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  1. Times Up bug hit me as well and I was not allowed to compete in Q3. Seems to be a wide problem and I don’t think there will be anything done about it. Devs haven’t been very good solving this kind of issues in the past and considering whats going on in Ukraine we have to give them a break. Its a miracle that the tournament took place at all. I ended up doing custom comp with a friend instead.
  2. There is no fix for this. It is intentional and part of the fish ai since the custom competitions release. There is a post about it here Theres Killerwhale sais: And thats the solution they game up with to fight the multiple account players. Your RNG has a predetermined schedule just like theres a schedule for a weather. In average you have 1 really good RNG for 10 games where you can catch even when you don't do everything the best way possible and 1 game is really poor where it doesn't matter what you do you will not catch anything. Everything else falls between those two extremes.
  3. Noone knows for sure. I would say that they do not with some exceptions where you don't have matching regular lure. Like Golem Lore. But what seems to be true is that X-Series lures work with every weather while with regular lures you have to be more careful with the colour choice. For example although I have X-Series Buzzbait I'm using regular lures in Saltwater Giants competitions. But it is true that in general I also use X-Series lures in competitions only because then I can fit all my needed lures to the backpack and I don't have to carry all the variations with me.
  4. I have argued this multiple times and I'm 99% certain that it was not meant to be like that. Not with Carp nor with the other fish. But it's not a hack either, its just a FishAI bug, but as it is something any player can do devs have not rushed in to fix it. Little hint, its the particles that actually mess with the sizes. Who has more time can test it. Whatever mix you are using adding the correct particle in acceptable ratio will give you oversized fishes. Leave those particles out and you don't get them anymore. Other chum components affect other parts of the FishAI and are important too, but not for oversized fishes.
  5. Do your research before you make factual claims. Weeping Willow is not that imaginary at all. Reference lake is here https://goo.gl/maps/NpNa5xgkE8PLLvseA. UK carp record is 71lbs I think. I'm not living in UK, so someone from there might comment this issue better. There was one found dead that was 83lbs, and I thing the biggest one that has been catched from fishery is 75lbs but as it was imported it was not taken into account for UK record. https://www.advnture.com/news/biggest-british-carp-dead So I have no idea what place you are referring to that has 100 lbs ones, its defiantly not in UK. All sizes without the mix are reasonable for UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angling_records_in_the_United_Kingdom And have they fixed the rod stand exploit that allows you to go underwater Nope, you can do it even on Marron river, which is the latest one. But I have done it in Everglades, White Moose, Blue Grab and some others, its really old bug. Believe me when I say that this feeder mix was not meant to work like that. But it's not that serious issue, so devs are not putting extra work into it to fix it. They still might. They have changed the max size for fishes many times. What I fail to understand is why you feel so offended when I say it's an exploit. Believe me, if the circle of people who knew about it were as small as it was before Carp Tournament and before TheGreedySheep and Coveite actually streamed it and made it public you would agree with me that it is an exploit. Right now its just widely known exploit that's all
  6. I'm not talking that there's only one recipe. Im talking that there is a recipe that gives you fish sizes that do not exist in real life and you have to have certain combinations. You can't catch even close to those sizes with boilies and method mix only for example. Or without using a recipe. I did a test and did not use any mix and catched 200 unis. Not a single one was oversized. So even when you can make different combinations then its an exploit that you have to use feeder mix in certain combinations. Not logical at all. Don't get me wrong, I know different recipes as well but I would still say its an exploit. Yes you can practice and learn but there is absolutely no logic in in why only feeder mix gives you bigger fish. Thats not true in real life either. To be hones I even know exactly what causes these oversized fishes, but that's not the point.
  7. Depending on the platform I would say cheating is possible. It actually was quite common on PC version few months ago. Thats why I have not played the PC version. Saw quite a lot of streams and posts in different forums. On PS4 I don't think you can cheat unless you have jailbroken console, which is not publicly available. There are different exploits though that are not part of normal gameplay but people do take advantage of them in competitions. Like the foolish recipe for oversized carps etc. Safest bet to report something is writing an email, but be prepared that you don't get any response back. These devs are not very good with player relations and month after month it seems that money is the only thing they care about. I reported an exploit on Fisherman where a guy had all the coin backs purchased, yet he didn't have any uniques caught. So it was very suspicious how he got the coins for the backs. Didn't get any response back. I figured it out myself later how he exploited the game to gain those packs.
  8. I have tons of examples of the greed, but let me give you one of the simplest ones. Tropic Hunter Pack DLC - costs 32.95 EUR. A price of a decent game or even 6 months old AAA game. So we are not talking small money here. You can literally buy a whole game for that money. What you get in Fishing Planet: * Bottom Rod and Reel that are not strongest ones in their category - you will replace them when you level up * Boat - that's the only thing maybe worth something, as I don't have it I can't compare it to my bass boat * Punch of lines and hooks that are cheap in the game * Punch of baits that are cheap as well * Worthless net, as you will definitely want bigger net in Marron River * Some other random stuff not worth much * And here is the whole joke of it all. You get 7 day pass and license to the lake. Thats right, after 7 days you notice that you payed 30 euros for nothing. I would love to support the developers for their hard work and nice game I have played for 3 years. But they make it harder and harder. They either don't care about it anymore or maybe they have Fishing Planet 2 in the pipeline and just want to grab as much money as possible from the players thinking that those players forgive and start over in another game. I don't know, its really confusing what they are doing to the game. A lot of old players have stopped playing, a lot of good streamers have stopped streaming. I'm worried.
  9. To be fair with bottom rods and rod stand you can catch them pretty fast but its still a money grab. FP expects you to spend real money on DLC or its boring as hell. But yeah, that's FP. From other point of view, you really don't have to do those missions, nothing valuable in them.
  10. To be fair they are all more or less luck based now. I have placed 1st and 50th smth in Saltwater Giants scoring over 528000 and less than 250000. I think it was 238000 or something. And no, it's not that the weather is different or anything like that. It is predetermined when you enter the competition if you are able to compete or not. It's the game trying to even the playground between players. I'm doing the research to prove that there is a pattern there as well, like you can do well in every 10th game or something like that. Offcourse there are still games where having "good luck" is not enough because someone with skills who has the same luck will beat you. But I know for a fact that people have won Bloody Threat standing on a boat dock for a whole competition casting to the same spot with the same gear and bait. I know how someone won C'mon Carp fishing in 1 spot that's not even a Carp spot in free fishing (Spot where people usually fish for small fish, he fished for oversized uni and got it). I know how someone stayed in one spot (where most people farm xp and money) in Saltwater Giants and won it. Its something I have been ranting a lot in this forum, its ridiculous. When you don't play a lot you might not notice these patterns but when you have 2600+ hours behind you, you will see that the game does not treat all players fair. My longer post about the issue
  11. Prove me wrong but the chums work for European fishes only. Not European lakes but fishes. Thats why you can use it in San Joaquin Delta for Carp. Yet you can't use it in Peru, Maku-Maku or Saint Croix for catfish. Because there is no Wels catfish in those places. Most of the X-Series stuff is useless. Theres only handful that are worth using and even those have regular tackles that match them up. Roach spoon, Golem lure and X-Series frog popper might be some of those that are hard to replace. X-Series Walker used to be hard to replace as well but now we have a variety of them that work just as well.
  12. I don't understand whats the fuss about? If you don't like the social side of the game, play in the private server.
  13. Unity 2020 and next year version are not that bad. It has ray tracing support etc. So I would not complain about the game engine. Yes Unreal is more mature and future for it looks amazing, but FP was using Unity 2017 not very long time ago, maybe still is. Can't expect all the nice thingies with old tools.
  14. Tapatalgud


    Unless it is a PC version of the game I really doubt it being a cheat. There are several video how to get underwater. I'm sure there are also ways to go out of bounds in opposite direction.
  15. Don't expect them to change this: https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/22146-petition-still-waiting-for-fixes/&do=findComment&comment=40201
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