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  1. I keep using fireworks and I’m not getting bites nor catching the antlered salmon.
  2. Has the new bite system been implemented? If not what is its ETA?
  3. https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/1509-all-of-my-rig-setups/
  4. This link really helped me out in the beginning:
  5. My rod stand has the ability to be tilted and I was just wondering if that had any effect on actually fishing. Does it hook the fish more easily? Does it keep the fish on the line longer?
  6. Will we eventually be able to fish with rod stands from boats? Seems illogical that we can’t.
  7. Are pike scared away from heavier line the same way that trout are?
  8. That’s for bottom rods?
  9. What should the leader length be? Thanks for the advice
  10. I just recently got into bottom fishing in MI and I was wondering if anyone could share a chum recipe for pike.
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