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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has made a sheet detailing how far any given rod will cast with maximum line and weight? Problem is (for instance), I own the following setup: Rod: Farcaster 190 (Lure 14 - 42 g) / (Line 3 - 7 Kg) Reel: Helios 2000 S (Line 7 Kg) Line Flouro 0.35 mm (Test 6.8 Kg) This setup is great for catching Walleye at Emerald or Bass at Neherrin because the fish are close to shore. But when I get to places like Mudwater or Falcon, this setup isn't great because I can barely cast 40m with it. I then purchased a spinning rod Aurora 230 (Lure 10 - 21 g) / (Line 1.5 - 4.5 Kg) with reel Prima 3500 (Line 4.5 Kg) and Flouro 0.28 mm (Test 4.5 Kg). I was hoping that a spinning rod would give me some extra distance, but I can just about get to 50m with that setup, which didn't help a great deal. I then saw a video where someone is using a JigWinner 8' Rod and easily got over 75m with it. (Don't know what the weight rating on it is though). I don't want to waste a whole lot of cash at the moment to try all different kind of rods, just to sell them again. My aim is to get to a 9 rod system, something like the following. Light Cast/Spin < 4.5Kg Light Match < 4.5Kg Light Feeder < 4.5Kg Medium Cast/Spin = 7Kg Medium Match = 7Kg (Nero 450) Medium Feeder = 7Kg (Big Alli 420) Heavy Cast/Spin > 7Kg Heavy Match > 7Kg (Brutus 9' 10") Heavy Feeder > 7Kg Kg's don't need to be exact but you get the idea. Or can someone give some sort of suggestions here? The ones in brackets I am already happy with.
  2. Neherrin is finally done. Thanks for the help. So some Trophies and Uniques are very difficult to catch, and going forward, I'll grind it down, even when it seems impossible. Falcon is next.
  3. @kdog013 Thanks a lot dude. I FINALLY got it. I cast it a little to the left of your marker. Eventually I got 2 trophy's and then the Unique below. I think what also might have helped is that I always used to fish with the 5cm Glow Worm and I saw you caught with the 12.5cm. So I purchased that one and that is what I caught it on. It put up a good fight as well. Now to finish off Neherrin... Thanks again.
  4. Ja, Leben ist hier noch. Ich schau heut Abend mal nach ob ich dich finden kann,
  5. @Chief Brody 23 Funny enough I had no problem at all with the Bass at Mudwater. I think I caught it just a little up from the default Spawn Location. I cast between the Tree and the shore (or just left of the little stump) with either a 3/0 Jighead and the Green 7cm Shad or with the 2/0 Gold Spoon during the daylight. You will catch a lot of Pickerels as well. The other way is to catch at night with the 7cm Night Shad or the Blue Night Casting Spoon but then I just turn 90 degrees and cast towards the other side of the River. I reel in the lure closer to the bottom twitching on speed 2 or stop-go on speed 3. This way you will also pick up a few Drums or Bowfins. I am not sure if I caught it during day or night, sorry, but I am very sure that I have caught multiple Trophy's, not just one. The other way is with a Matchrod or Feeder Rod. At the same location just into the middle of the river with a 3/0 Hook and a Shiner. Shiners always work for Bass, but obviously you'll pick up other fish like Catfish, Drums and Bowfins as well.
  6. Hi Kdog I will send you a friend request tonight. Thank you, I appreciate it. Regards, Gunther
  7. Thanks Carpman I will bite the bullet, and spend another few nights targeting the Unique Sauger. I will report back if/when I FINALLY land one. Regards, G
  8. Hey Chapman First of all, thanks for the quick reply. And for the explanation about the colors. That explains a lot and I never made that connection that it turns white as soon as I have caught one, haha. However I really doubt that there are Unique Sauger at Emerald Lake. I mean after trying everything, even what you said for 3 days straight (12-15 in-game days/nights) I haven't caught one. How is that even possible, when as per the videos on Youtube, other users caught them as if it's nothing. I tried Night Shad, Glow Worm with Jigheads ranging from 1/0 to 3/0. I tried Night Narrow Spoon 2/0 and 3/0. I tried Small Minnows, Shiners and I also tried at both Sauger locations in the channel to the right of the lake, viewed from the dock as well as towards the rocks at what they call "Sauger Island" to the left of the map. I'm not sure if am allowed to post the links below, but I tried all that for days. Can you confirm that you are playing the F2P PS4 version and are still able to catch them as of today? As for the Crappies at Neherrin, I haven't tried Leeches yet because I think Leeches only unlock at Level 30 or 31. I can still try doing that once unlocked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b57QNJZ_RYc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBPnqH1GPdo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7qksaVYf_I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2vwhYJ7vBU
  9. I am now on Level 29 after playing for a few weeks and am trying to catch all the available Species and Sizes per location. I have so far completed Lone Star, Mudwater, Rocky, Emerald and Neherrin. When I got to Emerald, I was unable, for days, to catch a Unique Sauger. I watched various Youtube videos (from guys like KpShamino, Mic_The_Sniper, Bulkan etc.) on how to do it and tried everything. While the other Users, as per the videos, seemed to catch them no problem, I basically kept filling my keepnet with Commons and Trophys to no avail (I literally mean DAYS - real, not only in-game). I spent thousands on renting a Kayak to complete this, I even later targeted only Walleye until I had enough money to afford my own kayak so that I wouldn't have to keep renting one. So trust me that this was not due to lack of perceverance. Eventually I gave up and moved on to Neherrin River. Then the exact same thing happened with the Longnose Gar, Pumpkinseed, White Crappie and Black Crappie. The only Uniques I was able to catch at Neherrin (with little to no problems) were the Redear Sunfish and the Smallmouth Bass. It was then that I noticed something perculiar. All these species, that I am having trouble with, when I look at their description under the available Fish Species of the location, the word "Unique" is written in a little darker color than the other sizes "Common", "Trophy". Meaning that the smaller sizes are written out in Bright White, whereas the word "Unique" is written in a greyish color. This leads me to believe that there is something is odd going on here. Either these sizes are not available on the PS4, or they were, but have in the meantime been discontinued. Or maybe they only unlock on a higher level, or I first need to complete some tutorial or mission maybe? Or maybe these fish are only available for Premium Members or they are not available on the Free2Play version (which would really p... me off). This all happened between 10 Jan 2020 and 10 Feb 2020. I added 2 screenshots of what I'm talking about - one with the geyish colour of the species I am having trouble with, and another where I had no problems catching the Unique. Can someone maybe verify that this is the case? I am getting sick of wasting hours catching Crappies (I HATE Crappies ) only to realise that there are no Uniques to be had and I could have spent the time filling my net with nice Bass instead.
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