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  1. I was fishing in Saint Coix , and everytime i placed my rods on my rod stand, whenever i picked them up, my whole rod (incuding reel) would do a 360 turn around in my hand. It didnt effect anny fish on my hook at the time, and had no game breaking impact, it just looked and acted weird. Dont have anny video, since i dont have anny recording software for it. Realy dont know how to descibe it better then this. I will try to do a restart of the game, to see if it fixes the bug. Should that work i will edit this post to let you know. Edit: Restart did fix the bug, still not sure what caused it though.
  2. Username : DakimDragco Platform: Steam (PC) Date when the issue was encountered: 12-01-2020 Issue: I found out by pure luck(or unlucky, depends how you look at it) that when you consistently use ctrl+1 instead of Shift+1 to quickly pick up the current rod placed on the Rod Stand (in this case the first one, which can only hold 1 rod (SlingShot mono rod stand)) that the camera gets stuck, and all control imput by the mouse is disabled. The mouse simple ceases to respond to any and all imput, wether it be moving the camera, mouse clicks, or scoll wheel, it all stops working. It can sometimes be fixed by using tab to enter and then exit chat, but if that doesnt work, your forced to either alt+F4 or plug in a controller to fix the issue. Best way to reproduce is simply using ctrl+1 several times to pick up the rod from the stand, and it seems to bug the mouse out. If using the correct quick keys (Shift+1) then no bug will happen, so it seems the combination of ctrl (which enables mouse pointer ingame too) and the act of picking up the rod can make the mouse unresponsive to input. Thank you for for the game, its wonderfull, hopefuly this bug can be hunted down in the future.
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