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  1. Yes you need to press Y on the controller.
  2. sithidious

    Wont move

    If you are on xbox one open up the chat then close it you should then be able to move.
  3. I have also emailed support of this issue, still no reply and that was 4 days ago.
  4. I have noticed we was supposed to get tournament this month, (Virtual Bass) but then it disappeared. I have asked this question before but no reply regarding why the tournament have disappeared. I have also noticed that there is tournament on steam which havent come over to xbox one and windows 10, does this mean we won't get it until next year. If that is the case we will be at a disadvantage when the steam players play their Windows 10 account and already played the tournament, as of any other tournaments which was on steam before FP came onto console.
  5. It's from clicking down on both thumbsticks together. Just click the thumb sticks together and your HUD and chat window should reappear.
  6. Why so many amateur competitions so close together lately? It's good that you have amateurs covered with a chance of doing comps, but they usually get cancelled and taking up space for the higher level comps. It would be good if they were spaced out evenly so there is something for everyone. Also will xbox be getting the option to create our own competitions which is currently on steam?
  7. Every competition I finish I'm unable to leave the competition room since the new update, so I need to reset the game to leave. Is anyone else getting this problem?
  8. I have been trying to register for this tournament on the Xbox one, but keep getting registration failed??
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