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  1. I'm sure this has been figured out by now but for anyone else reading the thread the answer to your question is to make sure that all the prerequisites are checked off. Also I've noticed you must have the room in your inventory backpack. Spoons and lures for spin and cast gear. I tried to understand why I couldn't have a bobber setup or a sinker leader setup for fishing on bottom with spin cast gear. After alot of messing around I learned that you can only equip certain things to certain rod setups. Now I think yes you should be able to do floats and sinkers on regular spin gear becasue telerods aren't really the only way to do those things in reality. I understand why and how they set this up this way even though I dont completely agree with it. The game works well and it's on a free to play setup now and you grind your way up the ladder. So cant complain too much.
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