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  1. And lastly, can any of you tell me if there a way to decipher what type rod you have, a casting or spinner? Simple......if the guides are on top, it is a casting rod. ....Since the reel sits on top also
  2. I don’t see any association between the account on this forum and the account on the console.
  3. Tonto

    Golden pack

    If the transaction completed successfully, you should have the items in your home inventory when you restart the game.
  4. Tonto

    Deleted items

    Yes, it is the Crystal Burbot, otherwise known as the Bowfin of Canada. I can't remember anything older than 1 month.
  5. Tonto

    Deleted items

    As Carpman says, you cannot purchase another cap with a light, however I believe you can earn one. You will have to complete Deer Hunter III over the Christmas Holidays by catching 150 Antlered Salmon
  6. Sadly, many have fallen victim to this poor description with DLC's. Many buy DLC's thinking that it also contains a "pond pass", and not just a license for the waterway. A pond pass is needed if your existing level cannot unlock a higher level waterway. Some DLC's however do contain a "pond pass".
  7. as a general rule you can do the following to determine which brake setting to use 1) between the line and leader select the lesser of the two values for the calculation 2) Read the maximum reel strength value (listed in reel description) 3) Determine the total number of brake settings on your Reel. (usually 6, 8, 12) 4) divide the max reel strength (item 2 above), with the total number of brake settings (item 3). That will give you the brake resistance for each incremental setting. 5) click your brake to the setting position that is just below your weakest link of line or leader In the example below I have listed the strengths for both the Kraken 8000 (max 19.65kg) and Kraken 9000 (max 21.5kg), both have 12 settings, and determined best setting setting for max resistance is 1 click from the top when I use Fluoro .60 for the kraken 8000. It will give you max resistance at 18.013kg when the strength of the line is 18.1 Kg. you can't get any closer than that.
  8. The only fish that can Possibly cut your line in that waterway are Pike which are not likely the cause of your problem since the bait you are using isn’t known to be a bait they prefer. The cause is most likely your reel brake setting being too high for your line or leader. Do you have a video of the break occurring?
  9. if you use a controller, just press the X button to move it to from Home to Backpack and vice versa if you want to equip it just press the A button
  10. Lol. The math I need is the amount of xp for each level. I know it is incremental, but I don't know how much for each level. It has been so long ago that I was below level 50, but it appears to be a linear progression. Does 3.4 million xp equal level 64? Doesn't seem so Oh...Just realized this is on steam. I Say it is a hack
  11. if he bought the golden pack and went to Cali for Sturgeon with barbless and caught only sturgeon he would generate about 3,400,000 XP. Don't know what that translates into levels. Somebody else can do the math. The last levels may require 250k xp, but not sure how much is needed for levels 1-50, At first glance, it doesn't look possible to me. Perhaps a dev account as Hate_ful said, but with a Chinese sounding name, quite unlikely
  12. There are 2 spots for the Unique Colorado golden trout. You can refer to bulkan’s video on YouTube for one of the spots
  13. There are 2 spots for the Unique Colorado golden trout. You can refer to bulkan’s video on YouTube for one of the spots
  14. Tonto

    oversize fish

  15. These are the fish listed for the river. https://www.mdwfp.com/media_legacy/media/296612/mdwfp_fish_id.pdf as far as fish in the delta, it depends how big an area you consider the delta. Any saltwater fish native to that geographic sea region, could enter the delta. That would include several hundred additional species, and their inclusion for the in-game waterway would not add value.
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