs or big Ben and I have quit playing fishing planet and the fisherman and the game is getting way to boring etc
  7. I want refund this game needs help
  8. Nightwolf9496


    I am having same problem but on Xbox
  9. Probably come out on PC first and then PS4 and Xbox month later
  10. Can you please fix the damn lagging in the game and also I am getting piss off cause the game keeps kicking me off the servers and I am on Xbox
  11. Yes I have same problem on ps4 and I thought I had a bug lol
  12. I got a question Can fp ever make it where u can send money to ur friends in the game ? I know some new players would like have money to go to different lakes instead of staying in Texas
  13. If they get rid of fp I will be pissed and wasted all my money on that game and I guess ill go to fish sim world and play that shit game lol
  14. That's rip off and favoritism there and fishing planet lets make this right!
  15. It looks like u are going to play that shit game Russia fishing 4 lol
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