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  1. The devs of fishing planet have confirmed it to me ... So there you go, then they say whatever they want in response ... And indeed we will never get a response from Microsoft xd.
  2. I confirm, it's because of Microsoft and its certification, it's always the same and because of that ... And the fishing planet team answered me by messengers and confirmed it to me.
  3. Hello the Fishing planet team, why are we still the last ones served on xbox? Each time there is a new card there is always a problem ... How can you announce a release 2 weeks after pc, and the day of the release the data to ps4 and like each time xbox is nothing? We would like you to take xbox players into consideration and keep us updated as little as possible, we are not just here to buy your packs for you, thank you.
  4. Hello the fishing planet team, why do we still not have the 190 bitcoin pack which contains the slingshot, the cap and the lamp on xbox one, while pc and ps4 already have it, thank you in advance for your answer.
  5. I'm talking about the players who are on pc and play on xbox, it gets really weird, don't tell me about spots, hours ect ... I have been doing competitions and tournaments for over 2 years ... Always see the same ones.
  6. Hello the fishing planet team, when are you going to correct the competitions and tournaments on xbox, have always seen the same winners (as PC players) have not made any fish as soon as they are there, it becomes really urgent, thank you.
  7. Hello the fishing planet team, I am sending you this message on behalf of the whole xbox community, we would like to have information on a release date of the Brazil xbox update, already a week since it was released on ps4 and no information for the xbox community, thank you in advance for your reply and have a nice day.
  8. When will we have the Brazil update on xbox please?
  9. Hello, Still no news for the update of Lake Mississippi on Xbox One ??? When are you going to deploy it for us ??? We have been waiting for a long time ... Thank you.
  10. I hope it will be available for sale in pack, I buy it immediately.
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