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  1. The tilde key did the trick, thank you @PH_Carpman99!
  2. Does anyone else seem to get messages about upcoming custom comp's every few minutes in game? Maybe it's just me, but I'm kind of a loner when I play FP (private room, etc) and I'm not into comp's at this time so it gets a little annoying. Is there any way to turn off those messages?
  3. As mysteriously as the Overlay issue presented itself, the problem has gone away and all is well. Thanks for your help.
  4. @Support_Team - No joy. I'm thinking it's a Steam issue because after doing the above, I have no overlay in any of my Steam games. I guess I'll have to file a ticket but thanks anyway.
  5. Thank you @Support_Team, as mentioned I already verified the Overlay was enabled but I will try disabling, rebooting, re-enabling it, and I'll start the game from Steam directly. I'll report back.
  6. This issue just started, out of the blue this evening. I first noticed I was unable to take screenshots. Then, I noticed my Steam FPS counter was missing. When I did Shift+Tab to open Overlay, nothing happened. I went to the premium shop and attempted a purchase only to be told Steam Overlay wasn't enabled. Here are the steps I've taken so far: I went to the Steam and Game settings to verify it was turned on. It of course, was. I checked my other Steam games and Overlay is working fine. I verified FP's file integrity. I re-installed FP. I re-installed Steam. I created a exception in my antivirus. I temporarily disabled my antivirus. Nothing has worked. I just find it odd that this would happen out of the blue and only with FP. Any ideas?
  7. @kdog013 THANK YOU!!! I was at a loss. I spent over 30 game days fishing for the 33.1 lb Muskie at St Croix to complete the Pike Hunt II Mastery to no avail. I watched KrellicOG and KpShamino's videos multiple times and I've read every post I can find on the mission (there's not many of those) and I only managed to catch about 6 TOTAL Muskies, the largest being a Trophy Muskie weighing in at 26.621 lbs. I changed shad colours, hook sizes, fished at times other than the recommended 5-7am, sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, and rainy conditions - I should add, sunny mornings are few and far between. Even when the forecast for the next day shows it being sunny, I will warp to the next morning at 5am and it's pouring rain. Then, magically at 7am the rain stops and the sun is out. After reading your post I bought a boat (no shortage of cash since I fished Pike Alley during the non-Muskie times), at 6:03am on a sunny day - BOOM - a 41.057 pounder to finish the challenge. Thanks again, and happy fishing y'all.
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