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  1. i had to repair my FishCastel L plus from DLC, price displayed was 0$.. clicked ok.. boom 100 baitcoins lost.. what a surprise.. i agree with you, repair must be in cash not baitcoins..
  2. hello, i had to repair my FishCastel L plus, a window pop up with the price... price said 0 $.. i said "oh cool it's free to repair the item i had with the DLC" so il clicked OK.. aaaaaand BOOM i lost 100 BAITCOIN ... just posting this here in case it happen to others.. i've already send an email to support whit details.. hope this gonna be fixed and they will give back the baitcoins lost.. if price was displayed correctly, i would not have repair it.. for sure.. thanks..
  3. Hello.. I found the issue. It was because of the boat I had equipped in my stuff.. I took it off my stuff and tried again. It works. But I lost 3900$ (1450 travel + 500 kayak rent X2 ) in the process of debugging. How can I be refunded ? Thanks.
  4. hello team, i had a bug during the kayak training, i was doing the step to initiate at the kayak driving, and i had an electrical cut, my computer shutdown, when i logged back in game and try the mission again i wasn't able to continu it. the mission is locked on "press E to get in the kayak" - if i get in, get out of the kayak, nothing happen, i leaved the spot, go back again, rent it again an still the same issue.. i lost 500$ in the process .. do you have any solution for me to continu this mission ? thanks.
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