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  1. Location

    Same here. Also just to the right of the platform about 30/40 feet next to the lillies.
  2. Competition

  3. Future fishing locations.

    Superb. The sheer amount of species present is mind boggling. Hell, you could base a whole new game on the Amazon basin.
  4. Competition

    Competitions are...a bit of enigma. There's certain knowledge required to do well in the majority of them. Once players have that knowledge it boils down to 20/30/40/50 people all doing the same thing and hoping for better RNG. I have only managed two 4th places as best result myself, although I could have done better in one of those as I wasted 10 minutes It would be nice to be able to have friend only comps etc. Not sure how it'd work though, it would obviously have to be via criteria set by the devs. 5 people all put 2k in the kitty, 1st takes 5k, 2nd takes 3k, 3rd takes 2k and breaks even perhaps? One thing I do know, the comps have already gotten boring as too many people ( myself included ) know exactly how to milk whatever criteria is imposed, and exactly where to go to do it. RNG decides all.
  5. Game map ?

    Been playing since Sep 5th and I haven't figured this one out either, so it isn't just you. The right analogue stick simply switches between random room, friend only room or private room. The D pad is for weather, species etc. Left analogue stick selects fishing spot...and that's me out of things on my pad that select up or down
  6. Bought the sport pack.

    Didn't need it, just bought it out of curiosity. Wow, lots ( and lots ) of kit. Been through it all and the pack is £14.99 here in UK. The total value of selling items for baitcoins is 320 baitcoins. I can buy 300 baitcoins for £11.99. However, some items are sold for cash not baitcoins, so I'm guessing it works out at more or less the same price. Anyway, if you're an all-rounder, need a decent rod case, could do with one or two decent rods and reels and making baitcoins off the rest etc, it seems to be an ok buy. Keep the lot, sell it all or keep some and sell some. I can't post pics anymore, but you get a lot of kit, from ultralight to heavy. I now have 8 rods, 5 keepnets and 8 reels in home storage just from this pack. Plus a slinky shirt and cap, and tackle box. I already have all top gear so didn't need it, but it's nice knowing it's there if I get a hankering for Falcon Lake or something. Worth a purchase methinks.
  7. I don't want to be banned!

    Hey Roy, you're referring to me no doubt...or rather, a reply in my thread. I remember the reply from a tester that you included in a pic, it led to an interesting conversation with a real nice guy as it happens. At the time, I wouldn't reveal my method for fear of spoiling the game. However, when I learned it is going to change when kayaks launch I decided to make it public. However, as Hegert states, it was not violating any TOU. It is entirely legitimate catching fish the devs put in place from a spot that is a spawn for everyone. If there were any issues I would have heard I'm sure. I think you worry a little too much, as all our critiscism of the Halloween gar remains online to be seen by all. Regardless of the difference of opinion regarding the event, none of the content was removed. To me, that says a lot. If anyone is cheating or glitching, then yep they should be penalised. If I found such a thing I'd report it, but can honestly say I've never seen anyone doing anything outside the parameters of the game, nor have I found anything that fits the criteria myself. Hegert is a good guy and not about to jump on you for sharing info. I've shared a link for Uni and Trophy fish, and several people have shared the link for the 2 ubersheets. I remember reading somewhere that the devs positively encourage people exchanging information. Just look at the fish of the month thread, nearly every pic there shows time, weather and bait/lure. You aren't going to be banned for sharing how you caught your latest uni, and we would all like to know ;-)
  8. How to find out how far a cane pulls?

    Hey fella. As far as I'm aware there's no way to tell how far a certain rod will cast, it seems to be very much like real life: A stronger rod has more power, A heavier lure will cast further, A reel full of line will cast further than a half full reel Line diameter plays a significant part. ( you'll always cast further with say, 10lb line than 20lb line using the same rod, reel and lure ). These are purely my own thoughts, if anyone can elaborate I'm happy to be corrected.
  9. Gar went live, forum died.

    Hegert, I started this thread so it seems fitting that I reply to you. Firstly let me say I have bought DLC and God knows how many baitcoins. I have spent over £500 of my money on this game, and I will spend more. Because, it is a fantastic game. The replies show peoples dissatisfaction with the event. Bear in mind that we made numerous posts stating the vamp gar were not working as intended. We were quoted a ratio of 0.53% if memory serves, and told the event was ' working as intended '. At this point, some of us were lucky to get one vamp per game night. Various reports of gar ignoring our baits, stealing our baits etc were seemingly ignored. Now this was supposed to be an event. I.e. something everyone could participate in. People spent their money on coins for baits. Suddenly, the gar became catchable on Monday if memory serves. Only to drop again on Tuesday. I fully accept what you say that it was meant to be a challenge, but if I - who has 5 days off a week, no baitcoin limitations, no ingame money limitations, no time limitations and, I'd like to think, no ingame skill limitations - found this event impossible to complete, how on Earth was the average player supposed to be able to even get close?? I only just scraped through on the vampire gar, and it wasn't for lack of trying as several guys here can/have attest/ed. Left me no time to get 100 albinos ( 58 ) or ogres ( 8 ). Fact is, people lost real money on this event. I appreciate you're not a dev and were stating your own personal views, that's what forums are for after all. I also very much appreciate you allowing threads with critiscism to remain, hopefully because you can see that above all else, it is constructive and not just random bitching. There was an issue with the vamps no matter what is said. A lot of us here proved that, but our complaints mostly seemed to fall on deaf ears. However, I can also appreciate the fact it's a new game for PS4 so there may have been issues. It just would have been nice to have them acknowledged instead of being largely ignored no matter what we said. I doubt it has driven anyone away from the game permanently, but I can guarantee you that the next event will be scrutinised minutely by all here before commiting to it. I mean no ill-will or disrespect to yourself or the devs, can only begin to imagine what a challenge it is for a small, independent team to have everything working perfectly, all of the time. But, there was a major flaw in the Halloween event regarding the vamps no matter what is said. I won't bother mentioning the prizes ( I had to SS somebody to show them their vest wasn't there ) because I saw the post stating it's on the list to be fixed, that's fine and it goes a long way to show the devs do care and want to make a great game. If we sound like we overly complain, it's because we like the game so much. And if it seems like I have a big mouth....well, I do. And I'll post what people would like to but won't. Like I said, it says a lot to me that not only did you leave the thread open but you also replied yourself. Would be all too easy to either lock or delete, but all credit to you, you did neither. Fingers crossed for the next event. No matter what we say, none of us would be here if we didn't love the game, so I do apologise to you for my venting. We just want our concerns taken care of more than anything else, or at least acknowledged. Do that, and we'll all support the game and spend money for as long as they keep it running. I certainly will, and I know some of the others I've spent some time with will too. If anything of the above seems disjointed, discombobulating or plain weird, forgive me. Been out fishing for real all day and knackered at 1am!
  10. California fishing

    Firstly, AFAIK, sturgeon only take bait and are only found in 2 spots. I won't post them here for risk of spoiling your game if you enjoy the hunt, but you are more than welcome to PM. Regarding cranks, just about any and all work. You can catch steelhead and striped bass from the docks or the rocks below the dam. They are widespread, and you'll get bonus salmon. Personally, the shallower cranks ( 3,6,8 foot - all colours ) work better for me. There are 2 spots for carp btw. One seems to produce only small carp, while the other produces unis. That can come in handy during the ' max weight difference ' carp competitions ;-)
  11. Gar went live, forum died.

    Well. I suppose this thread says it all. This forum has gone from lots of active people and friend making to....tumbleweeds. And it doesn't take a genius to see what that coincided with. There are a lot of very skint people out there right now who gave their all to do this ' event '. Double XP doesn't cut it as a sorry. Even now, 2 albinos in a full game night...what's that, 2 real hours? They were the easy ones a few days ago, now, staring at motionless float and vamps all over again. If I can't get 100 of each despite money not being an issue, and having 5 days a week off work, how is your average gamer supposed to? The game is fantastic, such a shame to see it brought down so. This forum was fantastic too. But now, most people are disillusioned and have scattered. And that is not as a result of me posting, it's a result of an impossible event and losing all they have. If you want to blame me for bringing it up and ban me, that's fine. But remember one thing - I didn't code the game. That was all you. And you severely disappointed a large majority of your players. 0.53%. Really? It's a brilliant game and I commend you and thank you for giving it to us. But you've alienated almost everyone. All you have to do is search this forum to find people stating ' I ran out of of money/bait '. Double XP to make up for lost money and baitcoins doesn't cut it. Here I am in Florida, been fishing since 9pm in a known gar spot. Now 11-20pm, not 1 bite. How is that an ' event '? Sorry guys, this one was a major flop and lost you players, and therefore revenue.
  12. Unique fish tips

    Still very early for unis at level 6 mate, as shamee said. You won't have the funds or resources to be able to do much of anything really, and going on uni hunts need both. All will happen in good time though, for now I'd concentrate on raising as much cash as possible.
  13. Level 20

    If you go to Alberta, don't mess around. Get a Loki, 20lb line and a reel to suit. You'll still catch perch, burbot, brook trout and splake on 20lb line, but it gives you insurance for those rather large lake trout. The atlantic salmon go to over 20lbs too. I wouldn't fish there with less than 15lb as a very minimum.
  14. Halloween Event

    Thank you! Catch rate dropped significantly from when we were in a room together on Monday. Working as intended no doubt..
  15. Halloween Event

    Finally got my 100 vamps. It was not fun, nor was it a fun event, it was a grind. A major grind. Half a percent of fish caught per day is ' working as intended? '. Glad to be done with it as the hat was the only useful prize...and I already had a hat. Regarding vamps and nibbles - they most certainly do. I even landed one yesterday striking at a nibble. Yep, most of the time it's a case of slamming the rod over, but they do nibble.