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  1. Dont forget that as the free version and Fisherman are two independant games runing on different servers, you can only chat with your mates if you have the same version as they do. I was going to invest in it, but my friends finished Fishermans levels and its just as much grinding in either version. If your a new player read into it a lot before choosing the path to follow. Learn well and save yourself a ton of cash.
  2. Hmm, heres the thing. Ive been a RL piscatorial now for god knows how long. Ive caught fish by the thousand over the years. In all that time and theres one thing Ive yet to see. An item that this game seems to rely on greatly. Fish with wrist watches. That reminds me I must set the alarm on my automatic umberella its going to rain at 09:00 and stop at 11:00. Now then that big fish will bite at precisely 09:45 an i need to be fishing 121 ft offshore in a NE direction of 045 degrees using a number 6 hook and worms. The true art of fishing isnt the right time, it doesnt start raining at 07:00:00 and stop at 09:00:00. If fish can be encouraged to feed at a time then you do it with baiting, feeding, layering etc. No one stands on the river bank and shoust "Oi come on its 9:30am your supposed to be feeding now, Ive got a meeting in 45 minutes !!!". Ive yet to see that one, so devs, lets lose the split second timing on everything and fish like your supposed to usying brains and bait. Im aware the games easier to program and people like it easy at times for recreation, playing it this way it may as well be a slot machine. Add some spontinaity to it, Lets try oh it might rain today, dunno when though. Im aware the game runs on the Unity engine and that has its limitations etc, but even that has something called RANDOMISING. Whilst I understand the need for simple, adding the realism to it will encourage Bait sales, The sale of Caps, Umberellas (show me a serious RL fisherman who doesnt have a bank brolley), Carp tents for that overnight experienc. And as for rods reels and line. I dont know about the US of A or Europe, but here in England, I se my Float rod for spinning, bottom feeding (screw in quiver or tilt tips), Ive used it for Carp fishing too. I use a Pole, well two really, a telescopic and a carbon put over, im assuming the telescopic float rod is a mimic of this. Yes I know the dutch invented the pole, they didnt invent the stick and thread with a bent pin I used as a kid to get trout out of the local river. I guess what Im saying is a rod can have more than one use. I see that some of the rods do infact have a selection of implimentation, even if the bait is fixed to a selection. Good idea to make money which is what this is about for you. For those who want true fishing, these changes can be implimented easily enough. I got a motor boat with a sonar, the sonar doesnt work yet its advertised as an update to the unit as the price of the boat increases. I was stood still watching the screen show me hills and fish rolling under my boat, lol nope, these things show you whats under your boat, just like a sat nav/ That also isnt hard to impliment your half way there with the rough MAP system. If somethings sold thats supposed to work then for the sake of realism, make it work, it doesnt take a lifetime. I for one would like this to be a tad more realistic. Make these updates to the Fisherman game and I will buy it, just lose its Microsales. If you Devs dont know how, then who wrote this thing in the first place?
  3. Ah so you get to a lake and your Motorboat / Kayak is waiting for you at the Boat icon place on the map, thats great thanks.
  4. Im fairly new to this game and I want to know about Boats. I can rent one without an issue and use it on the lake I rent it on for one game day, thats fine. Ive bought a boat (Kayak) and how on earth are you supposed to use it. Or is the idea you pay for it then continue to rent boats. Or do there new DLC boats have some method of use from a Key on your keyboard to launch them or do you need something extra like a Mooring peg? In the UK there are a lot of fishing boats which include a mooring peg to launch the craft from, some even give you a Mallet to knock it in with. Anyhow I have this Kayak and no way I can see to launch it or use it. Anyone fill me in on this and Motor boat purchase and use please or point me in the direction of relevant and up to date info?
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