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  1. It would be too simplistic to say a recovery of 80 is best. If you believe it benefits you, then continue to use it. There are many more factors however that can affect the rate you hook a fish that bites, resulting in fewer missed bites. I will just list some. In no particular order they are RNG lag Type of line used leader or not length of leader. (Try a major popper with a .25cm titanium leader, and you will see what I mean) flexibility of the rod position, height, angle of the rod type of lure type of presentation type of fish targ
  2. Here is one of my “floaters” in st Joachin. Was happening all during the comp. made me quit early once again https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/tontokavalaris/video/128271207 The problems I have with casting or spinning rods in comps are even worse. I don’t bother recording them anymore.
  3. Welcome to my world. Been happening for many months for me. In St. Joachin almost every second cast during Cmon carp. Also during Sturgeon in the Dark. I also have it disappear entirely from the screen, and also floating on top water. I emailed the pics to support at that time, but still happens today.
  4. Not a bug. That rod is a notorious short caster. You can possibly add 6 more meters of distance if you use a braid line, heavier lure or lighter line.
  5. On XBox there are frequent problem with the display of the comp results. in the case you mention above, if u check the results an hour after the comp, your personal rating gain or loss will display correctly. It won’t be blank. the other display issues happen when you register for several comps which you do not participate in, and take place in your absence. Upon logging in you may see the names displayed correctly in the pop up results, but not the scores. It seems the score it shows is for the previous comp.
  6. Tonto

    What DLC

    The strongest float rod that I have seen in a DLC came in the Saltwater Match pack. It was a Majesty SE, rated 26kg if I recall correctly. I dont know if it is still available in your platform store.
  7. There is a reason you didn’t catch anything. It may sound harsh to you, but you need to put time in on lower level lakes. Learn about rod types, fishing technique, fish preferences and types of bait, in addition to hundreds of other things I won’t mention for brevity. I fail to understand your rush. This game is a marathon, not a 100 meter sprint race. The road is long and arduous. As you level up, you will unlock items needed for bigger fish and higher level waterways.
  8. Interesting observation, and if that is so, it would be a setback in the game. I don’t have the update yet,as I am on Xbox, but I do know that the cazadoras always take longer to bring in the same fish than the spell launcher, when both are set up with the same line and brake resistance.
  9. I believe you need 1000 bait coins from finishing on the podium in competitions or tournaments for the first level challenge. From your picture is seems you have earned 212 however if you finish first or second in any of the monthly tournaments then you will have completed the challenge, since they give a boatload of coins.
  10. If you are losing 1000 in durability per cast on that rod reel combo, then something is wrong. I tested same rod and reel and the wear was much less. and you are correct. A worn leader or line at 90% provides the same strength as one worn down to 10%. if that weren’t that case we would have change line and leader with every cast.
  11. It confounds me how someone at level 22 and with unlimited licenses can put himself in a situation to not have any rods in his inventory. I am curious what he was thinking would happen by selling all his equipment. Just incredible
  12. Tonto


    Issue isn’t due to lack of premium. The game just lags and disconnects some days
  13. I dont know about real life bream, but I do know that in 12 months reviewing the boards for bream I have never seen one over 5 kilos. Now there is one posted at over 6 kilos, caught by somebody who always does well in jolly carp. I suspect he is fiddling with groundbait recipes trying to oversize the bream before the tournament.
  14. Don’t know if your level allows you to purchase a bottom rod like heavy chaser or cat boxer, but those are fine for white moose if you prefer that to the Brutus float setup, since you are keen on feeder rods.
  15. You are fishing white moose with feeder rods whose max load is 8.5kg at best, if equipped with max tackle also. That is your issue. A bottom rod like a Brutus 15.5 kg would suit you much better. Every fish in that lake will be a struggle with feeder rods and I am not just referring to the trophy and uniques which can get to 22kg. A simple 4kg salmon will tire your fingers if using a controller with the big alli. Time to pony up for bigger gear
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