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  1. will this Content and patch too be in the fisherman? I dont have that game atm, but im interested to know if you still support that new game you realesed. I heared much negative About the support for fisherman.
  2. One reason i dont buyd the Fisherman. If i see no communication and or Support over a Long time i buy games only if the Price is very low or never. I read negative Reviews and Steam Forum Messages about that Point, that is never a good sign for a game.
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    Server down on PC too was on neherin river.
  4. What i miss in this Forum most is a Suggestion or Feedback Thread Created from the Developers. So it feels like they dont care about us customers and only care About our Money.^^
  5. Hi there, in my opinion, travel Costs in the game should be reduced significantly. If you stay at a place for fishing, that's still ok. But if you want to change places often for fun, this is simply impossible due to the high travel costs. Therefore, you are forced to stay in one place longer before you "can" travel on. What I really think is a shame because of the many brilliant waters. I also think that especially if you support the game with real money and buy an unlimited fishing license that should be recognized with low travel costs for this water/s. Greetz VN
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