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  1. There are several older posts that relate to competitions on this site. You can read these for a better understanding of the current state of affairs regarding competitions.
  2. Waterway levels and prestige levels are separate, and not additive. The game will not store or bank your prestige levels and add them to your waterway level after the max waterway level is increased. You must grind your waterway levels up to the current max, after which you can only increase your prestige level by further grinding. When the max level is increased again, your prestige level will remain the same, until you grind to the new max waterway level. When you do, you will then begin to increase your prestige level again.
  3. Tonto

    new lakes

    From a recent killerwhale interview with another player, It is likely that the next waterway will be on a new continent, possibly Asia or Africa, and may include saltwater species also
  4. He got the message because a 7GB updated dropped today, and he is a release behind
  5. I don’t know of a VPN service that I can recommend. I use my USA work VPN when I need to, even though I am currently located in Greece until September. I suggest you email support@fishingplanet.com with a link to this thread, as they may be able to provide you more info on their end with your session connection. They are likely to ask you questions regarding platform, router and other technical metrics to assist in their effort. Good luck
  6. What you are experiencing is worse than the average user, so there may be more factors involved. I experience game crashes or disconnects on Xbox but not as frequently as you. Lag may be constant for me but game crashes are less common, just several times per playing session. Putting a rod on a stand shouldn’t cause the game to quit or abort. Have you tried playing with a vpn to see if your experience is better?
  7. Poor ping and lag have been constant with this game from the beginning. It doesn’t matter what platform you are on. Some geographic locations have more lag than others, and some platforms have more than others, even on high speed internet. Some days are better and playing is tolerable, but I wouldn’t expect a fix any time soon. The problem would have been resolved if it was simple or low cost for FP.
  8. I hope they sponsor you soon. I am getting tired of the same old FP comps where the winner is predetermined.
  9. I have all the crankbaits and have tried that comp in all types of weather conditions. I have won it twice and also placed on the podium a few times, and I am of the belief that it makes little difference. If FP says it is your turn to win, you can play it with an oversized #6/0 crankbait and still win it. The prevailing wisdom says that #4/0 crankbait is the sweet spot for hook size, and the depth between 2.5m and 3.5m. As for colour, lighter for sunny and darker for cloudy, but these only apply only during regular farming. Just look at the past winners. The names seem to rotate. Not one consistent player. in fact it seems there are only a few comps that seem to have consistent high finishers, like jolly carp, and the barbel comp, and that is because I sense some players have found a mechanism exploit, to consistently finish well in that comp. all other comps seem to follow a rotating winner. I have fished that big red fish comp three times in a row with the same weather, using the same crankbaits, using the same markers and casting spot, and the disparity in results defy logic, so I think something else is in play with FP’s winner selection there. just my 2 cents.
  10. Nothing there…..That was just Jesus Christ walking on water
  11. Put the heavy chaser in a numbered rod slot put an appropriate spinning reel in the reel slot. Preferably equal or slightly less than max strength of rod. put a line of at least 100 meters in the line slot. Line strength equal or slightly less than reel. ( you will learn about overpowering your reel as you gain knowledge later) Add a sinker between the min and max weight range listed on the rod Add a leader less than or equal to line strength. Titanium for fish with teeth. add a hook to the slot add bait add a bell (optional) done
  12. Lol…and get your Red Worms in the leaf pile in Lone Star. sadly, nothing new for the old timers.
  13. If you completed all missions last year, then there is no event equipment left to earn this year. I completed the missions last year and have nothing in my mission tab this year. The global map does show lakes with an Independence Day icon, and I am not sure if I can still catch the event fish, as of early this morning. On Xbox
  14. That is what I thought for so long, but learned otherwise a few months ago. I was in Marron River setting markers for Red Peacock with my Bassboat with the Anchor up. I was fishing in a long narrow channel casting with my 19.5kg Zeus, with 19kg line and 18.6 kg titanium leader. Reel Brake setting were untouched , and max drag on line was at 18.1kg. Safe I thought, even for a uni tambaqui which I had landed using that same setting a day earlier. something large hit the buzzbait, and fought me on the boat for several minutes. The fish never surfaced, but I suspected it was a Trahira by the rod modulation. I struggled for minutes, but it was not coming closer and then it displayed…..”line bitten off”. Being surprised and angry at once, I hit the record button to capture this impossibility. I email the video to support with an inquiry on whether such a situation can happen with a titanium leader. After their investigation into this incident they responded that I had hooked a Uni Trahira, and indeed the line was bitten off. No further explanation on why it happened.
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