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  1. Just caught the bully and the Lep fish, got the mission chivo on each even though they aren't showing under missions.
  2. I understand it should be over but since the patch I've been focused on the new missions and never saw any for the holiday.... I'm assuming it's glitched because it was a recent patch.
  3. I just got the new patch for microsoft version about a week ago and now on this event I haven't gotten a quest and am not able to catch the fish.... but the baskets are on the maps??? Anyone else having this problem?
  4. Just lost my golem crank.... sent in an e-mail and got.... sorry!
  5. Thanks, I was afraid of spending that much money and screwing it up. Much appreciated!
  6. Afraid I may screw this up and it's a lot of money! haha It say's you have to spend it in one day.... does that mean you have to be on a waterway where they count your days and you can't do it from the world screen? Thanks ahead of time.
  7. I didn't catch the info on that update.... any chance of a new waterway? (edit) fishing spot? (edit) And as to the lure's, how is it fair to earn something, lose it (sometimes not of your own fault) and never be able to get it again?
  8. I've been worried about losing my 12' X series crank, I feel if you earn it you should open a opportunity to purchase it. Maybe we should all send it in as a suggestion?
  9. There are still certain maps that when a fish is released you still get a fine. This has been a issue for a long time, are they going to fix it??? I just released one in weeping willow and got hit for 25K, that's ridiculous!
  10. I've had the reel animation glitch many times but still was able to reel in a fish. I wonder if maybe it's a platform bug issue? I'm microsoft store, which is yours?
  11. greatly appreciated, I just couldn't find a spot for the life of me. Got one in a few throws by the wrecked boat once you told me where. Walker #1/0 (edit) it was sunny for me also
  12. I finished 1st, 2nd exploration and heavyweights but I'm having a hell of a time getting the chub for the trial mission.... Any advice? Can't find a good youtube vid or forum post for it.
  13. Could any here please list which fish in which locations for the decorations? Youtube doesn't have videos for every spot. Thanks guys!
  14. it puts me at the character creation screen... it always auto updated... what do I need to do? Edit--- microsoft store again
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