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  1. This subject shouldn't be in Off Topic. It is relevant to the game. Can the Mod move this to General discussion?
  2. There .....dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s Couldn't be any more precise than that
  3. The developers need to create a better value for premium players. the game economy is one of the worst in the f2p world free loaders won’t convert to premium because there is little value In doing so premium players will eventually bail from this game because the premium time benefit is just for little XP and silver. Nothing more. Everything is still a grind. Some suggestions to increase value to premium players lower repair costs lower license costs lower day rates lower travel costs sales on shop items like bait and equipment Bonus to silver and XP for DLC equipment special baitcoin missions and bonus bait coins for regular missions
  4. There are videos with specific conditions and setup on YouTube. Did you check there first?
  5. If a server restart was not in progress at the time you experienced this, then check for updates to the game files. If that doesn't work. Delete the game and re-add it
  6. What you experience is just one of many bugs affecting rod stands
  7. Wow,,,,,,,$24,500 just to fish for a day....... They really want us to bend over.... and take one from behind for the team
  8. Tonto

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    The rule of thumb is Maximum rod strength >= Maximum Reel tension >= Line test When fishing with float tackle use a heavy bobber for live or heavy bait like minnows, shiners, crawfish, etc... If I remember ....in Colorado you can do very well with lure fishing, no need for using live bait. Are you doing a mission requiring minnows?
  9. They should compensate you a minimum of 7 days if they sort this out. However my experience when speaking with others that play this game, is that this company does very little to nothing to restore player trust and goodwill when issues with the game adversely affect the player, in lost coins, silver, time, or equipment, etc.
  10. I can't tell you why your line is breaking, but I can tell you that there are times when you pick up the rod from the stand, it jerks up and down, instead of picking up smoothly, especially when a fish is hooked. If your reel tension is near the limit for breaking the line or leader, it will add stress during the pickup of the rod and may break the line. I have seen people pickup a rod smoothly without jerking, but they seem to be playing on PC. On console, I have not managed to be consistent with picking up the rod smoothly. I have tried picking it up without hitting the X button or the left trigger, but it doesn't always work smoothly Perhaps somebody can add something more on this topic. I have found also that it is marginally better if you don't replace a rod you are holding with one on the stand. I think it is better to place the holding rod down first, then pick up the rod with the hooked fish. Anybody else chime in here?? For now, I suggest lowering your reel brake/tension even more than you currently have it.
  11. I hear you brother.... many of us are likely to follow soon
  12. From memory..... press Y to board.....left stick to move forward. Depress stick for fast speed.... Y for anchor......A for grabbing rod.
  13. I think you need to provide more information about the characteristics of your setup, rod, reel, hook size, lake, type of fish targeted, etc before someone can give guidance
  14. Was away for a week,. Can you still launch fireworks for antlered salmon and crystal burbot?
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