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  1. odd thing is I read the today's patch notes.....I am not sure what they are talking about if there is third person...how do i use it and please don't tell me it is the photo shot view...because that is weak. As per the patch 3.7.4 Hi, anglers. This patch includes: Pond Chat improvements. Issue with the "Keep" button fixed. Flow on Maku-Maku Lake fixed. 3rd Person improvements.
  2. and yet i do not see it done yet...any news on third person?....
  3. Can we have option of items we can add to our boat? An example would be rod holders. Upgrades if you want to make it so parts wear down and we repair that is fine. But more options once you buy your boat would be nice. Using your boar really is a disadvantage for the most part and well most of us old guys/gals like to troll and well unless you have a paddle boat you cant....
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