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  1. It’s been almost a year since I played last and was wondering if they have implemented trolling yet or talked about of recent? It’s really the only thing I want to do. If not I’ll probably just switch to the fisherman.
  2. Agood1two


    Please let blue crab island release tomorrow for Xbox! I’m excited about it, but I’m tired of waiting. It’s been a month.
  3. Is it possible to reduce the amount of amateur competitions? They are almost always canceled from the lack of competitors. At least on Xbox. Would love more opportunities to fish in them.
  4. I’ve debated with myself every time I load up the game if I want to pay for premium or do I buy baitcoins. And for that reason I haven’t done neither. If you choose to by a 30 day premium pass, you should be able to earn bait coins while premium. I’ve already spent 60 dollars on the game from dlcs. I’m not going to keep forking over money. You guys are lucky, you have no competition to speak of in this particular genre of games. Otherwise I would have already stopped playing. Stop being so fucking money hungry and actually support the players who sink there cash into the game. I’m so sick of traveling to a place and worrying about breaking even. I shouldn’t have to mindlessly farm a fish to make a fucking profit. It should be more diverse and enjoyable. Plus, ffs start announcing when the update are coming to console. You leave half, if not more, of the player base in the dark.
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