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  1. Was my post too long? Should I make them shorter? More to the point of we need things fixed.
  2. Lvl 47 - Russia map. Good PC. Mid map across from Canoe spot. This happened after (during) time extension. Please pay 2000 to extend your stay (as I am catching a fish!!) I click YES! BOOM. Then the next 5-6-7 fish (I lost count) that got on the rod, I couldnt reel in. No animation with the fish on the rods. (Yes animation of rod spinning, with fish off rods) I thought it was me at first, as I took a break and forgotten about the bugs. Like every crash (we all know this game) and like everything, I pick up my 4 rods, pack up my stand, reboot my whole computer, enter password, start steam over, come back, get in canoe, paddle for x minutes, go back to my spot, and then it works, I can reel now YESS!!! NOW...Only then for a new bug to occur. I am catching fish but, again 4-5-6 (i've lost count again) but they are not registering!! No money, no progress, they just disappear when they reach me. Not even taking bait. Just wow. This is 10-12 fish, who knows. Is this painful yet? Imagine my gameplay. Yet ANOTHER re-boot, (I forget how many now) Repeating the above process with the rods.... move to a different location and finally that seemed to do the trick. Wildly frustrating. Funny thing was, the night (hour) before was fine. We all know this game has some odd memory leak, but we can handle that. Especially after many years and lvl 47. We know. It is known. But this was new and weird. Just SEEMS so disappointing that the game has moved backwards with whats SEEMS like these Euro waterways. I dont know what the change was. SO MANY BUGS. Imagine "please send your bug report files" Sure, I will zip them down and FTP them over. I love the game. Thats why I am so mad. Because this game has so much potential and its right there.
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