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  1. The bugs are a major factor for me too Chris. On the F2P format I can understand and accept - I've only paid what I wanted to, if anything. On the P2P format, I want everything to be peachy and smoother than a mink in a marshmallow factory. I've paid good, hard earned money, I expect a game that works. Very disappointed on the lack of info about this major step tbh. I don't read the general discussion/PC boards etc - I play on PS4 so why would I? - and it's alarming how little info us PS4 users have available here. We were once at a point a few weeks ago where the entire first page of this PS4 forum was stickies about comps, tournies, updates, changes etc. Now, not even one sticky from the devs about the upcoming change? If I'm confused after 2 years of playing from launch, I'd imagine one hell of a lot of other people are too. I still put my money on the F2P version dying sooner rather than later. Why give a game away when you can sell it? Basically a big smack in the mouth with a stick to all of us who've been there from the start and bought baitcoins or DLC. "Thanks guys, now you can do it all over again" The publisher is to blame, not the FP team. Bet those same bugs will still be present, because it'll just be a basic port, not a re-work.
  2. I'm totally confused by this transition tbh. As far as I can understand it, a publishing house has taken the reins and decided a P2P version is the way to go. The F2P version may stay alive for a while, but it makes zero sense for a publisher to be selling a game while keeping a free version alive and kicking. And is it just me, or does Fisherman sound exactly the same as the current F2P Fishing Planet? A few new fish/methods/currency differences but essentially the same game. So we get to do everything we've spent 2 years achieving all over again. Confused and not at all enthused by the promise of 35 free DLCs. There will be more paid ones, there has to be or the game will stagnate and go nowhere. And microtransactions. Basically, the publisher (Big Ben?) is calling the shots now. The best days of Fishing Planet are about to end, very soon.
  3. I'm buying it for an entirely different reason: Sooner or later the F2P version will have the plug pulled, no matter what's stated. Why have a F2P version where all income is generated by DLC sales when you can have a P2P version and incorporate DLC sales into it? Yeah, I know we get all previous DLCs included, but we've all bought those we want already for real money. I don't accept for one second that BB will be happy to merely make £60 per disc when currently an unlimited licence for some venues costs more than that. And how can you have a game in this day and age that doesn't have new DLC? Gamers get bored easily. Therefore, I can see the servers getting thrown off the roof for the F2P sooner rather than later because it doesn't make financial sense to offer a free version that has the potential to make a potentially unlimited amount per user, versus a P2P version that generates £60 per user. Microtransactions and DLC simply have to feature in the P2P at some point, or the game will shrivel and die with no new content. Unless they give them to us for free. Which is about as likely to happen as somebody actually landing the invisible Sasquatch that frequents Alberta.. So yeah, I'm buying it because the death knell has sounded for this iteration of FP and I have no interest in any other fishing game out there. I love this one.
  4. Yeah I'll have it. Can't say I look forward to getting the uni Sauger or Whitefish again, but at least I know where the uni Whitefish is, even if it is an absolute sod to catch. I absolutely, sincerely hope the bugs at Alberta are a thing of the past. I loved it there but the invisible Sasquatch and bouncing lures eventually got too much for me. I don't expect things like that in a game I've paid for. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to my FTP account and the associated memories, but I only have time for one version and common sense says that the paid version is the one to go for. Because, at some point, the servers for the FTP version will be given the deep six. It shows how successful the game has been though. A FTP getting a fanbase large enough to go paid...and a fishing game at that. I can't think of any other game I've played that followed the same path. It wouldn't be happening if there wasn't the potential for more money to be made. Personally, I'm of the opinion there'll still be micro-transactions etc (what game doesn't have them these days?) and packs to buy for extra revenue. Even if they aren't present at the start. I honestly find myself not bothered about that. Nobody is holding a gun to my head after all. I find myself curious as to whether it's a straight-up code port or whether the actual issues which we all forgave/learned to tolerate seeing as it's an FTP have been fixed? The aforementioned Sasquatch/bouncing lures at Alberta. The untimely 'freeze' when fish spawn in...usually when the casting meter is up. The slow menu interface. The non-random competitions etc etc. Whatever, I'll buy it and try it. I definitely wish the FP team the best of luck and offer my thanks for 2 years of enjoyment
  5. What happens to my current progress? Is it seperate from the paid version? Been out of the loop lately despite playing every night, so I don't really understand whether progress will merge or if it's one or the other. Can't see myself starting at 0 again tbh, as much as I love playing.
  6. What 'genius' came up with that idea?Downloaded again for another go and muscle memory means I'm releasing all my fish. Why? Just why would you change the button input that you had since launch? So people release fish accidentally and have to play more? I see no valid reason for doing this, care to give us one?
  7. Hi Sue. Red arrows mean you earned some XP but less than you could have due to heavy gear etc. Green arrows mean you earned decent XP, but not necessarily more than you could have with different gear. I have no idea if the XP increase is exponential or not - as in, landing a 20lb fish on 6lb line as opposed to 15lb line awards more XP, but basically, unless you're grinding/farming you want green. Choose gear to suit the species, or go heavy to land everything and grind at the expense of XP. You'd think this would be something they'd make us aware of, but even as an experienced angler, I don't recall anything explaining this to the gamers who don't fish irl.
  8. No problem whatsoever. I was corrected ( well, almost ) for expressing my disagreement with a statement, and now I find myself in that position again. If you both like bright blue rods then that's fine by me. My friends 5 year old daughter has a pink one, maybe you can all fish together sometime. I had a pair of Mega Chubers ( I despise that spelling ) that automatically got removed, I was wondering why? Maybe you can both go back to school with my friends daughter too. Jeez. How did you ever fill in a mortgage or loan application?
  9. I've bought enough gear. I meant no offence to yourself or anybody else, if you like the rods then so be it. And I do happen to like natural carbon weave over gaudy colours. But please, don't attempt to correct me again when your spelling and grammar is comparable to said 6 year old.
  10. I was perfectly happy with my Mega Chubbers, what was the issue that made me receive rods only a 6 year old kid could like the look of?
  11. Just let me play 18 hours a day for a few weeks to grind the XP you nerfed all to hell, then let me get another job and sell my ass to gain the cash you demand for the baitcoins for the unlimited licence, and hell, we may have a great thing going here. Hats off to the content. Thumbs down to the greed. Most people can't even make Russia, and are then faced with a huge licence cost if they do and want to fish it anytime. And then you do...this. "Hey guys, look at this fantastic place! It'll take you months or years to fish it if you don't grind like hell every, single, day. And even then, we're asking for baitcoins in 4 figures for the unlimited. Which you don't have because our competitions are not random and the same 15-20 guys know what to do. So...spend money. Please." Yeah. I stopped spending money when I realised every competition has a script that makes a mockery of the word 'competition'. I would advise everyone to do the same. Great new content, locked behind £££€€€$$$$.
  12. Wow, old thread. Still the same awesome bunch of guys, both the guys known to me and the randoms I meet. Something about the game encourages civility and friendly chat, unlike just about every other game I play/have played.
  13. Yeah, I was with Pierre when he bitched about that for 30 minutes lol. Then he told me about the blue PS store icon staying on-screen. So I had to try it. He was right. But I'm the guy who, confronted with a big red button marked 'do not press', I'd press it.
  14. I always close the chatbox as soon as I've typed, but the freeze is prevalent. It's been going on for nearly a year and I've been complaining about it for pretty much all that time. Yet it's still there. And in a game that encourages communication, and with a dev team that positively wants said communication, it's such a damn shame the problem still exists. The devs are more than welcome to visit me at my home and see this problem for themselves, devkits won't replicate the issue. It is not my internet, I have the fastest fibre available in my area. If you need more than 76 meg d/l to play this, it shouldn't be out there. I can handle the lag and freeze frame issues, but the chat freeze should have been fixed a long time ago. It's a coding issue.
  15. Can we get some feedback on this please? The FP team have done a stellar job with the new venues and fishing methods, which naturally encourage lots of in-game chat. But, it is very, very annoying to be frozen everytime I reply to someones comment. It's a simple fix admittedly ( options button, then hit it again ) but extremely annoying. Especially when you get caught out playing a fish with all movement frozen. It seems to be an issue on PS4 only from what I hear from the people I speak with.
  16. If memory serves ( it often doesn't at my age! ) I struggled with it too. Plenty of regs and trophies but no uni. Then I went to Cali and had the uni on my second cast. Bear in mind this was over a year ago, but the grey sludge in my head seems pretty convinced about this one.
  17. Hey, that was a fun event Jim. Maybe because I had the biggest Rowdy Bass means I'm biased somewhat though The reward for completing the event challenge if memory serves was an orange flat cap. I sold it for baitcoins.
  18. So...you'll do the exact thing you complained about in your original post. I'm struggling to see your logic here. You don't want people in your spots and won't fish a room with other people, but if someone does join your room you'll fish on top of them. Pot? Kettle? You have zero claim on a room or spots, same as the rest of us. Stick to private rooms if you get pissed that easily. Me, I'll laugh it up and usually start a dialogue, as do all the guys I know here. And it obviously bothers you because you created a thread about it. You have as much claim to spots as I do to the Sea of Tranquility. Soz. You have private room option. Which, based on your posts, you should really use. Being there first is no excuse for doing to someone what you're crying about them doing to you.
  19. Chat freeze glitch is still very much in evidence, although without any consistency whatsoever. Which may explain why they've had trouble dealing with it...if they've tried to tackle the issue that is. I stopped complaining after the 347th post without a response Not a gamebreaker by any means, just hit options to go to menu and hit it again - 2 seconds max. Just a pain if you cast a lure or bait, chat, then hook a fish.
  20. If you've moved from a spot, it's fair game and open to anyone regardless of if you intend to move back there. "We were there first" doesn't and can't apply. Maybe you should be the one in a private or friend only room if people are annoying you by fishing in 'your' spots. And none of it matters a jot anyway, everyone is on a different time and RNG set. With character models turned off I can't see anyone or their gear when they get close to me.
  21. Hell, I had a 4lb Tiger Trout on a 7/0 and large cutbait on a Brutus with 40lb line once, I believe I sent the screenshot to Jim. I read the rules as doing these things intentionally and in a competitive environment. Bass on a Brutus or Zeus can be reeled in with no fight for instance, for pleasure fishing what does it matter? But competitive fishing, it could potentially make a difference because someone doing so gets more fishing time. I may be reading it totally wrong, but to me the rule stated in the OP refers to using appropriate tackle for the species.
  22. Pierre took it a little too far and decided to spare me the expense of purchasing rods and reels - just get in there! It's a good job there's no audio because I was crying laughing. Why does Pierre seem to get hit with all the best glitches? I'm almost jealous
  23. As I see it, don't use a Brutus for bass or suchlike - keep the tackle sporting.
  24. It was fun. Real good fun. But this is me deleting the game and my bookmark. I have no complaints against the game, the devs have done a sterling job and I'm sure the new content will be awesome. I even have my premium paid up intil 2020. Just a shame it took over a year between the kayak update and the new venue update. I loved every minute and I loved meeting you all, Xmas 2017 cannot be repeated. Jim, Chris, Tony, Greg, Joe, Pierre and many, many others, it was entirely my pleasure. I love you all. But now I'm back in the skies on Ace Combat 7 and even the new venues cannot pull me back. I wish everyone the best of luck and know that I will never forget my FP experience. Take it easy dudes, it was an awesome experience for me
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