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  1. Or have your own mini lake where you can put your biggest catches in and be able to have your friends turn up a and fish your lake. Returning the fish after
  2. What is the biggest trout caught in colorado? And what set up should I use? I have a 44pound stringer and I can't fill it up in a day
  3. I sort of get where you are going with this. But I will have to say if you no what the best fish in texas to fish you can easily get the cash together to move on. And when you finally do you have to stay at the new lake for as long as possible to get your money's worth. Granted this game is one massive grind. I have purchased the premium purely because I am enjoying game. It does help I'll give you that but I wasn't planning on getting it I was happy to grind and even tho I have premium I still have to grind I just get a bit extra for my grind I will admit this game is buggy tho.
  4. Nope you get the xp if you keep or release the fish
  5. I just tried travelling to colorado I spent the 3 grand and it would not load. Had to quit the application and start again it loaded up at the map and I lost my money! I hope I get a refund of some sort. I have noticed since I purchased premium this morning I have been having problems I though buying premium would enhance my gaming experience but instead all I have had is problems!
  6. I'm in in the UK and most of the tournaments start at around 1am here. I don't mind but it would be cool if there where some in the evening let's say 10pm till midnight. That's means we could possible fit in two tournaments in one night
  7. I have entered unlocked emerald yet. I have just unlocked florida so I will give that a go which do you recommend buying a keep net or stringers?
  8. I think it would be awesome to have the option to do a bit of fly fishing
  9. Hi guy's just wondering what is your favourite way of catching the big ones!
  10. I'm following because I want to become rich to
  11. Hi guys just wondering if there has or will be any tournaments at lone star lake?
  12. Yea you have to pay travel cost, licence cost and also entry to the competition
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