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  1. Ph_Serious

    Guess who's back

    they basically had a temporary fix it has now worn off they will address the issue im sure they been working on it.
  2. Ph_Serious

    Welcome back hooking bug

    Yeah it was not ready for release on console with that big of a issue not being able to catch fish in a fishing game is a big problem
  3. Ph_Serious

    Welcome back hooking bug

    the hooking bug is back.Going back to pc version for the time being.
  4. Ph_Serious

    Hooking bug continued

    In comps its not unheard of to fish a hole out if your not catching in the one spot anymore its best to go searching for the fish
  5. Ph_Serious

    Best float bait for peacock bass?

    Shiners work good
  6. Ph_Serious

    Spinning setup for Michigan

    Add me in-game and i will teach you the lake
  7. Ph_Serious

    Top water and night fishing

    Could be awhile guys but im thinking Halloween might be about right if it is possible it takes alot to iron out bugs that may occur but we know it will be here we just have to be patient im sure the development team is working on it no doubt.
  8. Ph_Serious

    Question about the normal Equipment Shop

    Float is bobber fishing not lures also you should make sure you have a good size net in that comp you win by having the most weight of fish in your keepnet i would say a net with max single fish weight as close to 12lbs as you can get at your current level otherwise you catch a trophy cat that wont fit in the net you wont get the points for it tiebreaker is biggest fish in the net if it came down to that so if your net only holds 15lbs total someone may have a net able to hold say 55lbs they will beat you because it comes down to the most lbs in a players net
  9. Ph_Serious

    Server patch notes for PS4 and Steam

    When going to a lake stay awhile to make money you cant hop from place to place your first day you need to make the money it took to get there ideally so if i go to a lake lets say its 8000 to get there and 2000 a day i will have spent 10000 for the first day if my net has 10874 in it at the end of the day i will extend my stay i only made 874 if i was to leave on day one alot of players make the mistake of going to new york as soon as they unlock it and make the mistake of staying one day so rule of thumb make sure you stay long enough to make a profit.
  10. Ph_Serious

    Hooking bug continued

    Seems to be working good wife is fishing and catching fish
  11. There is a great team put together on this game that's for sure
  12. Ph_Serious

    Hooking bug continued

    I have not had any issues since the last server restart
  13. I took a break from the game today because of the hooking issue out of frustration I had to pull myself away for awhile it was nice to see the support team development and administrators reaction to Us players crying out for help the whole team did a great job by reacting quickly getting to work on fixing a bug on which most games development teams are not that fast to react I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication and developing the game and hearing us players, I logged back in after the several server restarts and I'm able to hook fish and make a profit! hats off to the guys behind the scenes.
  14. Ph_Serious

    No license, didn't keep fish, still get fined

    I think you may want to write support a email including your in game name also a screenshot or video wouldn't hurt gl and hope you get help p.s.If you have baitcoins you can convert them to cash if need be but i would email support first
  15. Ph_Serious

    Fishing Planet bug continued September 14th

    I honestly have not even tried to play on ps4 just lose money on ps4 cant hook fish even in comps i been playing the game on pc for two years so i am going back to it since this was released on ps4 i thought i would dust off the ps4 and try the game out on the console game was running great had fun wife played too bought two premium accounts then i would say 4 days ago came this bug where you cant hook fish they even fall off crankbait in two years playing it on pc i have experienced bug where the fish would fly out of the water and weird things that was resolved but not being able to hook fish in this game has to be one of the worst bugs i have ever experienced