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  1. Violentvole

    Catfishin in MudWater Missouri

    Comps are BS, end of. They do not reflect on what you learn playing the game. FP can bury their heads in the sand as long as they want on this one, but until comps can be won by any and everyone, they are BS. 150 comps before his first win comment above says it all really - you have to learn 2 different games.
  2. Violentvole

    3 gig update.

    That was 3 gig? Thanks for the response, you'd think they'd let PS4 players know on the, um, PS4 board..
  3. Violentvole

    3 gig update.

    What was it? I've played for a few hours, not noticing anything.
  4. Violentvole

    Night Fishing Tips for the PS4?

    The good thing about leeches is that bass mostly ignore them, handy to know when you're chasing the uni crappies. Top marks to TC for doing his research, I get the feeling he'll do rather well as he progresses 😉
  5. Violentvole

    I'm paralysed. Devs please read.

    Why is this still an issue almost 2 months later? It isn't just me, everyone I chat with on Michigan experiences the same. Devs can put all that effort into giving us trash to catch but not into fixing a very annoying bug? How to recreate: Go to Michigan on a PS4, start fishing, chat to someone and then realise you can't move until you press options to go to menu and back. And if you have a float out and then hook a fish, you can only play it with the rod pointing at whatever angle it was when you started chatting - not good when it's a big fish. Repeat that everytime you get asked a question and you'll soon see how annoying it gets. You surely can't give us the 'working as intended' line on this issue? You encourage communication between players ( and rightly so ), but this is one bug that needs fixing. I'm less inclined to chat and help people when doing so impacts on my own fishing. I find myself giving them more info than they may want just to avoid freezing out when I get all the usual questions.
  6. Violentvole

    Fishing Planet One more ?

    Tom, I owe you an apology and I'm doing it here rather than via PM so people can see I accept I was an ass and am willing to admit to my mistakes and errors. You didn't deserve to be jumped on simply because your grammar isn't 100%, and for that I am sincerely sorry. I remember partying up and you were a good guy, so I have no excuse other than beer and the pressures of that particular day. I needed to rant and I did so at your expense. I am truly sorry, there was no need to post what I did. I'd remove it if I could. I feel about an inch tall right now 😞
  7. Violentvole


    Just do everything previously mentioned and...take note that just because someone is fishing right on top of your float, it doesn't affect your chances of catching at all. Everyone has their own RNG. Although there may be 5 on a lake, in essence it's just you because everyone is on different times and weather. I never let it bother me if someone casts right on my float, or even sits in a kayak right next to it, because it makes no difference at all. I get unis, they get unis, everyone's happy.
  8. Violentvole

    What do you have irl?

    Barbel are a species of fish we have here in the UK. Superb fighters that require a dedicated rod as normal rods are too light and soft and carp rods are mostly too heavy and stiff. Here you go fella, scroll down to Recreational Importance. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_barbel One of the rivers listed - the Wye - is where I fish for these amazing creatures. I bought one of these last week to float fish for them 😄 http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/rods-en/specialist/specialist-rods/free-spirit-tamer-power-float-rod-13ft-2-piece.html#/product/49331
  9. Violentvole

    What do you have irl?

    Those things over here cost megabucks, very rare. I don't know anyone who owns one, have never seen one and I think there's only one or two places you can get them from in the UK. I've gone from megabucks to mediumbucks financially ( how could I spend 4 grand in as many days?! ) but if ever there was a time, this is it 😉 Nordak, we all know any good angler can use an outfit that costs 30£/$ and catch as well as the guy with an outfit costing 10 times as much - the rods I'm replacing with those above cost me £50 and have served me well for years - but we all like to splurge a little when we can. Half tempted to buy 2 Shimano Stellas to go with the new rods.. Most of my gear is what I'd term ' sensibly priced '. It's not expensive enough to make me cry if I step on it/drop it/forget it/slam a car door on it/have a cow step on it/lend it to a nugget. But it isn't cheap crap either. Compared to as little as 10 years ago, £50 now gets you a hell of a lot more, about the same as what you'd get for £250 in the early Noughties. C'mon, let's keep it going. We hardly ever talk about real fishing on here. What nice kit have you bought over the years? For the record, my £600 worth of barbel rods are lost in postal purgatory. I'm not worried at all 😕
  10. Violentvole

    Do 4th of July Fireworks Have a Purpose?

    Switched to lures and caught a few straight away. Bait fishing doesn't seem to work.
  11. Violentvole

    What do you have irl?

    There's remarkably very little talk about fishing for real on here, despite many of us being passionate anglers. So, let's have a brag thread. What awesome gear do you have? I have 2 of these turning up tomorrow, there simply is no better option here in the UK. Myself and my friend have wanted the old version of these for years, but they were like hobby horse poop to get hold of. They launched this new version and even then I had to search several sites before I found a place that had 2 in the 2.25TC. Sods law I search again and they're in stock now. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/daiwa-infinity-evo-barbel-rod?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxZb_0LqG3AIVyrHtCh0R2w9XEAQYASABEgJGjfD_BwE The ultimate, there is no better. And I have a pair of Shimano 4000Ds to put on them, top notch reels. I just figured that for once in my life I would go for the absolute best. Bet I snap one within a week..
  12. Violentvole

    Do 4th of July Fireworks Have a Purpose?

    Every reference and anecdote suggests lures. If I start drinking via a straw at say, 1pm or so I may reach the required buzz level by 7 or 8pm lol. Doesn't matter anyway, don't really have much interest. When I see my two main guys on different venues, I know the Xmas event was a never-to-be-repeated experience.
  13. Violentvole

    Do 4th of July Fireworks Have a Purpose?

    I spent a couple of hours alone after the muskie last night and didn't get a historic. I was bait fishing though, I'm really hoping they can be caught on bait as well as lure. Harder to drink beer while lure fishing 😉
  14. Violentvole

    4 gig update, what do we get?

    Oops, I forgot about this. I'm sorry to say I didn't notice anything when I was on earlier, but I was getting happily drunk and doing some karioke to annoy the neighbours. Will jump back on later for a looksy.
  15. Violentvole

    4 gig update, what do we get?

    Stay tuned..