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  1. Yeah been having this same bug on PS4 for months now. Found if you switch to a different rod then back again you are able to equip the piece of takle you want most of the time.
  2. Not sure if it's a bug or intended but I've been having a hard time trying to get my sinkers/feeders to hold bottom on the new map. As soon as I have cast in the line will start drifting, quite quickly too. The line on the bottom rods seems to drift even faster then on my float setups sometimes. I could understand some drift in the main river part of the map where the the current is fastest and water is deepest but this is too much. Within a minuet or two the lines on my bottom rods will have drifted from on side of my screen right to the other completely out of the area I want to fish and I will have to recast. This is not only in the big main river section of the map but even in small back stream areas where it's much shallower and there is less flow. This defeats the object of fishing with a rod pod and bottom rods which is to fish at a static position laying a trap for any fish in or passing through the area. The drift as it is now needs to be fixed or majorly dailed back.
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