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  1. Violentvole

    Let's not forget the good.

    Hegert, Every critiscism should be seen as feedback. Yes, opinions get heated, but that's what forums are for. You know as well as I do that if FP said they were pulling the plug this forum would degenerate into a slagging match within seconds. But the fact that a hell of a lot of early adopters are still here says everything that needs to be said. I am the first to denounce anything negative, but I'm also right up there when something works, and works well. And a lot of users who I know will admit the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.
  2. Violentvole

    Let's not forget the good.

    With all the current topics about comps, blue screens, lag, the upcoming trash ( that was me ), bugs etc, let's not forget why we're all here. To any newcomers to the forum it probably seems all we do is moan about everything we dislike. And I think that would be a perfectly justifiable opinion. However, those of us who have been playing the game since the early days have also been the first to congratulate the team on all the improvements they've made to the game. And honestly, the pros far outweight the cons. It says a lot that there is a core group of players who are still here and still playing. We may gripe, we may take a break ( I did ), we may question things and we may seem to be overly negative sometimes. But ultimately, we complain so bitterly because we love the game. A bit of research shows the direction the devs want the game to go in, and if they can pull it off we are in for some good times. The Christmas event I think is a good example of an event that was almost universally acclaimed as superb in that it brought so many of us together and was a genius move on the part of the devs. Conversely, the Halloween gar event was marred by the glitched Vampire Gars and the Paddies day event was far too short to realistically be able to complete both challenges ( they did acknowledge that one in all fairness ). I did actually have the joint biggest Rowdy Bass of that event - albeit one hour before it ended and the leaderboards were wiped. But I got me a screenshot 😉 Never have I played a fishing game ( it's not a sim ) that was so enjoyable, never have I met such a friendly community and never have I seen people brought together in the way the Xmas event was orchestrated and performing selfless actions for the benefit of others. So yep, there may be a lot of whining and whinging going on right now with some critiscism, but, as fickle as any mob, watch us all congratulate the team the next time they introduce something good. The Xmas event is definitely the feather in their cap though, they need to learn from that one and find ways to make all other events bring the community together again. Personally, I can't wait for December even if it's a straight repeat of last years. But we all need to remember one thing - this is a damn good game, the devs are only human and we all make mistakes 😉
  3. Violentvole

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    If I may provide an anecdote of sorts, I recall someone saying X-series kit gave an XP boost. I have never bothered to prove or disprove this theory as I stopped worrying about XP the day I hit level 40, but there must be some benefit to X-series kit surely?
  4. Violentvole

    Unfair competitions

    Let me see if I can sum up the frustrations aired in this thread in one sentence. It is up to you, the forum users to decide if I succeed or fail. Makes no difference to me as I only enter for fun when friends do for all the reasons stated in this thread. Anyway....drum roll please, the grand sentence coming up! " A competiton should - theoretically - give every entrant a chance of winning or at least placing, they should rely on luck as much as skill, but the way the FP comps are structured reflect in no way on the actual gameplay because they require a different style of play that normal fishing does not cater for in any way. " One sentence, as promised. Putting the multiple account thing to one side, how many times have we seen the names stating " you have to practice to get good. "? Why do competitions require a different style of play? Why are many of us perfectly capable anglers ( I have 754 unis, so hardly a novice! ) suddenly impotent in competitions and everything we know becomes irrelevant? I have come 4th twice with a few more top tens back before I realised it was nearly always the same 20 or so people battling for the top ten placings and stopped entering. 88 comps and not a single top 3 finish, even on species I know well? Ok. Surely competitions should be on an even footing and reflect leisure fishing to give everyone a chance? But, they don't. At all. Interesting to note I hardly ever see the competition names fishing for fun and chilling with friends anymore.
  5. Violentvole

    Unfair competitions

    Out of popcorn. Great thread though, amazing how all the names have a ready excuse. Makes me wish I'd stayed in touch with my relatives or had kids - I could have X amount of accounts then too and plead innocence. Take note who is most defensive in this thread - it's none of us with one account.
  6. Violentvole

    Char Charger's Open: Semifinal Results

    Well done to all. Would love to know tomorrow how many get dragged up the mountain, or how many spend 10 minutes battling a fish only to land their lure and nothing else, or how many suddenly have a fish they're playing go airborne, or how many make a cast and find the water has turned to rubber when the lure bounces 300 feet behind them. The buggiest venue by far, brace yourselves for complaints FP.
  7. Violentvole

    What kind of ps4 do you have?

    I have the old ' fat ' PS4 from back in 2015. Connection varies from 50 - 76mbps. Not suffering much lag anymore and never had the dreaded blue screen.
  8. Violentvole

    Char Charger's Open: Qualifier 2 Results

    And invisible birds
  9. Violentvole

    Who else is fed up and about ready to quit playing?

    Me either tbh. You're probably in the wrong spot 😉
  10. Violentvole

    Have you ever caught a turtle, plastic bag or a shoe?

    I have no idea. I did see that it won't cost money to dispose of said trash when in actual fact it does. People paid for a licence, paid to travel and then catch trash? Therefore it costs money in the time taken to deal with every repetition of hooking junk when they could feasably have filled their net and be elsewhere. But, why acknowledge future problems when current ones are brushed aside?Note that to this day there has still been no satisfactory response to the crankbait issue after 6 months....the best we got was " we are unaware of any issues. " After 6 months of posting from damn near every user. We ask for improvements, we bring issues to light, and we - quite literally - get garbage.
  11. Violentvole

    The Show Off Contest!

    You were in the wrong spot when you sent them.
  12. Violentvole

    Can't add friend

    Done both. Just that annoying ' 1 ' in the tab up top. Really annoying me depriving Jessica Alba of my company.
  13. Violentvole

    Have you ever caught a turtle, plastic bag or a shoe?

    Appeared in my newsfeed. Might have been a week ago for all I know as I didn't check when it was posted and use FB very little, but have seen nothing here about it. Coming soon, leaderboards for used condoms.
  14. Violentvole

    Blue error

    TC195...you were in the wrong spot. Or you pushed square twice. Or your HDD is corrupted. You must know by now faults are never, ever on their end. Therefore it's your broadband 😆
  15. The above title is a post on FB from FP. Text below: Hello anglers! Have you ever caught a turtle or a plastic bag? Maybe a shoe? You will be surprised by what will be on your hook soon! And there are pictures of said items caught on the lure, presumably baitfishing will be even worse if your bait is on the deck. As if there weren't enough problems we now get to catch trash and less fish. While I appreciate the nod to realism ( we've all been there ) this is like having dud bullets in CoD. I can't post a screenshot due to the format of the forum changing some time ago, but, it's there on FB.