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  1. Until I buy my stronger lure reel or poleI have to bait fish it. More interested in the snook. I have managed to catch a cpl tarpon while fishing for snook though. I caught 5 snook, 2 tarpon and 3 reds my 1st trip out here. I've now caught 3reds no snook in 5 days with better euip. and almost 5levels higher than b4. Damn snook. Ty for info
  2. Please help. The first trip I made to Florida I was like level 30 with Nero and Espiraslim reel. I caught several tarpon and snook and even got spooled on a few. I'm now close to level 38 and I'm using the Brutus 10,10 with the Hornet Swarm 6000. I've tried 3/0,4/0,/5/0, hooks and 12 to 20 lb line. I can't catch a snook or tarpon and at level 30 I could catch em. I'm confused please help. I used the bite chart no help. Can some1 recommended how deep to fish for them!!!!!!
  3. The Hornet Swarm 6000 should work though right?? Then my next purchase will be the Loki and the Thunderspin 5500. That should do me for awhile until I can buy the Rivertex Zeus. The Hornet Swarm 6000 should be equivalent to the 5000, correct????
  4. I leveled up and went ahead and purchased the highest level Brutus(10'10" I believe it is). I matched it up with the Hornet Swarm 6000. That gives me a good bait rig for float fishing. Now I'm down to $12k so gunna make a trip to Oregon build my money back up and next purchase a stronger lure rig. Would you guys recommend the Loki or another??? Also what reel should I put on it to fish Florida and White Moose???
  5. Oregon and Florida are great money makers no matter the level although with a big keepnet they are awesome to farm and have fun with some good fighting fish. I'm almost level 38 on PS4 and I still go to Oregon and Florida for money and fun!!! In Oregon it's trophy after trophy and can be that way in Everglades as well. Can't wait for kayaks, boats!!!!
  6. Ty guys for the advice. I'll have to get back home to check prices on that 1st setup you are talking about pap. I have around $50,000??
  7. I just got the level 34 246lb keepnet I believe it is. I wanna go to white moose but I've been spooled 3 times on my bait rig in Florida and takes me 4ever to land 20plus lb red drum. Im.using the Nero 14, 10 , with the EspiraMlr I believe are the initials on the reel. I was using 12lb fluro. Dunno if need to up my lb line or get new rig all together. Getting tired of just bassfishing and rainbow fishing in Oregon. Please help!!!
  8. Texas Gulf Coast. Fished a ton as a kid living here. We have 2 of the state's best lakes just an hour away and the whole coast for my saltwater fix!!! Not to mention numerous marshes, bayous , and big private ponds. The Everglades reminds me of a place we fished as a kid in a nearby marsh. I now take my kids fishing there. Love the realism of this game. It takes place of my real life fishing which I don't have much time for anymore. Much love to the devs. for making an amazing sim!!!
  9. Yeah I'm not sure either. What's crazy about mine is they where all on there a week ago, now they don't show. No biggie just would be nice to have my name recognized by few!! I have fished a lot of hours to get those bad boys!!
  10. Got another top 10 fish today that's not showing up. Guess it just takes awhile??? My 5.5lb Walleye from Emerald won't show and a 32lb cat from NEHEERIN. Plus cpl others.
  11. Checked leaderboards and now my fish aren't showing up, really wierd. I have 2 top 5 fish. They show under my profile, but not under leaderboards, my fish, top 100.
  12. I really wish they would fix leaderboards and show all species in the lakes. I have 2 fish in top 5 and several others that I'll never know cause it doesnt show them. I have a big Redband Trout, but no way of comparing him to others as it shows the trophy and unique rainbows only under trout.
  13. Pressure all depends on water temp, wind speed and direction. This is all displayed right there by the graph. Yes the yellow is the best time to fish, but I catch most my trophies on the downside of the peak fishing time. I've caught 3 unique rainbow trout in Oregon and I noticed temperature and wind where exact same, and they where all around the same time. Temp. is super important pay attention and note down when you catch a trophy the time and temp. when you caught it for future reference.
  14. Same thing on PS4. It does like you said with bait and even getting off on lures or just bumping lures not taking them. I'm Level 33 fishing in Oregon on PS4. It's been a problem cpl days now. Sux bad
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