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  1. Same here, I just entered a competition at saint- croix lake. 18000 dollar gone, didn't catch one fish . second time this happend to me, already lost 26000. I'm a premium member who can i contant for a refund ?
  2. The walleye in emerald lake, but you need a rainy day. Falcon lake is good for trout and everglades you can farm largemouth bass. The best thing you can do is invest in a large net.
  3. same here, I caught the biggest unique pike on emerald lake but not on the leaderboards.
  4. I was in the same comp as you at emerald lake. I caught 2 uniek and miltiple trophy's and stil not top 10 Its hard.
  5. You can make profit by playing in the competitions. First travel to the location and fill your net, when the competition starts your fish wil be sold then all the fish you catch in competion are sold when its over and then you can fill your whole net again. You can also travel for multiple days for even more profit. And offcourse, if you play top 10 you get extra cash.
  6. speci1981

    Fishhut L

    The competition last 2 hours but the score time is 30 or 45 min. You can see it in de information tap of the event.
  7. - more competitions / tournaments - change home location, maybe change home location every week/month ? - something special/challenging for the high level players. I was thinking something like a target fish in every lake. for example a koicarp, if you can catch it you get a special price.
  8. you have to push square op ps4 when you are in game
  9. I have premium and bought baitcoins but i had no problems before, just started today. I am now fishing at lone star lake an off 10 bites i can catch 1 or 2
  10. You where never gonna catch it , I had a big fish on the line for more than 20 min. I had it at 15m and then he swim back to 80m over and over. I could have drilt it for hours but i just let him go, I invested in some heavier equipment now
  11. I have the same problem. As you can see in that last video I was in 3th place. I think it started after that competition for me. I spend 9000 dollar for a 2 day trip to the everglades and couldnt catch a fish .
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