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  1. Hi guys, I have the same problem on all maps. At the begining of a session, the lag occurs about every 60 seconds or more (reasonably), but as the times passes, the interval between the lags is getting shorter. I counted lags about 8 seconds at the end of a long session. I try to restart the game every hour, but it's kind of annoying. Computer: I7 GeForce GTX 1050 16 GB RAM Broadband connection (1GB) - no problem here, tried ping, no loss.
  2. Hi, Thanks, I was thinking that it was some kind of hardware related problem.
  3. Yep, I was thinking of that too. It's pretty annoying when you fish facing the sun...
  4. Hi guys, I randomly encounter this problem (PC version): 1. Fish bites 2. I set up the hook by pressing right-click and holding left-click to reel 3. The line comes out without any fish and without any message like "Bait was eaten or lost" or "Strike to soon". This happens once or twice in a fishing day, usually about 2 or 3 times in a row. Any ideas? Thanks.
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