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  1. Hello, Still no news for the update of Lake Mississippi on Xbox One ??? When are you going to deploy it for us ??? We have been waiting for a long time ... Thank you.
  2. I hope it will be available for sale in pack, I buy it immediately.
  3. Message to the development team, Hello, we would really like to have a concrete release date regarding the release date of the maj of Lake Mississippi, it's been over a week since you gave the update on ps4, and we xbox players are still waiting without any news from your share ... Radio silence, we would rather have more communication from you, cordially.
  4. Hello, when the Mississippi maj arrives on xbox, it's been 2 days on ps4, and xbox nothing, no message from you ... We would like to have a minimum of communication, why? A date ? Thank you.
  5. You're completely right, I play on xbox and it's always the same in mind, once I enter a competition at the exact start time and there a big one already finished lol ... The developers should make a system in order to choose if we want to make a normal or competitive competition and remove the amateur competitions which are always canceled, make a system to put the highest people in classification together or by numbers of top 3 ... A better system to put players of the same level together.
  6. Merci de nous informer si la sortie xbox est prévue, ce serait vraiment sympa de votre part, car nous attendons toujours et aucune réponse ni info de votre part, Merci.
  7. Questions: Sortie du lac Mississippi aujourd'hui, ainsi que toutes les nouveautés ÉDITIONS COMPÉTITIONS ou pas ? Sinon indiquez date de sortie, Merci à l avance.
  8. Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir si vous comptez sortir la maj du lac Mississippi aujourd'hui , ainsi que toutes les nouveautés, éditions de compétitions comme sur PC ect... Si oui où non, une date serait apprécié, Merci à l avance.
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