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  1. Hi lost turtle spoon fishing for tried trout haven’t got no option to re start mission to collect turtles for spoon any reason why this isn’t working thanks
  2. I’m also in the same boat line got snagged lost turtle spoon and redoing the first mission does not come up for me fishing planet Xbox one
  3. Gareth 88


    Thank you mate was in the walleye last night and I now have money in the bank cheers for advice
  4. Hi all having a problem my girl friend is down for the week and wants to play here fishing planet account on my Xbox all works til game is loaded and then it keeps launching up my save game on her profile so we stuck playing mine I ain’t bothered about it but I did want to set her rods up and get her better gear anyone else had this before ?
  5. Gareth 88


    I sold my keep net after and had enough for spinning rod and reel had some line left and a spinner and made my money back and I’m now enjoying this game way to much lol
  6. Gareth 88


    Hi thanks for reply messaged support and they said I just have to keep logging in to earn my daily bonus which I told them I was having problems with and I’ve had no further response and I’m on Xbox
  7. Hi all any pointers on game just started 4 days ago got a few questions do I leave lake when keep net full? Is it worth travelling early game can you catch decent carp on first rod you get any tips would be much appreciated cheers
  8. Gareth 88


    Just thought I was moving my rods to home storage but I deleted them all and don’t have enough money to by rod and reel what do I do
  9. Most games like this when they have patches set up for release Microsoft have to verify them I use to play a lot of ark and it was the same there patches taking 2-3 weeks extra due to Microsoft not verifying them on time by the looks of it PlayStation and pc are way ahead in that field
  10. Gareth 88

    Missing money

    Hi really enjoying game atm problem I’m having is not receiving my daily login and I accidentally sold all my rods bar one just wondering why I haven’t had my log in bonus
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