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  1. Not sure if this has been reported so far but the template tab and its underlying functions have numerous bugs when adding, editing template content. The type of issues I encountered varied, so I will only talk about the important ones to me. I already had several DLC created templates that came with purchased content. I decided to leave these alone and create new variations using a rod or reel that may also be on the DLC template. I thought the original DLC template would be unaffected. I was wrong. Creating a new template and using a rod or reel that is also in another template can affect the original DLC template. When I equipped the DLC template by moving it to a slot, I found that the items in the slot were changed from original content items. 5kg rods were matched with 10kg reels and vice versa. Really weird stuff was happening throughout the template menu. At one point I was looking for a rod that was a part of a DLC template and it wasn't in home, nor in the backpack. I scrolled up and down 10 times, thinking it was lost forever. Only when I restarted the console and game, was the rod returned to my home. So, if you rely heavily on template usage, then you should do the following: Before traveling to a location, double check the template components after you have loaded them in your slot, as they may be different than what you intended. To help me in this validation process, I have renamed each template to include the Rod and Reel that comprise it. This way, when they are put in a slot, I can quickly validate that the components are correct. Anybody else encounter this?
  2. Ooh! That worked. the key was “bait in water”. I was trying to clip while it was in the air and when the distance slider was highlighted thx
  3. Competitions and tournaments seem to be a sensitive subject with this game. I have only entered 2 on Xbox, I am new to this game, and that platform suffers from too much lag and disconnects to do well, but I have watched many more competitions on twitch, and I do see the same names on the leaderboard, and they all seem to be playing from the PC. As a side note. One competition I entered on St Croix. counted your 5 largest Steelhead Trout. On days where I have fished on this lake without competition pressure, and have caught over 250 Trout, the largest trophy I have caught was 8.6 lbs. The winner in that competition, in 45 minutes, caught 5 Trophies averaging 9.5 lbs. I want to think he has been studying harder than the rest.
  4. I bought a DLC which has the Gary Scott Lupus motorboat with Pro Sonar echosounder, but can't see any display when in the boat. Is this a fish finder? In the inventory it shows as orange with an exclamation mark. I can't seem to equip it either. Am I missing something?
  5. As a general rule, the latest unlocked gear in the shop usually corresponds to your level. there is a visual indicator for the recently unlocked items in the shop there is also a visual indicator for the items you own. makes for easy comparison cheers
  6. Does anybody know the percentage for the bonuses or deductions? Is it a constant? A percentage? I assume it is added to base XP? What is displayed when you bring up the fish caught? Is that displayed XP amount inclusive of any bonus or penalties? How much for 1 Green arrow ? How much for 2 Green arrows ? How much for 3 Green arrows ? How much for 1 Red arrow ? How much for 2 Red arrows ? How much for 3 Red arrows ? Is this stuff posted anywhere where one can read???
  7. I don't have L1 R1, but I assume you mean LB and RB for Xbox. Nope, that doesn't work
  8. The hint/tip to press/hold RB LB pops up but every time I do so, I just get the bait select/change. i also tried doing so during the aiming circle step, no results. what am I missing to set clip distance on Xbox?
  9. Can somebody confirm If there is an XP bonus for using barbless tackle i am getting 2 green arrows when using barbless and no bonus when using barbed hook. Obviously I am comparing xp when using the same rod setup and catching the same fish species, albeit different weights. i am on Xbox
  10. Thanks. I already have, but the mods should collect and make a list here of what has been reported to date. For everyone to see. Saves time, alleviates concerns we have about whether bug fixes are happening and avoids duplication and saves all of us time. Very frustrating
  11. I already posted this in the XBOX section, but I doubt anybody is listening. Nobody has acknowledged any post. This forum is a ghost town. The devs are ghosts. Same bug exists in Alberta. All lake trout (Common, Trophy, Unique) pay the same (150 per kilo)
  12. When fishing in Alberta all Lake Trout regardless of rarity paid the same. Common, Trophy and Unique pay 150 per kilo. Using metric system in game. Why is that? Most other fish pay more for trophy and unique. Is anybody even acknowledging these bugs, or am I wasting my time posting this. Maybe I am wasting my time with this game. Anybody listening here? Why isn't there a bug list for XBOX in this section where we can see what has been listed and avoid duplication. The moderators or devs can maintain a master list here so we can at least know that they are aware of these.
  13. The Xbox Anywhere version of this game will not vibrate the controller, making it impossible to sense fish strikes. I am on Windows 10, have tried toggling in game settings for vibration without success. Quit game, restarted no difference. Have tried 2 different controllers without success. One Elite, One standard controller. I downloaded the Xbox Accessories app for Windows to test vibration and guess what?? It vibrates, so the controllers are fine. They vibrate with other games also. It is likely a problem with the client code for this game. It probably never worked from day 1. Can anybody else confirm?
  14. LOL, Unique Largemouth pays 234 per kilo. This just gets better and better
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