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    Leaderboards - only some of my fish appearing.

    Yeah just noticed this issue myself with a trophy largemouth I caught at neherrin river, it shows up in my fish records section on my profile (and I have a screenshot) but I'm not on the leaderboards at all. Obviously not a huge deal, but what's the point of having leaderboards if they aren't accurate?
  2. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    Thanks for working hard to fix the issues guys.
  3. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    Have registered and paid the travel fees....great
  4. JimmyBeez

    Welcome back hooking bug

    Sorry to hear that mate, unfortunately I think you're not going to be the only one. I'm annoyed about it and I haven't spent any money on premium so can't complain too much - as for in game currency - lost a ton. It's a shame because when the game works it's pretty awesome, but like you, feed up with the constant gliches and bugs.
  5. JimmyBeez

    Game Suggestions

    A game with no bugs would be nice.
  6. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug again

    Exactly right, the game was perfect yesterday, no issues at all and then today it has gone back to the same old bug where it either doesn't hook up properly, or when you are hooked up you lose the fish after a couple of seconds. Just entered my first competition which starts at 11pm really hope it's fixed by then or probably done with this buggy game. Please fix guys.
  7. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    Free premium for one day for everyone? Just throwing that out there.....
  8. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    So I went back to North Carolina, went into a public random lobby, same peg (great parking) and immediately had the same issue of hooking a fish and then it disappearing 3 time in a row, I then went to a private lobby - same spot, same gear and it seems to work fine, caught 4 fish in a row with no problems????? Anyone else want to try a private room if they are having issues to see if it fixes it for them too? A completely random guess but perhaps if someone in your lobby has bad connection latency issues???
  9. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    I have read that they were awful to deal with for PC users so will probably be the same for PS4, if not worse. One simple post to acknowledge the issue and to say that they will try their best to resolve isn't too much to ask for.
  10. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    Have just sent them an email with a link to this forum, have also explained that no acknowledgment at the very least is pissing people off, i suggest everyone send a quick email as it might get them to get their act together as this is a joke (second day now and no response at all). support@fishingplanet.com
  11. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    Would love to know why high usage on servers would mean that you can hook a fish but it then disappears? But then that would mean a dialogue with the devs - which aint happening
  12. JimmyBeez


    Would be nice just to have some sort of acknowledgement from the devs that the issue is known about and is being worked on seeing as though it looks like it's a few days old now. I'm annoyed about losing in game credits (license fee etc) so really feel for the people who paid real money for premium. Not great.
  13. JimmyBeez

    Hooking bug continued

    Hi there, playing in a random lobby at neherrin lake about a half hour ago, every person encountered an issue where you would hook the fish ok but as you were reeling it in, it would just disappear, I lost 7 fish in a row, other people reported similar numbers in chat, no fish were caught by 4 people in 2hrs+ (game time). I restarted the game several times - no joy. I checked my internet speed which was over 40mbps. (No premium or dlc. lvl 21)