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  1. Hello fishing friends, today we have the game cracking again. Either it won't let you change bait, or we're stuck in the lake, unable to get out. so we still catch less fish Compliments
  2. Very good. But, in relation to the fact that, in competitions, the fish do not leave the spot, even after training many times. If you do the same procedure outside of competitions, all the fish come out well and without problems. My question is, why don't I see the fish in competitions, I accepted the fish to come, even if they were lighter. Regarding the pop-ups, I suggest that the appearance is optional, we would have the possibility to hide the appearance of them.
  3. New update, It's good to know they're working on it. But what will the new update be for? We all hope that it's to catch more fish in competitions, and especially that we can catch all the fish from the spot we've been training for weeks. Or to stop shopping pop ups from appearing, which makes us nervous. Or is it that, after buying a DLC, to catch more fish? We've all asked this question hundreds of times, but unfortunately we don't have an answer. Compliments
  4. Good afternoon, I would like to know in which level the new map will open?
  5. Hi in my humble opinion, I think it's an inadequate compensation of the game's reality. This bait, all players have. It should give a lure like the ones mentioned in the tournament prize.
  6. Hi, unfortunately I couldn't play the WBT Q3, after several training sessions with my friends, due to the game's failure. I would like to be compensated in some way, I would rather be offered the baits mentioned in the prizes and 500 coins, X-Series Twin Tail Spider Grub 7cm X-Series Worm 15cm X-Series Duo Swimbait 56g, #4/0 X-Series Triple Runner 6m, #4/0 I think it would be a good way to compensate players who were unfortunate enough not to participate in the competition. I hope you understand my suggestion and take into account that I have already invested some money in Fishing Planet and I may invest more, so that it becomes better. I play a game that I like a lot, and I have a lot of fun with my friends. Thanks
  7. Hello I'm the BUG-Farias-PT I really like your initiative. I believe that if we all know how to catch fish and know the right places, it will make everyone more fun. We are often unmotivated for not catching the fish, thinking that it is the game that does not want to give us the fish, but rather due to lack of knowledge of the places and techniques. I liked the explanation and I will test it. I support your idea
  8. Hi, I'm António Farias Matias My nick is, BUG-Farias-PT I did the Helloween event, I already got all the items for evoking Frankenfish, but I don't have the mandrake roots to add, even though they are already caught. Even if I go to Lake Falcon, I don't have the opportunity to pick up more mandrake roots. I send photos to prove it. I would like to finish the mission. Thank you
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