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  1. Hello i fishing 22 years, and i have problem in this game find lure size for fish. Because smaller lures works better then optimal lures size. You catch big trophy and unigue fish for small lures. Trout my catch - Rainbow trophy, unigue, +/- 55 - 75cm fish 5cm narrow and medium spoon works better then spinner, shad, worms, nymph works rly bad for trout. Practicly all spoons have bigger atractor. Softt plastic, spinners and crankbait not works too much. One more question for RL fisherman. Crayfish lures who use this in RL fishing i fishing 22years, yes i use some creature lures. But more time for perch and trout. But i dont see this. In this game miss me manny real classic (normal) lures, bigger lures. And rly miss me different jig setup and jigs, for soft plastic lures. This is a big problem for me. Same qestion for RL fisherman who use this in game klasic jig head and how many times? Spinning rods. We dont have any medium rod +/- 15 - 40g // 5 - 7,5kg UL.Spinning reals = For ultra light spinning, people using UL. reals with long and smooth drag. In game UL reals 6 - 8 drag position. Thank You
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