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  1. Without Premium Account and buying DLC, I cannot see how this is possible. Travelling, repairs and equipment is way too expensive for this. Took me like 3 months to hit level 40. Not saying that I did everything perfectly, but I do think I played a lot, grinding waterways like Emerald and Neherrin for days at end, to be able to afford a bigger net, a canoe etc. Once you get to that kind of level it does become somewhat easier though. When your equipment is of such a nature that you can catch the big stuff at White Moose, Everglades, Quanchkin, Saint Croix etc. and you don't have to continually upgrade your equipment any more. Also, there is always a trade off between earning more money or XP. You can always fish with weaker equipment and things like barbless hooks to gain more XP, at the risk of losing more fish and spending more time playing fish, which in turn decreases earnings. One nice thing about this game though is that you don't HAVE to pay to play/win. If you are patient and prepared to put in the hours, even if it gets boring at times, you will eventually get there just the same. And there is nothing more satisfying to me than FINALLY being able to afford that equipment you wanted/needed to progress. I think I would get bored pretty quickly if I had all the boss equipment right from the start. I started playing sometime end of last year and there are still waterways I haven't even been to yet (San Joaquin, Kaniq, Maku, most European). So it's not boring yet and still a lot left to do/explore. I am a bit of a completionist though. I tend not to move on to the next lake until I have caught every species/size available and finished all missions etc. at any given place.
  2. Like the previous guys said, you get money every day so you don't have to spend real money. Once you can afford a new rod, here are a few pointers. 1. Always have at least one rod and reel. (They are your salary :-)) 2. Buy an unlimited license with coins for Lone Star Lake asap. That way, when you bankrupt yourself (which has happened to me in the beginning), you always have a free place to fish to get travel/license fees for another place. 3. Always save up for the biggest Keepnet available on your level. 4. Always stay longer than 1 day at any venue and try to fill up the net as often as possible. Make sure you earn enough money on your trip to cover initial travel/license costs, extension costs, repairs to equipment and bait. I used to aim to at least triple Travel+License, even if it meant I fished 4-5 days there. Then I knew i made good profit. 5. Keep in mind that licenses expire every 24 (real) hours. Make sure you have enough cash to extend your stay and to buy a new license. Nothing worse than having to go home after spending travel and license etc. before you make a profit. 6. Repair all your equipment as soon as you return from a venue, before it becomes in too bad shape. 7. Make sure you take the right bait, and enough of it. Nothing worse than not having/running out of minnows 8. Play when you have time. No use buying a license, playing for 10 minutes and then having to buy another next time you continue. Fish to at least have more money in your net than what a license costs. 9. Complete all missions at your current venue. They are a good way to make money/xp and get free equipment. Careful with the monsters though (read first the weight). 10. Lastly, if you don't have Premium, expect a bit of a grind. It's a long road, but it does become easier the higher you go, and if you spend money wisely. I wasted wayy too much on equipment I eventually sold again. Think nicely. Edit... Extra Tip: Save your baitcoins for permanent licenses at places like Saint Croix. Do NOT spend them on equipment, fast-forwards, markers, bait etc. Baitcoins are hard to come by in this game. Good lakes at lower levels are: Rocky Lake (Trout), Emerald Lake (Walleye) and Neherrin River (Bass). Good lower level rods are: Allround 390 (5 Kg Bottom) or Big Alli 420 (8 Kg Bottom), Nero 450 (6 Kg Float), Jig Winner 270 (6 Kg Spin)
  3. I play on PS4 and have this all the time. Especially lately. Whenever this happens, I immediately move to a private room, which always seems to sort it out. I know it's not as social but it's way less frustrating.
  4. I've lost some lures at Saint Croix while trying to catch Trout. I think what happened is that I must have accidentally hooked a large Muskie or Pike, and I wasn't using a Titanium leader, as the Trout are quite small and I wasn't in the "Pike or Muskie area". The fish bit, and even though my reel wasn't turned to maximum, the line broke within seconds. I guess when you are at a location where these kinds of fish are, always setup your rig to deal with big fish just in case. Especially when you're using a special lure instead of just a generic jig or lure which you can replace easily. It doesn't feel like it's a bug but who knows.
  5. I got mine at Quanchkin, yes. At the location where all the Bass are. Difficult to explain. Start at the hut and walk south-west to the end on the left hand side.
  6. @BiggTimers I think I may have found a solution. I was at White Moose when the update happened. After the update, I had the same issue as you for the last 2 days. I then decided that maybe the online room that I was in when the update happened got "corrupted" or something so I decided to go home. But then I thought, before I lose all the travelling money, I will just try going to a new "Private Room". And suddenly the problem seems to be gone now. Try and let me know if this also worked for you.
  7. Same here. On PS4. Game is completely unplayable since yesterday. Restarted PS and internet router several times. No solution. Are the game developers going to respond to this??
  8. Ok. I'm still getting used to the 3 rod stand. It's still confusing me at times
  9. I don't know if I'm alone on this but I feel that the button layout to pick up rods on the different types of stands is a bit confusing at times. Starting with the up arrow and then just moving clockwise. I would prefer different button layouts for 1,2,3 and 4 rod stands. Something like below. With this layout one would only have to think for a second/get used to the 4 rod layout. Anyone agree?
  10. I'm not too sure about the levels. But if I had to start over I'd do something like this. 1. As long as my keepnet is smaller than 40Kg's, target Trout at Rocky Lake. I'm not keen on Lonestar or Mudwater. Allround bottom rod, Jigwinner spinning rod. 2. When I have the 40Kg net, target Walleye and Pike at Emerald Lake. Nero match rod, Big Alli bottom, Farcaster casting rod. 3. When I have a 100Kg net, target Bass at Neherrin. Nero match rod, Big Alli bottom, Farcaster casting rod. 4. 200Kg net, target Lake Trout at White Moose Lake with rods like the Bottom Sniper and the Loki spinning rod. 5. Then when I can get the heavy gear and have some money, start thinking about St.Croix. Basically that's where I am at the moment. Level 45, going to St.Croix soon for the first time. But for this you need rods like the Brutus match, Cat Boxer bottom, Zeus spinning etc. Heavy stuff. Rods just mentioned as examples.
  11. I agree with everything Charles said in the previous post. 1. At night in Neherrin you must swap to a spinning or casting setup with a night casting spoon and you'll still catch a Bass almost every cast. Match rods only work well during the day. I must have forgot to mention that, but usually one can fill the net during the day anyway. 2. I have caught many Unique Largemouth Bass at the Everglades, so he must have had rotten luck. Also you catch a lot of Gars (in my opinion) in between the Bass, especially when using Minnows. So Neherrin is a bit more focused on Bass. As well that Everglades are more expensive to travel to like he mentioned. 3. Emerald Lake was always my 'go-to' before Neherrin as well. I also feel that catching Bass is a bit more exciting than Walleyes though, like he mentioned. And it does take longer to fill the net. So I would recommend that you grind Emerald for money when you're still at lower levels and only have a 40Kg net. By the time you can afford a biggish net (90-100 Kg), Neherrin becomes the better option.
  12. That's so weird. I caught the Eldergar with a 12.5 Kg Ardix Match Rod which was my heaviest Rod at the time. Espira DoublePunch 5500 (12Kg) Reel with Red Braid 0.19mm (12.1 Kg). I had absolutely no problem at all. I don't think I even spent 30 in-game minutes to get him out. That was maybe 2-3 months ago. What you guys are experiencing has to be a game glitch. I have noticed a while back at Quanchkin, I hooked a 17 Kg Aligator Gar with my 16 Kg Brutus Rod. It felt to me like I stuggled way more to get that one out than a short while later, same day, I caught a 43 Kg Gar on the same rod. The game seems to have some inconsistencies some times.
  13. How / where can I see what the counter on this Challenge is? I don't see it under Missions? I got the "Angling Machine I" award a few minutes ago. I would like to see is there a "Angling Machine II and/or II"? And how many fish I am currently on?
  14. And again, Day 2. Filled up 100 Kg well before Lunchtime. With the Afternoon and Night still available, you can see that even a 200 Kg net can be filled quite comfortably with Bass in one day. Also screenshots of smallest fish to heaviest fish.
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