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  1. Of course they do. It is not that rare of an occurrence, but rather repeatable in certain spots in South America. Now catching a 20kg uni common carp on a #4 hook, that made me smile, as did the silver croaker with a capn hook 12/0. There are other fish size/hook combinations which are surprising in this game…but then..it is a game after all
  2. I miss that “Crappy” tournament too
  3. If you mean experience(XP) when you say “levels” I doubt the lower level lake (Mongolia) will give you more than the higher level lake (Congo).
  4. Lol. My kids account works fine also, so I sent them to do homework and played a comp using their account
  5. You are not alone. Keeps disconnecting when I finally load also
  6. While that would appear to be a nice gesture on behalf of FP, that would not be right, fair, or good for the existing player base or the future. There are many reasons I can list that would make this a bad idea, but I will expand on one. It would likely adversely affect the economic business model, reduce revenue and impact growth and development of the game. Imagine if that gifting you describe was done with a DLC, was also executed by your friend at a future date, then also by his friend, etc and so on. Now imagine if every current player in the game did the same for each of their friends. The number of players who would be playing with equipment that had already been purchased with real or in game currency would exponentially multiply. If you want your friend to level up to your level, pass on your knowledge of the game to him, or if you are on the Xbox platform send him a DLC as a gift from the Xbox store. There are some DLC’s that permit the action of gifting.
  7. Ah yes. By the way, do you drive a car, or still use a horse and carriage?
  8. If FP were to implement vibration the entire time, as you desire, then you would need 3 sets of batteries for Lucky 50, Jolly Carp, and several other comps. It is better as is. Vibration is more energy draining than any other operation.
  9. …my follow up observations to your questions. I have seen it happen less when in a private room but not enough to bother with changing to private as I don’t care much about the issue when grinding. in comps it is unavoidable, as it always happens since you are in a common lobby. I dont notice a difference in the bite rate, but definitely a reduction in the amount of fish you can hook, especially if the fish is biting when the connection icon is also displayed. The lag that occurs affects the timing of your strike, or the ability to sense a bite happening
  10. Not sure that leaving the game has any effect any more on one's performance in a competition. There was a time when leaving the game after catching a target fish would land you another when you returned, or change your RNG, but FP said some time ago that this tactic had been addressed (fixed). I also regularly observe what you report but it doesn't bother me, as I also have paused a competition many times, since I have young children to tend to and regular life things to do during comp times, so a 30 min comp can take me 90 minutes to complete in such cases. So far I have not seen any benefit when leaving or pausing during the comp, Just yesterday, in a South American competition, I observed a player who regularly does well, who was failing to produce their regular results. Multiple exits and re-entries over the course of the two hours did not increase their standing, so I am inclined to believe "no harm, no foul".
  11. Yes. What carpman says. The other explanation is that your previous generation PS4 console cannot adequately support the connectivity requirements of the current release of FP. I have two Xbox consoles which use the same internet connection for FP. My Xbox series X never sees the connectivity icon you mention, but my Xbox one X frequently does.
  12. I have a frequent issue where the spod will stop loading the groundbait. I can still cast but the groundbait won’t reload and the remaining weight stays the same. It usually happens when I change spawns after going into the menu, and usually in a comp. the way I resolve it is by removing the groundbait from the feeder and adding it back. I play on Xbox.
  13. There aren’t algorithmically imposed geographical restrictions to competitions and tournaments. All players regardless of location enter the same instance and play. If you are seeing the same players in the competition it is likely because these players regularly play that competition. Many old timers only play competitions after the max level has been reached, since the game currently provides little incentive to do otherwise. Simply adding more silver credits or more XP to these already inflated bank accounts seems pointless. If you are seeing the same players in your mini lobby it is because the timing of your entrance likely coincides with theirs. Having in-game friends may increase your chance of being put in a comp lobby with them if space is available, but that is just an observation.
  14. The simplest method is to look for visual signs. when on a waterway i am unfamiliar with, I do the following i look for water disturbance everywhere on the waterway and place a marker at each spot i drive the boat and set a marker everywhere where I see schools of fish, noting the size of the fish and the depth on the display. afterwards I go back to each marker and fish with lures and baits to catch what I observed earlier. I use large hooks for large fish and smaller hooks for the others. I try to match the baits and the lure types with what the fish prefer by reading the description provided for each fish species on that waterway. After a catch I can finally set a true marker for the fish caught at each spot
  15. I am not at my console at the moment so I am answering from memory. I believe it is the big river series. You can select the one with slightly less drag than your rod strength. I believe there is a model with 8.15kg drag and 8.6kg drag. Pick the most suitable
  16. I am saving mine for next year, as I did the previous year. The clover coin seems to be a constant in this annual event even though the missions do change. Banking them will likely give you a head start if new missions are introduced next year.
  17. The best snakehead lake is by far the Everglades. A 3 spawn rotation casting left and right caught all that were required for the mission in 1 calendar day.
  18. The weight designation on the float should be matched appropriately with the corresponding weight designation on the bait being used. Heavy baits will sink to the bottom with light wagglers, and light baits will sit too high with heavy wagglers obfuscating the ding sound of a bite in some environments.
  19. Just as kdog says. You can level up quickly with either the Congo DLC or the Amazon DLC. it comes down to preference. in 9 days my kids went from level 7 to level 80, albeit with continuous and specific guidance from me on how to maximize XP with minimum time with just the Amazon pack. They banked 12 million and over 1000 bait coins in the process
  20. Yes. Your gamertag, Xbox account or login name determines your FP identity and not the PC you are playing on. This assumes you are playing on the same platform or a shared platform like windows 10 and Xbox console
  21. Don’t know why it expired in just 2 hours. Groundbait is good for 24 hours or 1 game day, whichever happens first, if I recall. Are you sure you didn’t advance the day or let 24 hours real-time lapse. You should still be Able to select the groundbait mission again.
  22. What you have experienced is a known problem that has been reported to FP since the game was released. If it hasn’t been resolved yet, it likely will never be, so remind yourself to take your tackle out of the water manually or by switching spawns which picks up the rods on your stand. A sinker and a hook are easily replaceable. when you lose a baitcoin or xseries lure, you will pull your hair out
  23. You are not alone. I hit a streak of 4 weeks beginning December where nothing I did was good enough in comps that I knew well. You just have to weather the storm. It will slowly turn around.
  24. I didn’t get any request. Make sure the gamertag is “TontoKavalaris” Good luck in that comp.
  25. If on Xbox, send me a friend request, and I will send you 3 marker spots. I have caught them in over 10 locations. I just don’t bother marking them anymore. #1/0 is sufficient to catch these on float rod.
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