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  1. It's all upto Microsoft they have to approve it before it can be released
  2. i'm really glad you didn't really rip that guy a new one about his question you know because obviously the update still hasn't dropped 2 days later
  3. Has anybody found the black cat's hairballs yet?
  4. is xbox one going to get the treasure hunt event
  5. i no longer see the june bass tourney in the sport section was it cancelled
  6. x box one still have pots blue water but no event fish since this morning
  7. i found some pots of gold and silver got special baits used them and caught a few event fish that paid baitcoins but no missions so far XBOX ONE
  8. do you have to do anything special to start the mission they are not showing up for me i tried resetting and that did not work
  9. how the hell do you catch one?
  10. anybody ever had the sinker bounce out of the water after it hitting bottom in 60 feet of water
  11. the other guy said he uninstalled then reinstalled the game and the update started but I don't know if that erases your progress or not so be warned
  12. another guy had the same problem until he got the update
  13. is there going to be a Christmas event like the Halloween event
  14. gamertag uncaj platform xbox 1 10-21-2019 was fishing with turtle spoon and lost it doesn't give the option to catch more turtles to make a new turtle spoon
  15. My line broke and I lost the turtle spoon and it just keeps telling me to equip turtle spoon
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