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  1. I have excel with all the spin reels from shop with all steps setings. i by them all i try atach but is larger. I'm not pro. If someone can add it on wiki send mesage and i send the excel. Have fun.
  2. I think you are talking about accounts that already have many loans and have the opportunity to walk daily from one map to another. If not, then I'm missing something.
  3. This event end before you can do only 1 mission. Check that.
  4. I checked on an account without premium. I did not post without checking.
  5. When you know you have a hit ? Is a mark or a sound ?
  6. Free game. OK. Different satisfactions depending on how much you pay? Well isn't it a free game? I'm talking from the point of view of someone who knows it's free because that's what Fishing Planet says. I paid consciously that there are some costs but I do not agree with greed. The degree of difficulty for those who do not pay exceeds the limits of the possible. Can this game still give satisfaction to him?
  7. I forgot to tell you about how many fish you don't need anymore you will catch. 23 days are valid only if you are lucky. Please consider 2 months.
  8. 945 fish event. 1 event fish out of 12 cakes. At least 3 minutes for each bait. Let's calculate: 945 * 12 * 3 = 34020min 23 days and 4 hours. How many days does the event last? Don't eat, don't sleep ..... and you will succeed Realy ?
  9. They prove to be nothing more than a greedy leadership indifferent to what a game entails: competition, satisfaction and why not, relaxation.
  10. 4tim

    Pikeslasher Monster

    Mision done. Just bad luck. All the best.
  11. 4tim

    Pikeslasher Monster

    Hi. Need help with this mision. No bite 14 days. Is there a problem ?
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