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  1. Still no reply to e-mail or anything here so guess i'm just gonna assume i'm not gonna get it back , oh well.
  2. Yeah no help either with support yet... If it was my fault and cut the line I wouldn't have cared enough to write a ticket about it but its pretty unfair since I got disconnected from the game randomly while having a fish on in a friends session, Now im scared to use lures that I only have 1 and can't get another one
  3. I can't track the mission again, Its already completed. I was in a session with 2 friends and when i got disconneted one said that my line was bitten off while i couldn't do anything due to being disconnected and when i managed to get back in my lure was gone. I'll try catching 5 backlashes and see if I can get it back somehow...? i guess
  4. Hello , Lost Golem Lure from Saint-Croix Golem Lure while I had a fish on and got disconnected from server and when i managed to reconnect back the lure was gone with I assume the fish bit it off. Anything I can do to get it back?
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