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  1. Agree completely. I've deleted the F2P version, and will not buy another game involving BigBen. I can't say that I wasted the cash, as I have got many hours of game play out of the content however I would have been very happy to continue to pay for continued expansions, whereas they have now lost my cash not just for these games but all future ones. It is such a colossal missed opportunity - the dev team are clearly committed and competent, the base game is superb, and with some open communication, a clear roadmap and some good promotion this could have captured a large player base
  2. I've sent multiple emails to the publisher - both to their official addresses, and also to some of the senior execs listed on their website. No reply from any of them other than the generic "thank you for your email, we care a lot" autoreply. For such a major stock exchange listed publisher this is an appalling display - total lack of customer focus. Almost tempting to buy 1 share just to go the ShareHolder AGM and ask some awkward questions in front of the financial analysts - no investor is going to want to see a publisher alienating their community like this; it may take a while
  3. Hi, I noticed there was a reasonable sized update on steam the other day but no news. Is there any chance we could get brief patch notes posted with each update just so we know quickly what has been added, fixed etc rather than needing to experiment and ask around? Would also be brilliant if you could persuade the publisher to communicate a little more about future plans - really keen to get access to some of the new content that the CEO referred to in his interview with Warmaster, so hope that you and the publisher are planning DLCs for new areas etc, The game is excellent; pl
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