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  1. I stay 10 meters away from the bobber with 2 meters of slack
  2. just try a 1/0 Walker in Tiber. Cast near the rocks where you fish for trout
  3. Look at the positive side. You completed a challenge that most of us will never get.
  4. Maybe that V is meant to be a Y for young
  5. Sadly, that fish highlight feature is bugged, at least on Xbox. Many fish sizes and species will never highlight, no matter how manly times I catch them.
  6. Email the developer support@fishingplanet.com with the relevant information, Mac model, macOS version, platform (steam, native) there are some versions of the macOS that will not support native gameplay
  7. You may want to read previous posts about The fisherman, to get a historical perspective of why things are so. Just do a search. the quick answer is that The Fisherman updates are not controlled by the Developer (Fishing Planet) but by the publisher (BigBen).
  8. Tonto

    Server problem

    I think you need to be inside their data center to have a reasonable ping in this game. Your region doesn’t matter much. when it becomes difficult to play, I dont use spinning or casting rods, just bottom and float rods.
  9. You can land all sizes of all species of trout in that lake with a lightweight rod with fluorocarbon and a #1, #1/0 nano spinner or narrow spoon. alternatively use any insect bait or salmon eggs, with a float or feeder the fish list on that waterway tells you what baits you can use. You have many choices for that lake
  10. Natively, it is not possible. You can however run Windows if you have a dual boot Mac, or you can run windows using Parallels.
  11. The leaderboard is refreshed periodically. I believe it is weekly
  12. You need more than 1500 markers, for just 20 waterways? Are you designing a kayak slalom course on each one?
  13. I have never hooked a fish when a cayman is near my bobber, but that may be coincidence…..just saying
  14. If it doesn’t appear by the next day, it won’t. There are bugs in the game with this leaderboard and also with the fish that you have caught or remain to be caught when at a waterway. There are waterways where I have caught every species and size of fish and it does not highlight in bold.
  15. Best of luck with that big bass at emerald lake. Please write when you catch one there. I will gift you 100 baitcoins
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