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  1. Only keyboard and mouse installed and the key isn't stuck. I have already check for all the known things, I'm pretty smart about computers I'm an IT Professional. Also I noticed on the character screen where you customize your character the 3d model of the character is also spinning non-stop. I tried to attached a video of it but the max size is above the 0.98MB allowed.
  2. Greetings, I have just installed the game to PC windows 10 system, all graphics work fine, character setup works but when I get to the tutorial where you have to walk to the shore line using w, s, d, a the character continually turns to the left making it impossible to move forward, right, or backwards. I have tried to adjust the graphic settings and it continues to do it. I have also tried to reload the game several times and that did not fix it. Please help as this seems like a awesome game and I'd really love to play it.
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