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  1. I hope I do not come across as too dense, but I have attempted all day to rig either of the three of these rigs. Searched multiple forums and other sources but unable to find anything that addresses the guidelines for the use of these items. I have found that I can attach the rig to casting rods and spinning rods. I am able to adjust and cut my leader length. but that is as far as I progress. It appears as if the offset hooks may be required but I am unable to attach the hooks. I understand that you must be on the pond to complete the setup but I still have not been able to attach any tackle to the rigs either on a casting rod nor a spinning rod. I am sure I( must be overlooking a simple step in the process but still am unable to complete a rig setup. All three rigs much easier in RL and yes they are very effective. Any advice will be much appreciated.. BTW My first post. Be gentle, I traumatize easily
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