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  1. The ice fishing and fly fishing I've been thinking about since I started playing the game! His list of places is perfect, but the small creeks, small streams, ponds, small cheap lake, even if there just solo "home" places. It would be cool to pick one of them to be your "home" with a little fishing cabin to store your gear, tie flies, prep your gear for your fishing trip to Michigan & hang your trophy mounts on the wall. We could stop by the Mississippi river and shoot some Asian Carp on the way there.
  2. It's pretty weak for game that has been out as long as this one to have so few spreadsheets, charts, lists, and that sort. Even the in game "?" button is vague especially for a non real life fisherman. There's tons of info on YouTube, forums, and such, but as for quick at a glance material, like while your on the water kind of stuff it's meek. They actually should include an in game shareable journal amongst other things.
  3. Whenever I'm working a lure and that awful reel squeak I think to myself add reel oil to the equipment catalog, I'll stay in Texas to afford something to stop the squeaking. And the sound when your playing a fish. I thought it was the wind going threw the rod eyes, till this morning. I was tinkering with leader length on my bluegill float set and I yanked in 3.8lbs smallmouth buffalo with 1lbs test. It's the line that makes that whistling ping sound.
  4. I'm lvl 7 just started playing 3 days ago. I vibrate when I use lures but not bobbers. I imagine and with the use of common sense float fishing should vibrate also. I was thinking about that today but didn't know who or where to mention it till I saw your post.
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