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  1. Violentvole


    Precisely. In this case, playing the game should be practice. But it isn't, because as you already stated and agreed with me, comps have different rules. So, a casual player who likes to catch fish enters a competition. He should stand a chance with a species and spot he knows. But, to quote the amazing, great Bill Paxton from Titanic ( RIP, fantastic actor ), " everything he knows is wrong ". So therefore, the competitions are not true competitions because they do not allow casual players the chance to win ( aside from flukes ). To win competitions - or at least to stand a decent chance - you have to enter many, many competitions. Which the average casual player cannot do due to work and life in general. I've said it many times, I respect those who play fair and put the time in to learn these comps. But there's the crux of my argument - competitions shouldn't be learnable. A fish biting is a random event - or should be. Whereas a sport that doesn't involve randomness but does involve tactics can indeed be practiced. As an example we'll take American Football - one team or other ALWAYS has the ball, therefore practice on formations and strategies is a good thing. Same with basketball, baseball etc. Practice works because there's known elements - the ball or puck and the fact one team or the other will have possession. Fishing doesn't work to those rules, there is never any guarantee we'll catch a fish in real life. It is a completely random event. The competition guys over here hold practice sessions too before a big comp, I find this laughable for several reasons. The same temperature of air and water being one, the same water level being two and the fact that any fish caught is unlikely to feed for a day or two being 3. Again, not a jab at you T, even though I quoted you. Once again my post got so long I lost track of my train of thought. It basically boils down to the fact that the comps are terrible and nobody who plays casually stands a chance because they can be learned. Which a competition based on ( supposed ) randomness should never be. Still the best fishing game out there though.
  2. Violentvole


    While I accept the fact you disagree with me ( in the nicest possible way, thanks dude lol ), you inadvertently agree with me because what you state above shows that competitions are not true competitions. They should be completely random - every time. With every competitor in with the same chance of winning. Unfortunately, they are not. For lack of a better term, they're scripted. As you say, " go here at X Oclock, go there at XX Oclock " etc. True competitions, anyone would stand a chance. As it stands, only those who put in lots of time stand a chance. So how is that a competition? It's akin to placing the worst football team in America into a game against the best ( I realise this statement could cause discussion as to the best and worst, but bear with the analogy ) and calling it a fair game when the outcome is damn near a dead cert. Nobody should have knowledge that doesn't come from playing the regular game that sways competitions in their favour. There should be no such thing in a competition. Yet there is. Competitions should reflect what we learn while playing the game and allow us to use those skills to stand a chance, yet they don't. Not aimed at you in particular T, nor at the top competition guys, more a statement on the ridiculousness of the system. Not even sure if I'm making sense anymore, time to open another beer and put my head in the oven.
  3. Violentvole


    Unfortunately - and I've said this since I started playing and yet to be rebuked - everything you know about the game is irrelevant when it comes to competitions. They have their own, different, rules and the only way to learn is to compete and learn. Some of the guys here do that, and they have my respect for putting the time in. Others use multiple accounts to play the same competition several times over and over to maximise their chances of placing. They do not have my respect. In essence, to stand a chance in competitions and tourneys you have to learn 2 different games. This has long been a bugbear of mine - everything I have learnt about the game becomes redundant in a competition. Some of the top players will just say I'm jealous. I'm really not, I don't do comps anymore. Because they are total B/S. In any given competition, myself, BJtater, Hateful, Tmif and loads of others should stand a good chance given our combined knowledge. Instead, everything we know becomes redundant. The last I heard, a competition should have a random winner. FP competitions do not fit that description.
  4. Violentvole

    Christmas giants pack

    Coming soon, 19th I think.
  5. Violentvole

    Christmas Tournament

    Holy war? Not really. Just honest players mentioning names that are known to all to be cheats. And FP won't ban them, possibly because of financial interests. Conveniently forgetting that the rest of us won't spend money when cheaters are ruling the roost. Tony stated that FP said they have different devices...given how cheap PS4s and phone lines are these days, that's hardly a barrier. I could have bought 4 PS4s a week in my last job, and gotten at least 4 phone lines installed every month if I was so inclined. The fact is, the same names keep appearing and FP aren't acting on it.
  6. Violentvole

    Christmas Tournament

    You're way wrong on that one, Miles Smith is not Hate_ful ( who, despite his name, is a very nice guy ). Not only have I spent many hours talking with Hateful ingame and know that he doesn't really care about any of the competition pissing contests/epeen polishers, it should be evident even to a 6 year old that their style of writing is completely different. I don't really give a fuck what any of you say about each other, this used to be a nice forum and community until the competetive element crept out from their moms basement when their cheating was brought to light. Now it's like any CoD forum - accusations and vitriol. But to see someone I know being accused of being someone else because of bitchiness...Hate_ful is NOT Miles Smith. He has no reason to be, he finds you competitive types as pathetic as I do.
  7. Violentvole

    I went to Alberta again.

    Admittedly, there is zero information. Those of us who were around last year remember it fondly, while those who weren't only have what we post here to go on. I guess it was a not to be missed experience, so glad I was there for it
  8. Violentvole

    I went to Alberta again.

    I gave up when none of my lures would sink, only one guy set some fireworks off but it seemed random and nobody was communicating ( unless they were on party chat ). Might pop in later for an hour or two as I won't be around for a few days from tomorrow, heading into the hills with a rucksack and tarp to get away from it all.
  9. Violentvole

    I went to Alberta again.

    Remember how we were informed that sink rates and physics were addressed via a particular update a while ago? Here we have 2 ounces of metal ( 56 grams ) defying gravity in the worlds most boring video #2. My heavy metal spoon just magically stops in midwater.I did many, many casts before I decided to record it, all were the same. I tried retrieving and stopping, letting line out, lighting a cigarette, drinking beer. Nope. Magic suspending spoon. Plus, 30 foot crankbaits don't seem to get anywhere near that depth, even when smashed down on 4 speed. Why is Alberta such a problematic venue? Is Invisible Bigfoot about to rear his head again? Are those invisible birds coming back? Is the surface of the lake going to magically solidify again and give us bouncing crankbaits? Can we please, please watch Pierre get dragged through the cabin and up the mountain again because that was THE most hilarious thing I've ever seen. Ever. Still can't believe none of us recorded it, the voice chat/panic was even funnier. Anyway, enjoy my neutral bouyancy 2 ounce spoon. If I could make these things for real I'd be rich.
  10. Violentvole

    Christmas Giant’s Tour: Final Results

    Now you're just contradicting yourself. First you said they should aim to exclude RNG, implying that it should all boil down to prelearned knowledge. Then you said it's stupid to have XXX people doing the same thing with no other options. That's exactly what RNG is for - it prevents people from relying on a set script. As in...at 4-17pm get the uni sockeye, then at 4-25 get the uni chinook, then at 4-39 get the uni chum ( times are not the actual times of said fish, just a means of expression ). Just because I don't fish comps or tourneys now, doesn't mean I didn't put some time in on them. I stopped when I realised that what you learn from olaying the game counts for nothing when it comes to competitive events and how heavily biased they were toward those who can put in the hundreds of hours training to essentially learn a while new game. I didn't mean my comment to sound as harsh as it did and for that you have my apologies. Just tell me one thing. In any given competition anyone should have a chance of winning, yes? As it stands, how does Billy-Jo Jimbob who joined a month ago and is level 30 stand any chance at all of winning any competition or tournament right now? Exactly. He doesn't. Because what he's learned by playing the game up until this point is completely irrelevant when it comes to competitive events. Which is why RNG is essential and competitions need to reflect the actual game instead of existing in their own little dimension where spots and times are different. I know some will say I'm commenting out of jealousy, I assure you I am not. I've stated many times that I respect the guys who spend those hundreds of hours practising each and every competition ( by any means necessary in some cases ). The whole competition/tournament scene is a farce, as evidenced by Jims post about the Florida qualifier - which, if memory serves, is pretty much what I said about this tournament last year. My apologies for the harshness of my first post, I meant no offence and I know the language barrier is a pain when it comes to discussions.
  11. Violentvole

    Merry Christmas from Fishing Planet

    I'm off to the pub shortly whereupon I shall be forced kicking and screaming to drink copious amounts of alcohol until my liver bleeds May pop on for a bit when I get home but if I don't, a very happy Christmas to one and all!
  12. Violentvole

    Christmas Giant’s Tour: Final Results

    Stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's not a competition if there's no element of luck, just a grind between grinders.
  13. Violentvole

    No Holiday Event We Got Grinched

    I'm not sure that I get what you're trying to say due to the differences in language, but FP have accepted and heeded our critiscism for over a year now. They might not like it, but we try to keep it constructive and they do their best to act upon it. So if you are indeed the same person who they banned from the Steam forum, don't post here hoping to find supporters for your cause and to turn opinion against them, because you won't get it. Despite the issues we occasionally have with the game ( and several ongoing ones ), this is one of the few games where we can express our views in this forum as strongly as we like and not be censured for it, as long as it is constructive and not just being salty for the sake of it. If I misinterpreted your post then you have my apologies. Personally, I don't think the devs have anything to worry about regarding the future of this game. My premium is paid until 2020 and I do not begrudge a penny of it, I have faith and so do lots of others.
  14. Violentvole

    No Holiday Event We Got Grinched

    If you fish with the reprobate named Jim, no doubt you will. I'll be the one telling him to drink more
  15. Violentvole


    All points have been mentioned by me at some point or other, several times in some cases, yet they're still in the game..