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  1. Sorry to tell you that I have no issues Sue. I always have Spotify running too. Do you have others in the house using the connection too? Are you wired or Wi-Fi? My fibre is all mine and no issues.
  2. Kyle, I wasn't disagreeing with you in any way. I am hugely pissed off at the fact all of us long-term players don't get our progress transferred over. Loads of us spent a lot of money for nothing it seems. I think I was trying to put across that it's no longer the small team making the decisions. They're now at the behest of Big Ben, who will crack down on anything that can be done in-game that could be changed so purchases need to be made instead. Hence my comment about the no micro-transactions. We get 35 DLCs with the P2P version? Whoopee-fecking-doo. There will be more which won't be free, I'm willing to bet £100 on that. It may take a while, but it'll happen. As will the closure of the F2P servers. Publishers don't give anything away for nothing. They may leave them active for a while, they may even gravitate away from the 'no need to pay a single penny' format at some point while they keep them active. But, eventually, the F2P servers are going down. UNLESS, they focus on the micro-transactions on F2P and give the P2P the stuff for in-game cash or something. Trust me, I'm not happy either. 2 years of progress suddenly gets shits out the back door as I buy the P2P version and go back to being a level zero. Big Ben are the ones to thank for that, not the FP team.
  3. It's typical BS that they didn't realise or think about at the time. The carp leaders go to higher breaking strains for some reason, but you can't equip them. It also smacks of sillyness that you absolutely have to use a leader. Why?
  4. Best way to achieve that is make friends in-game.Plenty of people worked hard to find their unis and don't want to share with randoms and give them an easy ride after doing the grind. I remember when the Whitefish was introduced. There was absolutely nothing on YouTube etc, being an impromptu addition. As far as I'm aware I was the first to get the uni after a LOT of time and searching. I shared the knowledge with the guys I was playing with at the time and they proceeded to catch it in a short space of time. In turn, they reciprocated with details of unis I hadn't had. That's what it was all about - teamwork. But no way would I have told a random after all the hours I put in, even though it affects me not in the slightest. But, you may find a stat-hunter here who needs each and every uni. Personally, I'm having fun trying to find where the ones I haven't had are. To the extent that I'm telling friends not to tell me what they know. I ruined the game for myself when it was in its first iteration by getting all the unis too soon. All of a sudden, there was nothing left to do or discover for a very long period of time. One other thing, just because someone drops a bouy where they caught a uni, it doesn't guarantee you'll get it. I've had a friend share me several bouys but I'll be damned if I can get the uni for that species from that location.
  5. I'm on there now ( on there every night actually ). Can't say I've noticed anything different Bob? Have I missed something major? I've been in Russia for the past week or so I'll admit, therefore I may well have missed something that won't become evident until I go elsewhere. Regarding the original post, from what I can gather the team was picked up by a publisher ( Big Ben ). Publishers make certain demands - like Activision gradually ruining COD year after year with their bright ideas - and the dev teams are beholden to listen and obey. I'm going with the paid version purely on the basis that a publisher isn't going to want a F2P version out there for very long competing with the P2P product. The servers for the F2P will be given the deep six at some point, no matter what is being said right now. Anyone remember the infamous crankbait issue? I still can't bring myself to use the damn things anymore. This was not regarded as an issue at the time and persisted for months despite God knows how many complaints. With a publisher at the helm, this would have been a bug of a few days at most. Because broken games don't sell. I'm expecting the P2P version to have all the known bugs fixed. It'll soon become evident via online search engines if they aren't, which will impact sales a lot. Therefore, I'm just making a supposition that the team are being brought under pressure to tighten everything up prior to the P2P release. I also don't believe this 'no micro-transactions' guff for one second. The F2P version is on a countdown though, even if at this moment in time they have no intention of killing the servers. No way is a publisher going to stand for a free version of a game when they could potentially be making more money by shutting it down, DLCs notwithstanding.
  6. Quick lunch break post. Chat with the people on the lake, most will be happy to help you out and give you advice on gear. As a (very) loose guide, match the line rating of the rod to the approximate size of fish you're after. A Brutus float rod with a high line rating is suitable for cats, sturgeon, pike etc, while something like the Fenix is rated lower and great for fish like drum, walleye, largemouth bass etc. Baitcasting rods are for use with multiplier reels and for lure fishing only. Same advice applies, check the line rating. Matching a reel to a rod isn't so easy as it's possible to land huge fish on a reel that may only have a max drag of 20lbs or so. Experience will tell you what works and what doesn't. Will list my setups later just so you get an idea as my lunch break is nearly over.
  7. Yeah I'll have it. Can't say I look forward to getting the uni Sauger or Whitefish again, but at least I know where the uni Whitefish is, even if it is an absolute sod to catch. I absolutely, sincerely hope the bugs at Alberta are a thing of the past. I loved it there but the invisible Sasquatch and bouncing lures eventually got too much for me. I don't expect things like that in a game I've paid for. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to my FTP account and the associated memories, but I only have time for one version and common sense says that the paid version is the one to go for. Because, at some point, the servers for the FTP version will be given the deep six. It shows how successful the game has been though. A FTP getting a fanbase large enough to go paid...and a fishing game at that. I can't think of any other game I've played that followed the same path. It wouldn't be happening if there wasn't the potential for more money to be made. Personally, I'm of the opinion there'll still be micro-transactions etc (what game doesn't have them these days?) and packs to buy for extra revenue. Even if they aren't present at the start. I honestly find myself not bothered about that. Nobody is holding a gun to my head after all. I find myself curious as to whether it's a straight-up code port or whether the actual issues which we all forgave/learned to tolerate seeing as it's an FTP have been fixed? The aforementioned Sasquatch/bouncing lures at Alberta. The untimely 'freeze' when fish spawn in...usually when the casting meter is up. The slow menu interface. The non-random competitions etc etc. Whatever, I'll buy it and try it. I definitely wish the FP team the best of luck and offer my thanks for 2 years of enjoyment
  8. That's your opinion and I respect it. Me, I prefer to be able to fish anywhere at anytime without messing around buying a weekly or monthly pass. I'd rather pay once and never worry about it again for the sake of simplicity. But not at the prices being asked for some of the venues right now. I did consider buying it until I was informed that our progress doesn't transfer over to The Fisherman. I don't know what genius came up with that one but it immediately ensured I don't spend another penny on this version of FP. I can buy that game - where licences are apparently purchasable with in-game cash - for less than is being asked for the unlimited licence for one venue here. So I will and progress be damned, I'll do it all over again.
  9. I agree on the licences. Russia unlimited is 1,500 baitcoins. Which, combining 2 different baitcoin packages together to reach 1,690 baitcoins equals £61. For ONE licence. More than AAA games cost in their entirety. I know they have to make money on a FTP, and God knows I've spent plenty, I acquired all NA unlimiteds in a very short space of time. But even I have to admit to being priced out on unlimited licences for Russia and when I can hit the UK. I can never, ever earn 1,500 baitcoins from comps. Mainly because they're BS and I gave up on them ages ago.
  10. Not happened to me once sorry Russ, are you hitting X to switch from fishing mode to lunatic driver mode?
  11. What happens to my current progress? Is it seperate from the paid version? Been out of the loop lately despite playing every night, so I don't really understand whether progress will merge or if it's one or the other. Can't see myself starting at 0 again tbh, as much as I love playing.
  12. Cake, while I admire your dedication and spare time, I can only say what I see. And that is lots of players with no rank at mid to high levels, showing that they worked their way up after the level change was implemented. I have honestly yet to hear of anyone being stuck in a 'cash drain' when they play sensibly - you go somewhere, catch fish until you make a profit, then either stay for more or leave and your earned cash goes to the total. It is easily done to lose all you have though I'll concede, even I have the award for going somewhere and not being able to fund another trip ( or something like that ). So I stayed, fished my ass off and made money. But, I do accept things may have changed as it has been 2 years since I was making my way up, so it may well now be easier to wipe yourself out, or cash/xp rewards and bite frequency may have changed also. I didn't encounter the pitfalls you mention and neither did any of the large circle of friends I fished with at the time to the best of my knowledge. Anyway, good luck if you're still grinding your way up dude.
  13. Hmm, interesting. It's been a long time since I did the 1-40 grind so maybe things have changed somewhat? But I had none of the issues you mention above. I caught fish everywhere I went and made money on all venues. I did acquire all unlimited licences pretty quickly I admit though. However, messing around with the missions recently I've been to pretty much every venue in NA again - even those low value ones - and encouragingly, there are newbies at all of them at various levels of advancement. I'm not discounting or denying your opinion in any way, nor am I being argumentative. I just see loads of people climbing the ranks wherever I go in NA which leads me to the opinion that, while some people have moved on, there are loads still coming through and we have a very healthy playerbase. How many stay the course we have no way of knowing. But, seeing as there are loads of upper 40s with no rank, that would indicate that they've stayed the course and avoided or circumvented the pitfalls of the early game that you mention, even if things have changed since the days when I was on the grind. IMO the playerbase seems fine now, so we'll have to agree to disagree my friend. Thanks for an interesting reply
  14. Seeing as 'somebody' decided to dredge this old thread up, I would like to retract my previous statement. At the time of posting there were a lot of unresolved/unacknowledged issues and a lot of frustration. However, I downloaded the game again when Europe was added and spent quite a bit of time fishing with Pierre back in Feb/March. Most of the issues were sorted and then the motorboats were introduced. I'm still playing at the end of August and absolutely loving it. I'm seeing newbies all the time on the North American venues. I really don't understand the statement above about the balancing getting from level#1 to level #40. I never had any of the aforementioned issues with leveling back in 2017, nor did the guys I fished with ever mention anything about it, and we were on the mics every night. My only gripe is the extremely high baitcoin price point of the unlimited licences - I realise it's a FTP game but still, I have zero chance of earning 1,500 baitcoins in-game despite knowing quite a lot. The average player has no chance whatsoever. All in all, I feel that the current version of the game is attracting new players given the amount of newbies I'm seeing. Hell, the changes/additions they made were enough to keep me hooked again. How many of said newbies stick with the game I have no way of knowing. I do my best to help any and all out when they ask questions though.
  15. Well, you don't have to have Premium.. I'm good until January and I don't mind paying it, it goes without saying that the longer you buy the better the deal. I wouldn't be without it personally, but each to their own. I feel it's reasonable for a FTP game, because ultimately, you can download this game and never spend a single penny theoretically. The unlimited licence baitcoin prices on the other hand, they are ridiculous. I can understand that they have to have a way to generate income, but over £70 for 1500 baitcoins for the unlimited Russia licence? And after that, Willow Lakes. I forget the price. Before anyone accuses me of being a tightwad and not supporting the devs, I have every unlimited licence except for Russia and Willow. I've paid my dues, and bought more packs than most. Premium is worth paying for the boost in cash and XP - it's a small amount when spread over 12 months which is more than made up for in-game. But those unlimited licences...damn. Actually sat here right now trying to work out if in-game cash weekly or monthly works out better than baitcoin unlimited seeing as fish caught contribute toward the weekly/monthly. Personally ( and feel free to agree or disagree ), I feel the baitcoin prices for licences are completely unattainable by a normal person playing the game and entering competitions. I know quite a lot about this game and have entered quite a few comps, but no way could I ever win 1,500 baitcoins. Which leaves the cash option...£73.99 for 2,330. So, to get the unlimited licences for Russia and England will cost me £147.98....just to be able to fish when I want. Assuming England is the same price as Russia? Might have to pass on these unlimiteds. But Premium, I will always have that. I can understand why it's structured the way it is, it's a FTP game and they have to generate revenue.
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