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  1. Yes, seems so. And the Bad is i Play Fisherman not fishing planet. So i never will see that Fix for my Version.
  2. Wind direction? Thats new for me, thx for the hint.
  3. I get a email from BigBen: But nothing happens. I dont believe that anyone looks ever in this forum. For me it looks like they are just silent because they have no desire to do anything. This is a standard procedure for hotlines too. The customer is first kept waiting in long loops. Then you send him from one department to the next, always in the queue for a long time. If the customer then gives up in frustration, you can avoid his warranty. After all, it is not the fault of the company that the customer simply hung up, the willingness to help was there. *sarcasm* It is similar here. Big Ben hopes that the project that turned out to be a financial failure will be silently forgotten. I can't think of any other reason why you don't hear from them and nothing happens. In games like WRC7 and WRC8 i we get patches and Big Ben communicates regularly. That is the typical false moral of today's developers.
  4. Thx for the tips but it seems Germany is Buggy like Michigan, Saint croix. I was this and yesterday at the same Spot, used the same Equipment at the same daytime with sunny weather Pike times and have rly loooong bait times and most trash fishes. Bevore I catched a unique and a lot Trophies. Next Problem is that if i try to catch anything other then Silver Carps and Bighead at this lake i rarely get any Fish. I found a Spot for Wels and some others for carps with Bottom Rods. Michigan, Germany even all the Europeans are the only lakes atm in the Game that have not a Pike time or weather that is a 100% Guarantee for a nice and worthwhyle FIshing time. Most of the time you sit there scratching your head and wondering what you're doing wrong. In Rocky Lake there are several good trout spots where you can fish well around the clock. At Emerald there is a pikeperch spot where you can always get your money's worth, at Falcon Lake there are again worthwhile trout spots, At White moose lake you can catch big salmon, in quanchin, after a bit of trouble cooking and catfish, in the Everglades I always like fishing red drummers and gars, in San Joachin perch and sturgeon, in kaniq creek salmon are good again and others fish even if I am not a fan of the spot. But Michigan and Germany. You can't fish in a few spots and then relax. It goes well for a short time and sometimes not, although everything is the same as the last time. Something is wrong with the waters. I never really made Neherin River, but there were gars too Good. All European waters seem to be problematic in general. Don't know a single one that works well, except maybe Lesni Vila. Im Level 43 so i was not in Achtuba and Weeping Willow.
  5. Thank you, so on cloudy day i go for carp it seem only on sunny days (Maybe partly sunny) the bighead and silver carp is fishable.
  6. Btw. the Silver Carps and Bigheads do they only appear at specific weather, daytimes?
  7. I tried it again in Germany and ist better now. I get in a short time Period a unique Bighead and a Trophy silver carp with a brutus 360. If the bait rate and Trophy or unique rate is still that good im happy. XD Btw. i am lvl 43 if im not wrong the mega chuber are not realy good carp rods ist to nearby the Bottom Snipers that i allready have. What you suggests? Buy Carp Rangers? Or wait all the way to lvl 50 and buy the Deep Horizon 420? If i understud your Post correct, it seems carp rods are only worthwhyle in England?
  8. thx, after im back in cash i must try that. btw what boilies or pellets you suggest, there a lot in the store.
  9. Thx, i tried that but i get only 160-200 Exp. The spawn rate from biger fished must rly low and the bite times in Germany are either way low compeired to other lakes. That was my Problem there. A Huge Waterway but a lot space seem empty or have bad bait times. I rly like the Looks and sounds there. I like to catch Carps and Redeyes etc but the exp/cash for the most fishes there are bad. Or can it Maybe that this carp lake is better avoided up to the Point i have a Carp Rod and use Carp hooks and Carp baits?
  10. Hello, i reached Level 42 now and traveled to Germanys lake. It Looks not bad is Huge and you can use a Boat. So far so good. My Problem is the bite rates seems Long and the exp Outcome is bad. Anyone have a Tip how ist possible to fish there and get a good ammount of exp? Would be bad if that cool waterway was a leaver like a lot other european waterways. Most European Waterways Looks very cool but are so weak for exp and Cash compared to the American Waterways. I would be very happy about any help. Thanks, people.
  11. will this Content and patch too be in the fisherman? I dont have that game atm, but im interested to know if you still support that new game you realesed. I heared much negative About the support for fisherman.
  12. One reason i dont buyd the Fisherman. If i see no communication and or Support over a Long time i buy games only if the Price is very low or never. I read negative Reviews and Steam Forum Messages about that Point, that is never a good sign for a game.
  13. Ragin Nordwin


    Server down on PC too was on neherin river.
  14. What i miss in this Forum most is a Suggestion or Feedback Thread Created from the Developers. So it feels like they dont care about us customers and only care About our Money.^^
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