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  1. It doesn’t seem so from the fish missions in game for this event. Keep in mind that this event was developed at least a year ago, when Mississippi wasn’t even a thought. The question is......did it get a flag and cannon? dont want to spend the silver to find out. anybody knows?...
  2. Thanks Carpman. Will do. A cannonball run will only cost me about 50k .....or about 1hr on willow lake
  3. I am used to the clockwise positioning as it is now, regardless of the size of the rod stand. Muscle memory. Would hate to relearn.
  4. Each mission (In game) tells u what lake to go to and what to do. the first is in emerald
  5. Really FP??? The 4kg event Pike bite through a 9kg line?? never happened happened during regular fishing. Never needed titanium leader on that lake. 40 bitcoins and the loss of a patriotic walker down the drain well done
  6. Ooh...That waterway is so appealing I pulled out.every single marker after I did my missions. It has no redeeming XP or Credit value. It needs more love from FP. as for Zander, do everything you did for Walleye in Emerald. Narrow spoon#1/0 was effective.
  7. I would like to know also. why can’t FP communicate better about these events?
  8. I believe the rainforest dlc includes a pond pass
  9. Given all the issues with this game, that is the first time I hear something like that. i do recall that markers that have been sent by friends but not accepted In time eventually disappear, but markers placed in the water...that is something new. what platform are you on? you can email support@fishingplanet.com for an explanation
  10. Tonto

    Xbox chat

    Press Down simultaneously on both thumbsticks, until chatbox appears again. should work now it happens on occasion
  11. Tonto


    After you equip it in inventory. Press Y to get in while at the dock. When you get in in, look towards the forward direction, then press RB to start the engine, and then RT to accelerate. That is how it works on Xbox.
  12. Not sure about good guides for carp in U.K. did you search for kpshamino videos. He usually addresses questions like yours. Just Get a horizon420 with leviathan 10000, a carp sinker, #6/0 carp hook, high level bollies and pellets, appropriate leader and line test and go try things out. Then u can buy a method feeder, pva bags, ground bait and change your setup to use pva and feeder. The store in the U.K. Also has these for sale if Needed.
  13. I prefer they prioritize and address bugs before adding features or new waterways. There are several big ones that have plagued us since the introduction of this game. Each release also seems to add to a growing list of problems.
  14. If you are still on the waterway, try returning home to find your Purchased items
  15. He is probably a developer doing testing
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