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  1. Don’t know why it expired in just 2 hours. Groundbait is good for 24 hours or 1 game day, whichever happens first, if I recall. Are you sure you didn’t advance the day or let 24 hours real-time lapse. You should still be Able to select the groundbait mission again.
  2. What you have experienced is a known problem that has been reported to FP since the game was released. If it hasn’t been resolved yet, it likely will never be, so remind yourself to take your tackle out of the water manually or by switching spawns which picks up the rods on your stand. A sinker and a hook are easily replaceable. when you lose a baitcoin or xseries lure, you will pull your hair out
  3. You are not alone. I hit a streak of 4 weeks beginning December where nothing I did was good enough in comps that I knew well. You just have to weather the storm. It will slowly turn around.
  4. I didn’t get any request. Make sure the gamertag is “TontoKavalaris” Good luck in that comp.
  5. If on Xbox, send me a friend request, and I will send you 3 marker spots. I have caught them in over 10 locations. I just don’t bother marking them anymore. #1/0 is sufficient to catch these on float rod.
  6. Tonto


    Or shorten the leader to 30cm if it is a mono leader or set the quiver tip to the heaviest setting
  7. If they are in your inventory, then at the lake you can cycle through your rods using LB and the thumbstick to select it
  8. Try the blue “polar” glasses if you have earned it from the mission. that fixed the color issue for me
  9. As some of you have probably noticed, the XP nerf is real and massive, especially in the Amazon with sharks. On a good size trophy bull you could gain 40k in XP, and now you will earn 75% less. It seems they want us to struggle with the grind once again to reach level 80. They just can’t leave a good thing alone. Well done FP, alienating your customers once again
  10. How about another 40% discount on unlimited licenses just as in the previous year? nothing else to do with our baitcoins.
  11. Tonto

    Question for devs

    Yes. You have noticed the price differences. There are many factors that affect a dlc store price across platforms, but the developer is primarily responsible for setting these. Prices also vary by geographic region. The US Xbox market has the fewest discounts or sales, since presumably customers in that market have more disposable income for gaming, and purchase at listed price more often. Some South American countries and Asian countries have the least expensive dlc´s and more frequent discounts to incentivize purchase. All these price metrics are carefully tracked by the developer and eventually determine where changes are beneficial to them. As an exercise try changing your platform geographic region/language and you will notice all the above. as for the difference between casting rods and spinning rods in this game, you will notice that casting rods are shorter in length and therefore a max cast is short. Spinning rods are longer and cast further. However most casting rods are able sustain a heavier lure than a spinning rod. I only use one casting rod (basscaster 10.5kg) in the game, from over 12 owned. there is no real reason to use one if you don’t want to.
  12. The corn, grinch and a few other challenges don’t appear for me on Xbox when I view my challenges. Maybe because they are hidden. Does anybody know if these can be completed there, or are these for the fisherman and steam platforms only?
  13. The best way to complete the rod breaker challenge is to use a light feeder rod with a heavy sinker and break 3 quiver tips with 3 casts on each rod. Taking 3 similar feeder rods to lone star and you will do it. That is how I completed it
  14. I concur and will add my 2 cents. Whoever is missing the spoons should spend the 99 baitcoins. Past years experience tells me that the probability of finding them on a waterway are nil. That is the way things are in the current state with FP.
  15. I stay 10 meters away from the bobber with 2 meters of slack
  16. just try a 1/0 Walker in Tiber. Cast near the rocks where you fish for trout
  17. Look at the positive side. You completed a challenge that most of us will never get.
  18. Sadly, that fish highlight feature is bugged, at least on Xbox. Many fish sizes and species will never highlight, no matter how manly times I catch them.
  19. Email the developer support@fishingplanet.com with the relevant information, Mac model, macOS version, platform (steam, native) there are some versions of the macOS that will not support native gameplay
  20. You may want to read previous posts about The fisherman, to get a historical perspective of why things are so. Just do a search. the quick answer is that The Fisherman updates are not controlled by the Developer (Fishing Planet) but by the publisher (BigBen).
  21. Tonto

    Server problem

    I think you need to be inside their data center to have a reasonable ping in this game. Your region doesn’t matter much. when it becomes difficult to play, I dont use spinning or casting rods, just bottom and float rods.
  22. You can land all sizes of all species of trout in that lake with a lightweight rod with fluorocarbon and a #1, #1/0 nano spinner or narrow spoon. alternatively use any insect bait or salmon eggs, with a float or feeder the fish list on that waterway tells you what baits you can use. You have many choices for that lake
  23. Natively, it is not possible. You can however run Windows if you have a dual boot Mac, or you can run windows using Parallels.
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