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  1. Apparently there isn't any new rigs or anything like that. I had someone check and they sent me screen shots and nothing is different in the store
  2. For Xbox there is. But none of these new rigs or anything are in it
  3. No carp gear only goes on carp rods. And carp rods only use baits like corn and peas. Unless you're constantly going for carp the rods are a waste of money
  4. I'm at work now but apparently there's a 6gb update now for the fisherman.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find the patch notes for todays update (12/18/19) on Xbox
  6. I've been tweeting and private msging big Ben also with no replies. The update that f2p got yesterday should of came to the fisherman also. Wtf does a free game get more content than a game we paid for?
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