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  1. Wow. Headshot, you know I share your concerns. I am equally frustrated with the issues you mention regarding Vamps and cranks. We spent that week together chasing Vamps and logging the faults only to be told nothing was wrong. The multiple account thing hasn't been a concern of mine, as I don't have another, nor a relative with a similar name. However, you and Baxta both have dependents with similar usernames so I fully sympathise. Fished with you both and I know you're both very good anglers who have no need to have Alts. Precisionist, I'm happy to hear the Aquaholics have welcomed you in - they're all awesome guys and I really miss them all. I believe I was the one who recommended you join? I'll be back March 2nd, you may want to go out for a drink that night ;-) I am merely lamenting the fact the forum has gone dead. It was once a smorgasboard of info and help, but now all that info is being posted in private club forums. There was next to no aggro in the open forum, very very few controversial threads/posts. But now, I'd welcome them. I was in Aquaholics and loved it, I left for personal reasons. But I still posted in the open forum. Now, nobody is posting anything. Ah well, there's always CoD.
  2. Common courtesy

    Remember back in September/October/November how every uni was met with a chorus of " n1 " in game? Aside from pike/blues in Michigan and any uni from Alaska. Now, you can catch 3 unis in 10 minutes and not get a single compliment thanks to the surfeit of level 40 players, I just did exactly that as it happens. I always say WD or N1 out of politeness ( excepting the aforementioned - they simply happen too often ). Whereas unis were a big deal a few months ago, many people now fish exclusively for them ( including myself ) and there are far too many silent rooms compared to the days when we were all learning. I miss the communication and sharing of back then. Said it before, saying it again - this is a game - and as such has only so many things you can do. Just saddened to see the community spirit breaking down, fed up of rooms with 5 of us being level 40 and nothing being said no matter what. I congratulate people and don't even get a ty anymore, such a shame. Much prefer a room full of chatty level 20s who still have things to aim for. I daresay things will revert back somewhat to the way it used to be when the European venues go live, for a while at least while we all learn. There is no solution unfortunately, or at least not one I can think of. People have become blasè and complacent. Rapidly turning into a level 40 moshpit, and although there are ranks, you have to view a profile to see those.
  3. The main forum goes dead, as anything and everything people have to ask or say they'll do so on their club page. Last post here? Me, 24 hours ago. Last post before that? 18 hours or so. Probably me again ( I forget ). It's a good thing that everyone can chat with their club members in private, but it's a bad thing that a dead forum is unlikely to make visitors want to join, let alone stay. This forum was banging for a f2p game until the club feature launched. I am neither for nor against. But, if I was new to the game now and came here for a visit, I wouldn't be sticking around. On the other hand, I know how different groups of people ' click ' and form well-rounded groups who all get along. Shame to see less traffic given the amount of knowledge available and now posted in private.
  4. Uni Location

    Further to the right, as far as you can go. Been spending a lot of time in LA lately, had gar from bowfin, channel and flathead spots on 99" leaders. Trophy channels from bowfin spot ( friend had a uni there ). Trophy flatheads from channel spot. Uni channels from flathead spot, trophy bowfin from channel spot....and a uni flathead from bowfin spot not 20 minutes ago. Never even had a flathead from there before! I've spent a hell of a lot of time fishing these spots, but the last 2 or 3 weeks has been awesome in that you don't know what you're going to get. One thing I can't seem to get anymore is the uni flathead from the uni flathead spot, but I can live with that given the diversity the game seems to have developed recently. Can't speak for other venues as I've pretty much been sequestered in the swamp. Noticable increase in bow/channel/blues from the gar spots too. Nice to have that element of uncertainty.
  5. Uni Location

    I had a uni Bowfin in LA from the very far right of Swampy at 28 feet and am still the only person I've ever seen get one from there. Tried to repeat it, dismal fail everytime. Didn't take note of time/weather.
  6. Can we get a response on crankbaits please?

    Hey Jeff, You didn't come across as narky at all. I was fully aware of that thread too, I recall reading it almost as soon as it was posted if memory serves. You've obviously read the thread so I won't repeat myself. Your comments regarding a small team are spot on - we all know this. And although it may seem otherwise, I actually love this game ( I'm not getting into semantics here - it is a game ) and the main reason complaints are posted is because cranks were really dialled in at one point. Then....the change occurred quite some time ago with whatever update it was. If you break something, it is reversible when it comes to coding. Ming vases or hymens notsomuch. We have all adapted to other methods and avoid cranks like the plague, but the player who's just hit level 17 (?) and unlocked cranks doesn't know the issues exist and spend cash/baitcoins that could profitably be used elsewhere. And we are still losing cranks to invisible ' things ' on the odd occasion we do try them. I would rather see them disabled until they're fixed.Yes, they will presumably fix them, but it's a fix that should have taken priority over new venues and boats imho. All we wanted was an acknowledgement of the issue rather than a generic statement and we would have been mollified, remember this has been going on for months now. I'm still playing damn near everyday and have spent more than I care to remember on the game. I don't regret a single penny, they deserve it for bringing such an awesome game our way. I appreciate the game has to move forward ( see the amount of sullen, monosyllabic level 40s ingame now [ I have a thread planned on that ] who barely say a word or answer questions compared to September/October ), but the game should NOT move forward at the expense of the current available content. I know/knew several people who have given up, people who would otherwise be spending money. Myself, I refuse to visit Alberta and Alaska anymore. Things like that lead to an exponential gossip tree... I sincerely hope you're right about the next big update fixing cranks. I fear it may be too little too late for some of their big spenders though. But, I'll still be clicking on that DLC as soon as it's live. The game is too awesome to leave over one issue when there are alternatives that can be used effectively. I have no idea what the demographic for this game is, I tend to see mostly 30+ so that would go some way to keeping a playerbase I guess, we arent all ' instant action ' hyped teens. I'm just a tad discombobulated how the issue mentioned can be an issue for so long with no specific " we're on it " statement, especially after the Vampire Gar fiasco when they were indeed, ' on it '. I probably sound like I hate the game, far from it. I'm not privy to the day to day decisions the devs have to make, so if right now Europe is the thing to push next...great. But, new venues won't do much if people are quitting out of frustration over an issue that has been very well made known. My congrats on a well presented and thought out post though, it is my pleasure to converse with people who take the time to express themselves well and present a valid and arguable opinion. Could be worse, could be CoD ;-)
  7. PS4 Party Chat

    Despite thinking it wasn't my thing, turns out it was one of the best things I've done on here with some very, very memorable nights. However, taking a break from it at the mo and just fishing for pleasure while I get several issues sorted out that I've neglected in favour of partying up every night until the small hours ( I was killing myself staying up until 4 or 5am due to the time difference! ). Then again, I finally get 76meg fibre optic installed a week Monday so what little lag there was should no longer be an issue seeing as 3mbps was working ok. I may be tempted back...beware O liver of mine!!!
  8. Unfair Competition??

    Gotta give it to you, you do not beat around the proverbial bush Griphos But, the discussion here involves PS4, not laptops and desktops. Wouldn't surprise me if there's some sweaty tryhards out there with more than one system - or soon will be - to try and beat the system. Personally, I'm fine with them cracking down on alt accounts because I don't have one, but it is a difficult area when it comes to several family members using the same system with similar names. An unenviable position to be in..
  9. Changing your name

    Whoops, brainfart moment. That'd be a PSN thing I'm guessing?
  10. Unfair Competition??

    That's cool, I was just curious. Thank you.
  11. Unfair Competition??

    How will you differentiate? I had a friend who is a member here message me earlier expressing his concern that his son has an almost identical username and they both enter comps at the same time. The best advice I could give was to email support explaining the situation and username similarity. There are scrubs with alt accounts most definitely, but there are also many people whose spouse/kids have almost the same username who have done nothing wrong. I do not envy you right now.
  12. Changing your name

    Account, account settings, display name. Allowed one change in any 7 day period.
  13. Unfair Competition??

    I know a few people doing this. IMHO it's a direct result of having amateur only comps - nobody knows enough about the game to do consistently well when they are new to it. Once they have played enough to have everything figured out, they're locked out of the amateur comps so create alt accounts to go reap the rewards based on their current knowledge. And then, of course, there are people who want more than one go at a competition ( which is kinda sad and just an opportunity to polish their e-peen ). However, how do they tell the difference between genuine players and alts? I've had the pleasure of fishing with Baxta and I really doubt he'd stoop so low, if he says it's his wifes account I believe him. The other guy in the pic, never met him. WPfromWP who used to post here has a partner who plays, if she created her own account and called herself PWfromPW and they both entered the same comp, that could easily be misconstrued as WP having an alt account. Thankfully, it is the devs problem and not ours to sort out and differentiate alts from primaries.
  14. Can we get a response on crankbaits please?

    It seems to be a PS4 problem only. And it is a problem, because not only are 60% of the cranks not working as intended, people are buying them and losing them due to the bugs. All I want is an acknowledgement that they're aware of the issue, if they say they're working/going to work on it I shall be somewhat mollified and happy to await the resolution of the issue no matter how long it takes. They fixed the hooking bugs really quickly when it mattered. Ultimately, we can use other lures ( which work great ), but for people who don't fish in real life cranks were the most approachable lure due to the simple fact you can sling them out and hold R2. But now, they slide along the bottom, they go up in the air, you hook invisible birds and sasquatch and you can get snagged in midair on absolutely nothing - losing the lure you paid baitcoins for. The 3 shallowest are the only viable ones left, although as mentioned above even the 8' is sketchy sometimes. I presume the devs are working on the European venues at the mo, they're a small team so it's understandable that they focus in one direction at a time. But, this has been an issue for months now and we haven't seen a word of acknowledgement despite numerous complaints. I'd rather they remove them if they aren't going to fix them tbh, as people are just wasting money/baitcoins buying them as it stands.
  15. Unfair Competition??

    Gave up on competitions a long time ago, had a few top tens but never a top 3. Got fed up of seeing the same names in the lead all the time. But, some people play purely for the competitive aspect and I respect the time and effort taken to learn how to be in the forerunning in all these comps. Unfortunately, Average Joe cannot compete these days because the same old names dominate each and every competition. Shifting/random spawn points would go some way to level the field, at least for a while.