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  1. Yup, seems strange to have tutorial missions in areas with little or no fish.
  2. Same, no reward. Also, I got bored fishing in a seemingly barren area. After 10 minutes or so for just one Grass Pickerel I paddled over to the uni Chain Pickerel spot and did it in no time.
  3. Violentvole

    Yellow perch goldrush

    Are there versions of this comp for all players? Every one this week is amateur only.
  4. Violentvole

    The drag systems

    You guys should put this in the tutorial when people first join the game. I've met many people who have never fished in their life playing this, and this sort of info would be invaluable to them. To this day I see level 40s holding the rod in the air and just reeling in when they have a decent fish on. When I chat to them they admit to having no idea how clutches work because they don't fish for real.
  5. Violentvole

    river monsters

    I stand corrected, knew I'd seen them somewhere though.
  6. Violentvole

    river monsters

    I remember seeing those pics quite some time ago, aren't they PC only? Any new species would be welcome, the harder to catch the better!
  7. Violentvole


    I'm not waiting until November to try again
  8. Violentvole


    I made a thread about the menu screen a short while ago and then followed with a vid of the scroll speed - no response. I don't pretend to understand what it takes to have this occur but also, I don't understand how it's possible to either not notice, or to think it's fine the way it is? I can understand that they're busy working on the new content, but it's reached the point where I'm just selling stuff from my backpack and then buying new stuff because I don't have the patience to spend 2 or 3 minutes to move 1 item, never mind moving multiple items. Hope you're well fella. I'm not the pinnacle of patience you imply, I've taken plenty of breaks from the game through the year but I always seem to drift back
  9. Violentvole


    500k later, I left with my tail between my legs. Yes, I skipped that many days, along with going home to buy new gear and travelling back etc. Grinding now, then back I go.
  10. Violentvole

    Bug, glitch or trick?

    As I said before, It should be: One IP address, one account. End of. If anyone does anything irreversible in-game they can request their account be reset. It's really that simple. For those who have a wife/kid/aunt/dog who want to compete, well, get a second connection or grow some testicles and tell them they can't. Or let them compete on your account. Simple. But we all know those excuses are transparent..
  11. Violentvole


    I think I'm with you here. Despite not fishing many comps these days, I still check the schedule every time I log on. When I see 4 out of 5 comps are for amateur only and they are then seemingly repeated several times a week while I may see my favourite comps once a week, that gets frustrating. Especially when the ones I am interested in that rarely show are at 3am or 5am. But I agree, been the same old comps for far too long. Let's have some new ones where we all actually start equal - not knowing anything. On the other hand though, that's the price we pay for no region lock I guess, the ability to all fish any and all competitions. And I HATE region lock. The new venues will be an interesting experience for us all, assuming they have competitions. I can see a lot of teamwork and info exchange going on, because the PC players will have zero advantage..
  12. Violentvole


    Do you mean you want more variety with new competitions, or comps scheduled every hour instead of every 2 hours, or a better ratio of amateur and pro comps? Or something else entirely? As you can see, your first post was somewhat unclear on what you're trying to say to those who don't have English as a first language, and your next post is somewhat ambiguous. We need to know what we're saying yes or no to. I'm not being sarky or anything, just trying to ascertain what it is that you're pressing for exactly given that there's a comp every 2 hours?
  13. Violentvole

    Thank you all! (Players coming from the PC)

    Rota, I was not referring to you in any way, everyone who knows you states that you are simply an awesome player who puts the time in, and from what I've seen and read I agree with them. The fact that you posted tips in your last post says everything really. I have never accused you of anything, nor do I now. You have my respect, we can all see how many competitions you've fished. You deserve everything you've accomplished. I just want us to be clear on this - I have no problem with the dedicated, genuine anglers such as yourself. You work hard and get what you deserve. Google translate was fine, I hope it works in reverse so you can understand what I mean.
  14. Anyone else want to dredge up threads that are a year old? That's two today. Ffs, if you're new and reading these threads, just PM whoever it was that posted.
  15. Violentvole

    Thank you all! (Players coming from the PC)

    I've said the same from the start - you spend all your time and money on this game and think you're pretty good. Then you enter a competition and realise everything you've learnt counts for nothing. You have to learn 2 different games, which makes competitions totally unfair. I've played this game for over a year now, but there are only 2 competitions where the things I've learnt apply. This despite having caught every uni in the game a hell of a long time ago. Then bring in things like dual accounts, quickstrike and the weird and wonderful glitchers, and it's no surprise competitions have little appeal to the normal players. We stand no chance against those who want to polish their e-peen some more. I have one silver trophy to my name, yet fish with me casually and I can catch anything and help someone catch it for the first time. Yet I cannot place in competitions because everything I know becomes obsolete. I'd love to know how that's ' fair '..