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  1. I believe that if you play on a Mac you are on the Steam platform, and you have a shared experience with other players on that platform, whether they are playing on a Windows PC or Linux PC. Players which also share the same game experience are Windows 10 users (not steam) and Xbox console players. They share the same environment and can play each other. I believe the only players that don’t have a companion, ie. they don’t share with other platform/device, and only play against each other are PlayStation users. I believe that this current landscape will also change with time, as cross-play is becoming ubiquitous. I only play on Xbox, and I made an educated guess about the above statements, so don’t whack me if I stated something wrong.
  2. Lol. Try doing the MightyThree competition in Mississippi in anything other than a bass boat. You will still be driving to markers when the time has expired
  3. I have no idea how this got posted here. I was replying to somebody inquiring about ice fishing. can the mods move it?
  4. Lol. You can ice fish in White Moose. If your heavy rod can cast over 100 meters, then cast from the dock to the left. Your sinker will somehow punch a hole through the solid ice sheet and sink to the bottom at over 20 meters depth. Ice fishing in the modern era. No need to freeze your feet in the process.
  5. If the fish bites the line or leader it usually displays a different message. I suspect he was fishing with a lighter line and reel than a Zeus setup , and couldn’t bring in a Uni Muskie. the other possibility is that it is a bug. I once fought a fish for 58 minutes real time on my heavy chaser 300 with a max load out. It ended up being a 14kg permit. I am still scratching my head.
  6. Update on this issue. once again I received a less than satisfactory response from support. It is similar to my initial response they provided on this issue when I first encountered it in November. The visual evidence that I provided is clear enough, but unconvincing to them. They believe that the select button was pressed before the shop page of items was loaded. I explained that there was no page loaded and it was blank or empty of items, and even the screenshot I took of this wasn’t enough for support to recognize it as a bug. i can now replicate this problem regularly. I can get into the store which will show nothing on the screen, but pressing the A button on that blank screen will result in a baitcoin purchase. I simply think that they don’t want to devote resources to address it. It doesn’t impact enough players and consequently aren’t returning any bait coins oh well
  7. Not sure if all of these missions will be around for next year, ie. gobies, crappies, aracu, etc. or if they will be fished using the same method. I know the crystal bourbot, antlered salmon, furry trout carry over, because they are tied to challenges and I completed the bourbot this year after having begun it last year. My suggestion is to finish up what you can this year. At least get the #7/0 milk popper. It works well in many instances.
  8. Lol. If you are talking about the winner, then no. He didn’t catch a 64lb carp. He caught 3 that size. Only 5 guys caught uniques, and mine was the smallest 17kg. his carp could eat mine for breakfast
  9. Very little fishing was done while I was on this quest. Players appeared to be deliberately trying to avoid me and I was running out of snow. They must have thought I was stalking them. Had to sacrifice speed for accuracy and try to make every throw count in the end. Flat ground, aiming for the back of a player, etc.... wish there was a way to indicate a successful hit, instead of checking the challenge counter. During the time it would take to check the counter, the player would move from my pre aimed position. glad to put that one behind me. Now I can do some comps
  10. I just finished the snowman rod stand challenge today using the catapult instead of hand throwing the snow. 100 different players hit. It wasn’t easy on the console. just place the catapult in the character slot then place a snow bag in the circular character slot and select mix. It should create a mix of of 1.2kg which is 12 throws instead of 5 or 6 throws by hand. you can now select the catapult with snow, just as you do when cycling rods on a stand. For my controller, it is LB and left thumbstick. as for help with aiming.....well that requires lots of practice and a search through this here will give you some aiming suggestions, such as using a rod to calculate distance and angle.
  11. Use large minnow on #3/0 hook with a float setup at that spot during peak time.
  12. No. I can get in, but it does kick me out several times in an hour. Happens more during a comp or when switching spawns. Never had that happen with such frequency before. Just the last few weeks.
  13. The buttons work on a feeder or bottom setup. you need to press simultaneously AFTER the sinker has settled on the bottom
  14. On console, there is a bug which will deplete your baitcoins when shopping if not careful. It doesn't happen all the time, but it has happened several times to me over the last few months. I emailed support when I first encountered it, but didn't have any visual evidence at the time and was at a loss to explain how it happened. They investigated and replied "everything is fine", so I let it go. This time I recorded it and emailed them again. I don't know how many coins it has taken from me this way, but I know of at least 3 occasions where it had purchased an item with Gold when nothing was highlighted for purchase. Look around the 2:13 mark https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/tontokavalaris/video/120743290
  15. He is obviously a new player with much to learn, and accusations like this are common when new, but responses like this don’t really help his situation, and we need more players to develop a better understanding of the game so they can increase the player base. You could have explained how it is done, or pointed him to a thread that discusses the event fish catch rate. Instead you clubbed him into submission. Just my thoughts.
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