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  1. Exactly. That's why I think it would already be helpful if you could change the angle, to point the rods more to the front of the boat, in order to see both tips of the rods.
  2. Yes, I agree. This should theoretically only happen on slot 1 ie. the one on the left (L1+up arrow). That is why everyone should always make sure that the setup is suited for max drag in case this happens, whether you ever plan to use max drag or not. Unfortunately the game does not explain this mechanism very clearly to new users so I guess most new players will lose a lot of money (like myself) by correcting setups, buying new equipment, selling owned unsuitable equipment by the time they find out how this works. It would be nice having some sort of tutorial on this for beginners.
  3. I also lost countless fish by picking up a rod from the stand, and the game just changed it to full drag the last time I put the rod down. Luckily this doesn't happen anymore, since I found out about the max drag settings and I corrected all my gear. All rod/reel combos of mine can handle max drag now. Will never lose a fish/lure again thankfully. I am not sure if max drag puts more wear on the equipment and thus increases the repair costs, so I usually fish with drag one setting under maximum. If the fish is big and takes line, I them put it to max. Pretty sure though that the time you gain by landing the fish faster is worth the extra wear.
  4. And to answer your question about the Congo pack. I also purchased it and used it this way for max drag. Rod: Mokonzi 390 SE (37 Kg) Reel: Fileur 11000 SE (36 Kg) Line: Fluoro .033" (0.85 mm) (36 kg) and Rod: EquatorMatch 260 SE (38 Kg) Reel: L'impulsion 12000 SE (37 Kg) Line: Mono .033" (0.85 mm) (38 kg) There is one problem with the Congo DLC. They don't provide titanium leaders. So I lost 3-4 fish with the leader bitten through, probably Unique Tigers. Grinding the Congo will help you to level up VERY rapidly, so AS SOON as you unlock the Titanium 0.45 mm (37.0 Kg) Leader, buy that and use it on both rods. Then once you unlock the Blue Braid 0.36 mm (40Kg) I suggest you upgrade to that on both setups, as it is half as thick as the mono and fluoro provided, which means you get double the distance onto your reels. Also, as an added bonus, you can sell the unused line you got with the DLC for baitcoins. Don't worry about the fact that it has a breaking point of 40Kg (stronger than the rod). I have never had any fish take 150m of line at max drag. Not even close, even a 190Kg Nile Perch will get to 80-90m before it gets tired.
  5. This also helped me greatly. Since I changed all my inventory correctly (I have about 15 different combo's for different weight classes) I have never lost a fish again. Cost me a bit of money but no accidents happen any more. It's actually quite easy. The reel can never break, it just has max drag (which I never knew) so it must always be the weakest link. Take this for example: Rod: Heavy Chaser 310 (27 Kg) Reel: ExcelSpinner 5000 (26.5 Kg) Line: Blue Braid 0.30 mm (28 Kg) Lead: Titanium 0.40 mm (31.6 Kg) Because the reel starts losing line when it gets to 26.5Kg, nothing can break (unless the fish takes all the line), because the rod can handle 27Kg and the Line 28Kg. So when the fish pulls harder than that, it will just take line but nothing breaks. Ideally you would want all the breaking points to be as close to each other as possible. Technically the ideal setup is when all ratings are exactly the same. This is another unbreakable setup of mine. Rod: Nero 450 (6 Kg) Reel: EspiraML 3500 (6 Kg) Line: Blue Braid 0.15 mm (6 Kg) Lead: Flouro 0.35 mm (6.8 Kg) It might seem that because they are all at 6Kg, there is a chance of the rod breaking, but it doesn't work like that in the game. It's not real life after all. Even if all the line gets taken by the fish, technically the line will then break, but nothing else. Just make sure you use the correct leader for the occasion. If you use flouro or mono leader to catch Pike or Tiger (ie. fish with sharp teeth) it can be bitten through and you can lose the fish, but nothing can break. You can crank up the drag to the max setting all the time. So from weakest to strongest. 1. Reel 2. Line 3. Rod Leader is irrelevant, as long as it is stronger than the line, or at least the same.
  6. I downgraded my 4 Carp Rods to the Deep Horizon 400 and sold the 420's in the meantime. No use having rods that cannot be fully utilized. Don't think I'll waste money again on upgrading even if the leader becomes available. The DH 400 is good enough. Just sad about the money I wasted because you get such a small percentage back when selling.
  7. I don't want to sound ungrateful for finally having rod holders on the Congo DLC boat, but please consider the option to change/set the angle of the 2 rod holders (similar to how you change the tilt of the rod stand) but to be able to set it more towards the front of the boat or backwards. Seeing that you fish while standing on the front end of the boat, I find the rod holders are angled a bit too far backwards which makes it a bit awkward. Don't know if developers read these forums.
  8. Yes, I second that. Would be nice to be able to select a color (just 4-5 different ones) in the menu where you rename it (I wouldn't want to have to buy different colored markers). And also maybe a tick that you can enable/disable "Show name on map". This would be very useful.
  9. Nah, immediately removing a gamer because someone gets offended and reports him is not the way to go. Everyone gets offended so easily these days and maybe I drive my boat too close to you or setup my stand too close to you and boom.... reported and banned. What this guy did is sick and what I would suggest is that there should be a "block" option, which would basically make a blocked player invisible to you as if he didn't exist. Reporting players and getting them banned is not the way to go as it would be abused. I have had annoying idiots as well that try to get in your way to make fishing as difficult as possible for you because they have some sort of inferiority complex or something. Blocking them would be useful.
  10. I haven't tested it anywhere else because I want to finish off catching all the fish before I move on. When I am at the next place I will test end report back here. Can't think that it's resources either, I am on Playstation. But the exact phenomenon you describe above, I have had at White Moose Lake once or twice a while back. Fixed it by going to a private room.
  11. I agree with Yuccasu. The Big Alli 450 will get you quite a bit more distance as well as it is longer. Here is my setup. Big Alli 450 (85 - 170 g) / (9 Kg) / (105 m casting distance) Exterminator 5500 (8.5 Kg) Red Braid 0.17 mm (8.65 Kg) / (150 m) Leader Flouro 0.40 mm (9.1 Kg) - 50 cm 100g Sinker The same setup will work on a Big Alli 420 though
  12. I noticed something else yesterday. I was at Akhtuba and fishing with a 4 rod stand. As long as I have 4 rods in the water, the game is fine. As soon as I have 4 rods on the stand and I cast a fifth rod in the water, the game becomes so choppy and laggy that it's nearly unplayable. Casting becomes a problem because of stop-start. When picking up a rod from the stand, it takes a few seconds before you can strike. Even changing bait will sometimes show the "Running" animation for a few seconds. When I put the 5th rod away, the game returns to normal. Don't know if that is related. Internet is fast and stable.
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