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  1. @Phill Dude, if you only get 1 fish every 30 minutes, you're seriously doing something wrong. There are 2 good spots for this fish. One is "The Floating Thickets" straight towards the Lilly Pads, but my favorite is at the "Lilly Pad Channel" a little to the left because there is less Gar there. If I catch with 3 rods there, I can't even keep up, that's how quickly they bite. If you catch with a float setup with shrimp and a 3/0 or 4/0 hook and a 60-70 cm flouro leader you MUST get a lot of fish. You'll get some Largemouth Bass in between as well. One Peacock Bass every minute for 60 game minutes does seem high, but 2 fish in an hour seem very low as well.
  2. I'll try it for a bit next time I'm at the Everglades. I know they also bite quickly and viciously there on Shrimp and a float setup. But the Pike also don't nibble at Saint Croix, so it is quite annoying. If others manage to do it though, I guess I have to try. Like Carpman said, I'll keep it for a rainy day, when I don't have much else to do.
  3. Haha, I asked myself the same question afterwards. In my defense... 3 "in-game" hours...
  4. Ok so it is pure luck then. Nothing to do with being good or an "Angling Machine". Won't waste my time trying to complete it any longer then, if I don't have any influence over the outcome and it's just based on luck.
  5. I got so annoyed with this as well. I was trying something at Quanchkin where I'd been the last time I played and had in the meantime expired the license. I was not going to stay at the venue and thus didn't extend. Can't remember what I was trying to do (probably checking casting distance on different rods), but I happened to hook a fish accidentally in the process. Then I thought "Oh well, I'll just release it then" (my net was filled anyway from previously paying) and still got fined by the "inspectors" (something ridiculous like 10 000). Makes me wonder how they managed to figure out that I'd caught something after releasing the fish. Luckily I had lots of money so it wasn't a crisis to me, but still. I guess the game has to do this though, as otherwise it would open a loophole where you can gain XP without paying for a license.
  6. I was fishing for Pike at Saint Croix with 3 Rods yesterday. Anyone who's fished there will know that the Pike do NOT screw around and nibble. They strike the bait and run like crazy. After landing about 15 fish in like 20 minutes or so, I was interested to see how far I'd progressed with this challenge, only to see that I'm on 2. What's going on here? Are you not allowed to fish with more than one rod? If so, why don't they say so? I did NOT reel in any rod, not even a little after casting. I was clipped at 20 meters and wherever the bait fell, I left it there. I didn't get any weeds or nothing. I cast, put the rod on the stand, wait for the strike and then pulled out the fish, repeat. This challenge seems buggy to me.
  7. Oh man, I feel four pain, lol. The worst that ever happened to me was stupidly fishing at the Everglades with my 6 Kg Nero Rod and picking up a unique Snook. Took me 3 in-game hours (about 1 real hour) to get out but I did eventually. Back then I wasn't even aware that cutting the line was even possible or I might have done it a few times I usually make the line the weakest point these days on any of my setups like Bottom Sniper 360 (16 Kg) with Mega Tank 8000 (16.3 Kg) and Flouro 0.55 (15.8 Kg). I then fish with the drag set to one under maximum. Unfortunately this is not always possible as there are some gaps too big sometimes where no line really fits in. In general I also fish with my heaviest gear at places like Saint Croix (Heavy Chaser, Cat Boxer, Majesty 450, Rivertex Zeus etc.). Leveling up gets very slow from about Level 45 as XP is low, but at least I'm not frustrated.
  8. gunnies799

    battle pass

    Yes Hate_ful, that would be a good thing. Something I'd consider paying for to level up faster. They should think about their pricing model though. I paid for one month Premium once, which did help with money and XP. Almost cost me the price of a new game here though, so it's not something I'd do often.
  9. gunnies799

    battle pass

    That would be ok. I think they should just be careful not to change this game too much towards a "pay to win" model. Guys that stuck with it and worked their way up without a "battle pass" shouldn't be disadvantaged to a point where they can't win tournaments without paid special lures etc.
  10. I think they need to add more missions to all venues where you can get a 7 000 or 10 000 XP boost etc. And also make more special events like the St Patrick's day thing where you catch Bully Bass that have huge XP points (like 1000 per fish or something). For a new player to finally be able to reach Lake Maku will take months, if not years. I've been playing on-off for about a year and am only at level 48 now. Still have a few venues I have not yet visited and some Monsters left to catch but I don't know when I'll finally get to Maku.
  11. @richierob Thanks, finally finished Quanchkin. Got the Unique Channel Cat on Frogs eventually after a few days and many many Flatheads and Blues. Now back to Saint Croix for me to finish off there
  12. In response to Warsteiner. I sort of agree. I hit Level 40 at a reasonable pace. Since then things have moved rather slowly. Level 47 now, but for me to get to the required Level to visit, say, South America will take another few months, and only if I grind away on a daily basis. How about adding more missions to all lakes with big XP boosts? Keeps things interesting by giving players more things to accomplish and gives more opportunity for levelling up. Once I've finished catching everything in all lakes, I can't see myself grinding away for months just to unlock a new venue. I can't even visit Blue Crab Island yet and I'm more or less done with Saint Croix, once I finally get a Unique Blue Cat there. Then there's only Kaniq or San Jaoquin left to do for me, if I remember correctly.
  13. Didn't you see the warning about being fined when you started fishing? You always NEED to ensure you have the correct license, almost like in real life. What do you mean about the daily bonus? Aren't you getting it? And even if you have to start over, level 15 can be reached so quickly. I also don't understand why someone would sell all their rods, when this is the only way to make money in the game.?.
  14. Thank you Tonto. Answers all my questions perfectly. 1. I didn't know that fish can't be released from a stringer, which is not a crisis but good to know in advance. I'll buy the stringer then for now and keep it even when I get the biggest Net. The huge net is not always necessary. 2. Sad that a bobber can't be repaired, but oh well, at least it works the same until it's at 0%. 3. I can't believe how much money I wasted by discarding my lines at 50% up until now. 4. I also use the PRO setting, and I was hoping that it shows the lesser of the 2. I can rest easy then.
  15. Hi all 1. What is the difference between stringers and keepnets? I mean I know the difference in real life of how they work but I mean in the game. I see there is a stringer available on Level 45 (250Kg total / 75Kg max). The keepnet in that size is only available at level 48 and is more expensive. I also see that the stringer has a high durability and the keepnet low. As keepnets are so expensive to repair, is there any drawback to using the stringer in the game? I mean as the fish are just virtual, I couldn't care less about what's better or more gentle on the fish. 2. Why do bobbers have durability and how does this affect the gameplay? I got a glowing pear shaped bobber in some mission for free. This bobber is now over half way down in durability. Pear shaped bobbers cast further than the round ones I noticed, but the glowing pear shaped bobbers can only be purchased with coins, which I do not want to do. Will the bobber eventually stop floating or something? And when should I expect this to happen then (when should it be replaced)? 3. I usually fish with lines / leaders until their durability is around 50%. Can one go much lower than that? When should line be changed and when does it start breaking? As the durability goes down, does the line tension meter go up more than with new line, or how does this work? 4. Is the line tension meter a combination of line and leader? Meaning does it indicate the weakest of the 2? Or will the setup break if I, for instance have a 24Kg Line with a 18Kg Leader and the tension goes to almost full but not totally to the top? The reason I'm asking is because I have this case at the moment as the stronger leaders are not yet unlocked on my level. I can purchase the Red Braid 0.27 (24Kg) on my level, but the strongest leader I can currently buy is the 0.3 Titanium leader which has a breaking point of around 18Kg. So will the line tension meter indicate 18Kg until breaking?
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